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Fic: All of Us 
21st January 2017 08:29
Title: All of Us
Author: [info]tryslora
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/Albus Severus/James Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Everything old is new again! Specifically: olfactophilia, premature ejaculation, and nipple piercing
Other Warnings/Content: incest, anal fingering, rimming, masochism, sadism, pining, emotions, nipple play, biting, frotting
Word Count: 2,276 words
Summary/Description: Al’s new nipple piercing breaks his brother in the best way possible.
Author's Notes: I love this threesome, and I just had so much fun working with this group of prompts. It was hard to find ones I hadn’t already written during the year! But these three came together wonderfully for me.

“That’s new.”

Albus manages to get his shirt over his head, wrestles it off his hands and drops it on the floor before he looks at his brother. James is staring at his chest, and for a moment Al’s brow furrows before he realizes why. He reaches up, lightly touches his left nipple, hissing at the contact. “So new it’s still bloody well tender,” he says. “Teddy did it for me this morning. We thought you’d like it.”

James crooks his finger, and Al shuffles slowly closer, fitting himself between James’s knees. James is sitting on the edge of the bed, and his hands fall to Al’s hips, holding him lightly in place. James exhales, and his breath is hot against Al’s skin; Al shivers and whispers, “Go on. You know you want to.”

There’s a low sound, one that Albus knows all too well. It’s the sound of his brother wrestling with himself, trying to tell himself that this isn’t right. That he shouldn’t look, shouldn’t touch. Shouldn’t lick and kiss. Albus sways a little closer, and that sound comes again, muffled quickly as James’s lips fasten lightly over Al’s swollen nipple.

“Fuck.” Al cradles James’s head, leans his own down against him. “That’s good James, yeah. It’s good.” It aches in such a bloody brilliant way. Al’s cock is swollen now, thick and hard, trapped against his leg by too-tight jeans. He gently pushes James’s head back, tilts him so that Al can kiss his lips. Light. Careful. Like James might spook if they’re too intimate, and run away.

James’s tongue darts out, his breath shuddering as he leans back on his hands. “Teddy did that for you?” he asks, voice rough.

Al knows when it’s time to give James space. He steps back, adjusts himself carefully as he nods. “Yeah. I think we’re going to do a series soon.” He touches his chest just above his nipple, two fingers slightly spread. “Two pairs of loops, then another bar at the top. So I can lace them.”

James licks his lips again, gaze still fixed on Albus’s chest. “Because you like pain.”

“Because I like pain,” Al confirms quietly. “And I like you, and I like Teddy. It’s okay, James. It’s okay to want me, and it’s okay to want to hurt me. I consent.”

A slow breath shudders out, and James’s eyes close. There’s a rap on the door; it creaks as it nudges wider, and Teddy stands there, one eyebrow up. “Al, did you break your brother?”

“I broke myself,” James rasps. “I just…. I want….” His eyes are open again, more black than green, and there’s a low whine in his voice.

Teddy’s nostrils flare, and he’s in the room faster than is natural. On his knees, wedged between James’s thighs, nose pressed against his crotch. “Oh, fuck yes. You want,” he whispers.

“Then let me let you have this.” Al tries to keep his voice even, tries to keep himself from shaking with the need he feels. He knows that it’s wrong, he knows that they can’t tell a soul. He knows that for appearances’ sake, he has his own room, down the hall, but he also knows that it never feels as good to sleep there as it feels to be in this one big bed. In Teddy and James’s room. In their room.

But James tries so hard, tries to keep their relationships separate. It’s Teddy and James, and it’s Teddy and Al.

“I want this to be you and me, too,” Al says softly. “James, please.”

A soft growl, and James jerks as Teddy bites down on the thick of his thigh. His fists twist tightly in the sheets. “Fuck. Yes.”

All the breath whooshes out of Al. He curls forward around himself, takes a step closer. “Do you want to fuck me?” he asks, and James nods, his expression broken and hungry. When James reaches one hand out, Al closes the distance, lets James grip his hair and yank him close. Al kisses to let him know that he loves him, that this is okay, all right, that this is between them and it’s good.

“I’m just going to get our boy naked for you,” Teddy murmurs, nuzzling the inside of James’s thigh. “He smells so good right now, all want and fear and hunger. He wants you so much, Al.”

“I want him, too,” Al says quickly. “I want both of you. But right now, I’d really like James to fuck me.”

Al backs up to give himself room. He’s awkward as he shoves his jeans down, taking the pants with them. Everything catches on his prick, and he shimmies to get the clothing loose. He hops on one foot, kicking the clothes into a heap in the corner. He grips his prick then, holds it to keep from waving in the breeze. He’s so hard he feels like he could go off any second, before James even gets near him.

“Socks,” Teddy says, and James laughs, a strangled sound. It’s a thing with Teddy—he can’t stand socks in bed. Frankly, Al doesn’t care about socks or no socks, as long as all the important bits are naked, but if it bothers Teddy, he’ll deal with it.

He hops first on one foot, then the other, yanking his socks off. By the time he’s done, Teddy has James stripped and is directing him to bend over at the foot of the bed, legs spread, body resting on the covers. James shudders, points to the head of the bed, and Albus lies down there.

Al grabs for the lube, bends one knee to bring his leg tight against his body, so he can reach down and finger himself. He’s generous with the slick lubricant, pushing it into himself with thick strokes, going to two fingers almost immediately. He likes the pull and the stretch, he likes the pain. And he loves the way James is watching him avidly as he buries his fingers inside himself.

“You smell so good.” Teddy crouches behind James, spreads his cheeks with his hands. Al can’t quite see Teddy, but he knows when Teddy licks across James’s puckered hole by the way James whines softly, fingers going tight. Teddy nuzzles James, nipping at his skin, rubbing his cheek against his thighs. “I can smell the drip at the end of your prick. I know how much you want our Al right now. I know just how hard you’re going to fuck him.”

“I am,” James whispers. “Fuck. I’m going to fuck you, Al. I’m going to bend you in half and fuck you so hard.”

Al gets a third finger into himself, watches James as James watches him. He can’t quite reach where he wants to touch inside of his body, but that’s okay. He keeps his knee tucked back, keeps himself open so James won’t miss a detail. With his free hand, he strokes himself, biting his lower lip when it’s almost too much.

“Al,” James whispers, and Al stops everything.

“Yeah?” Al asks.

Teddy pulls back, his face red where he’s rubbed it on James’s skin. He starts quickly stripping.

James inhales, pauses. “Would you—” He cuts off, and his gaze flicks to where the tiny bit of metal pierces Al’s nipple. “Please….”

“Yeah.” Al lets his prick lie against his belly, a thin drip from the tip sticky against his skin. He strokes up over his own abdomen, pinches at the nipple. He tugs it out, crying out softly from the pain, and James lurches forward. James climbs onto the bed, kneeling, his prick jutting out as he scoots closer.


Al glances past James, meets Teddy’s eyes. “Do you want to fuck me while Teddy fucks you?” he asks softly. “Do you want to fuck me and play with my new piercing, tug on it until I’m crying from the pain?” He gives it a twist, the tortured skin already bright red. His hips jerk with the sensation, a fresh dot beading at the tip of his prick. “C’mon, James,” Al pleads. “Fuck me.”

James leans over him, presses a kiss to his chest, just above the piercing. Al can feel his prick resting against his him, just barely skimming the slick mess he’s made of his ass. “I am going to fuck you,” James whispers, kissing a trail to his nipple. “I am going to fuck you so hard.”

Al grabs James’s arse, pulls him closer and tugs his cheeks apart at the same time, opening him for Teddy. James’s teeth close around the piercing and he tugs, and it’s a blissful kind of pain that heats Al from heart to prick. His body bows, thrusting up as he yanks James down.

James groans loudly, hips jerking as his body goes tense under Al’s touch. “Fuck. Fuck… oh, Merlin, Al.” Wet warmth spurts across Al’s arse, and James lowers his head, rests against Al’s chest.

“Did you just…?” Al slides one hand up James’s back, ends up cradling his face. “Jamie, did you just come before you could fuck me?”

“Maybe,” James mumbles against his chest. “Teddy rimmed me, and you were so fucking hot, and then when I pull on this,” his thumb flicks the barbell, “it’s like it goes straight to your cock.”

Al rolls over, stretches out and pats the bed behind him. He’s facing James, but he feels Teddy fit in against his back, thick cock nestled in the messy crease of his arse. Teddy thrusts once, and Al reaches under his thigh, lifts his leg to open himself up. It only takes one more thrust, and Teddy is seated bollocks deep inside of him.

Teddy taps his hand, holds Al’s leg for him so that Al can reach for James instead.

Al kisses his brother, peppers kisses across his face, touching the tip of his nose, then devouring his mouth. “You’re perfect, Jamie,” Al whispers. “I love that you get off on my pain. That’s perfect. We couldn’t be more perfect than that. I want you to touch, to pinch, to pull, to poke. One of these days you’ll fuck me so hard that I’m screaming, and maybe Teddy’ll fuck you at the same time, or maybe he’ll make you suck him off. Or maybe he’ll fill my mouth while you’re fucking me, fill me up so much that I can’t do anything but take you both. And it’s okay if that’s not tonight. We’ve got all the time in the world, Jamie. None of us are going anywhere. This is where we all belong.”

Teddy lets Al’s leg prop against his arm, reaching past so he can squeeze James’s shoulder. “Al’s such an easy fuck tonight,” Teddy murmurs. “Sloppy as fuck from opening himself up, then you left me such a mess. He’s slippery as a girl here, and he wants to be fucked. You take care of getting him off, James. I’m going to let myself fill him up.”

The next thrust is harder, pushing Al towards James. He cries out and clings to his brother, meets James’s gaze. “Let me rub off against you,” Al begs, and James slides closer.

They all rotate, until Al lies on top of James, their hips grinding together as Al slips against the slick remains of James’s orgasm. Teddy pounds into him, thrusting him forward on every stroke. It’s fast and almost too hard, just the way Al likes it. James pinches his nipple, twisting the reddened nub and pulling on the piercing until Al’s eyes water from the pain. Just when it’s too much, James leans up and gets his mouth on him, soothing him with his tongue. Al cries out, and James bites down, tugs with his teeth.

Al’s shaking, so close to the edge but he can’t quite manage to go over. He feels James’s hand on his arse, pulling his cheek, finger sliding in to stretch him even wider for Teddy’s cock. Teddy leans forward, teeth catching on the meat of Al’s shoulder just as James shoves his finger in and twists the piercing at the same time. Teddy bites down harder, and Al shudders and comes.

Teddy goes tense behind him, and there’s a burst of warmth in his arse. Al feels limp in the aftermath, sliding off to the side when James shoves gently. James and Teddy curl around Al, and it’s messy and sticky and perfect. Al closes his eyes and floats in the pleasant ache for a long while, stirring only when Teddy twists away.

James makes a noise of irritation, and Teddy shushes him. “Need my wand,” Teddy says, and a moment later the worst of the mess is whisked away. The covers slide up over them, and Al burrows down again between them.

“I do still want you to fuck me,” Al murmurs quietly. “Bet I could take both of you if I tried.”

“We’d have to prepare you really well,” Teddy replies, rubbing his shoulder. “I know you like pain, but we don’t want to actually hurt you.”

“I’m up for it, if you think it’s safe for Al,” James says. He’s lying on his side, his hand cradling Al’s face. “I want to,” James murmurs. “I want to be inside of you, and I want to fill you up. Maybe I’ll take you first, then let Teddy take you after, when you’re slick and sloppy. But I’m going to fuck you next time.”

“Good.” Al reaches behind him, tugs Teddy’s arm around him so they all fit close. “This is how we work best. All of us together.”
21st January 2017 09:35
WELL THEN. Happy Saturday morning to meeeeee. :D This was so, SO hot. You had me at the piercing and at painslut!Al. ;laksdjflskf.
27th January 2017 15:08
Thank you!!
21st January 2017 10:55
*flails at you*

*flails more*

Oh gods, these three. These three belong, just like this. Painslut!Al is just so fucking gorgeous, and poor James fighting his guilt but unable to resist; and Teddy - Teddy's still in control, even when it's not about him so much. (And Teddy having a 'thing' about people not having socks on in bed is just brilliant. Random side detail of joy.)

And James coming too early - adskdfsajg.

Teddy stands there, one eyebrow up. “Al, did you break your brother?”

“I broke myself,” James rasps. “I just…. I want….” His eyes are open again, more black than green, and there’s a low whine in his voice.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so good.

<3 <3 <3
27th January 2017 15:10
<3 <3 <3 Thank you!
21st January 2017 13:09
Oh, God, Try. So gorgeous in so many ways. The dirty talk, the threesome itself, James fighting it, then giving in... And I love Al loving pain. It was wonderful and messy and glorious. Very nice.
27th January 2017 15:10
Thank you!
21st January 2017 14:49

So freaking hot! Loved painslut!Al and conflicted!James and confident!Teddy and just...SO FREAKING HOT!
27th January 2017 15:11
Thank you!
22nd January 2017 11:29
UNF this is wildly delicious and smoking hot! Goodness all that gorgeous dirty talk, the pre-mature ejaculation (one of my favorite kinks!), all the desperation but also love and fondness between all three boys.

What a wonderful read!
27th January 2017 15:11
Out of all the kinks, the premature ejaculation was the hardest for me to write. I'm glad it came out well. Thank you!
26th January 2017 12:11
It might be weird to say, but in addition to this being super fucking hot, it's also kind of endearing? There's just something really cute and real about the whole thing--from the socks, to James prematurity, etc.--and I loved it!
27th January 2017 15:12
I don't think it's weird at all, and I love that you say that. I have a habit of writing character studies disguised as porn. :) Thank you!!
30th January 2017 07:00
GOD. That was so hot and gorgeous. Just that gorgeous dirty talking and the guilt and want and how fucking perfect they are together. I loved it, lord, so hot!
31st January 2017 19:33
Thank you so much!
30th January 2017 20:49
Holy hotness.
All of them together, so hot and wrong and did I mention hot? Guh.
And Al...Oh boy. Al liking pain and James loving watching him and Teddy being there and being encouraging and...*thud*
Actually, I think you broke me.
Damn. Fabulous!
31st January 2017 19:33
Awww, sorry to break you, but at the same time, thank you!! <3
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