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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Subtlety is overrated (Bill/Tonks/Charlie) 
3rd January 2017 19:43
[Woops, it would seem that we lied to you! We have one final hot little number before the Fat Lady comes out to sing. Give it some love!]

Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]ragdoll
From: [info]lilmisblack

Title: Subtlety is overrated
Characters/Pairings: Bill/Tonks/Charlie
Kinks/Themes Included: : threesome, oral sex, double penetration, fingering, directing
Other Warnings/Content: light hints of incest, author’s attempt at humour
Word Count: 3600
Summary/Description: I’m almost an Auror, which might explain why no one else seems to have noticed, keen senses and all that, but I just know something’s up.
Author's Notes: Happy Kinky Kristmas dear giftee, hope you enjoy the story!

Something strange is going on. I’m almost an Auror, which might explain why I’m the only one who seems to have noticed, keen senses and all that, but I just know something’s up. I’m not yet sure what it is, exactly, but it’s making me nervous. And maybe a little randy. But mostly nervous.

I think it started with the incident, the night of December the 23rd.


It had been a long week, what with the exams and the training and the insufferable family dinners, so when I walked up to my bedroom and found an early Christmas present from Bill on my bed, I didn’t think twice about opening it.

Now, in my defence, I hadn’t seen Bill in nearly a month, and it had taken quite a bit of Ogden’s to get through my mom’s latest lecture on career choices, so when I opened the box and found the naughty schoolgirl outfit, it seemed only reasonable to put it on and give Bill an early Christmas present of my own. I struggled into the tiny skirt and see-through shirt, loosely tied the black and yellow scarf around my neck, grabbed the inappropriately-shaped rubber wand and even climbed into the impossibly high heels before Apparating to the Burrow.

I made it through the front door and up the stairs without any major clumsiness-related noise, thanked Merlin the Weasleys were all heavy sleepers, and went straight to Bill’s bedroom.

The room was dark, but I knew my way around. To the left was Charlie’s old bed, to the right was Bill’s, who was staying home for the holidays. As my eyes started adjusting to the light I wobbled closer to the bed, somehow managing not to trip on the discarded boots and clothes along the way.

I climbed onto the bed, straddled Bill’s sheet-covered shape, and felt him move under me, turning onto his back with a groan. I felt his hands move to my hips, felt his cock stir under me, and ground my hips against it. I placed my wand right between my breasts and lit it. And saw Charlie’s face looking up at me.

I scrambled backwards with a barely contained scream, fell off the bed, and in my panic Disapparated before I hit the floor.


Dinner is nearly over, and Charlie hasn’t stopped looking at me like that. It’s unnerving, and it’s putting all kinds of ideas in my head.

The wrong kind of ideas.

I tried ignoring him, I tried distracting myself, I tried sitting closer to Bill to see if he’d get the hint and stop. Nothing seems to work. We’re surrounded by our families and not one of them has noticed but I see it. For the last three hours he’s been looking at me the way Ginny looks at presents or Ron looks at food. And what’s worse, it’s having an effect on me. And this flimsy dress Bill got me is doing nothing to hide my hardening nipples.

It wasn’t just the incident, that made things weird, of course. There was also the occurrence, the day after.


I hadn’t breathed a word of what had happened to Bill, and apparently neither had Charlie. He hadn’t even mentioned it to me when he saw me again, which was the strange part. I’d spent every hour since the incident mentally preparing for the ribbing that was sure to come. Charlie wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

But he had.

For hours, he acted as if nothing was wrong, and after a little hesitation I followed his lead. We were having lunch at the Burrow, so perhaps he didn’t want to say anything in front of his family. Or perhaps he was saving it for a more embarrassing occasion.

Then, after lunch, we all moved to the garden and sat around the large table for a few rounds of Exploding Snap. It was on round three that I first noticed a foot bump against mine under the table. I didn’t think much of it until it happened again a few moments later. This time the foot stayed pressed against mine for a few seconds, then slid up to my ankle. Bill was sitting across from me, and when I looked up he gave me a quick smile and played his hand. I figured he was trying to distract me; I’m aces at Exploding Snap and he hates to lose.

Halfway through round four, just as Fred’s cards exploded in his hands, the foot – minus its shoe – suddenly pushed my legs apart and trailed up to my knees. I might’ve yelped from surprise, because the next second Charlie’s head snapped up and he gave me a quizzical smile. Bill, sitting next to him, pretended not to notice as he moved his foot higher, forcing my thighs apart. I felt heat rush to my cheeks, but couldn’t bring myself to stop him. Thankfully, everyone else’s attention was on Fred.

From then on the game was a nightmare. I hadn’t gotten laid in a month and it was impossible to focus on anything with Bill playing with me like he was. I was getting so worked up I could see the tips of my hair changing colour, never a good sign. Then Bill won the last round and jumped up onto the chair to celebrate. But the foot between my thighs stayed there a moment longer.

As if in slow motion I watched Bill jumping and mocking George, who’d apparently come in a close second, then my eyes turned to Charlie, who was watching me instead of his brother. He cocked that damned eyebrow and twisted his lips into that sexy smirk, and suddenly I knew. This had to be his way of mocking me for what had happened the night before. Bloody bastard.

It took me about three seconds to mumble an excuse and escape, and it was the longest three seconds of my life.


Dinner is over and, despite my many offers, Molly has refused to let me help clear the table – she looked horrified at the mere idea, probably because we were using the good dinnerware. Instead I make my way to the garden for some clear air.

It’s not bad enough that Charlie’s been looking at me like that all evening, but Bill noticed how flushed I was getting, and the way I was all but clinging to him through the night, and thought it would be a stellar idea to slide his hand between my legs and tease me some more.

I walk down the cobblestone path, dodging the gnomes running from bush to bush, and make my way to the old cherry tree. There’s a swing there, as old as I am, a swing we used to play with, back when we were children, when things were easier.

Charlie has been my best friend since the day we met. Brave, charming, handsome Charlie. Long before I noticed Bill, long before Bill noticed me, there was Charlie. But he never looked at me twice, not in that way. I was always one of the boys. And now something’s changed, and I don’t know what, and everything’s getting more complicated. Because I don’t think I can explain his behaviour as him messing with me anymore. I don’t think this is an elaborate joke.

I hear the kitchen door open in the distance, and look up to see a figure standing in the doorway. It’s Charlie. He stands still for a moment, watching me. Then he steps forward, closes the door and starts walking towards me. I can feel the intensity of his stare, see the tension in his muscles as he walks.

I slowly get up, the wheels in my brain spinning as I try to find the best way out of this. Avoidance is my favourite course of action. I quickly start walking towards the house.

“It’s so cold,” I say with a laugh, rubbing my arms and trying to control a shiver that has nothing to do with the temperature.

But as I reach him he stops, and when I try to walk past him he grabs me around the waist.

“Stop running away, Tonks,” he says into my ear. Then he spins me around, so that my back is to his front.

“What are you doing?” I ask, trying to slip between his arms.

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” he asks, and when I feel his lips against my neck I can barely hold back a moan.

“We can’t,” I whisper. “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

I can hardly think with his hands roaming my body, but somehow I manage a whispered, “Bill.”

“Bill doesn’t mind,” he says, and turns me around to face the house again. To face Bill. “Do you, brother?”

“Not one bit,” he says, with that sexy smile that always makes my blood boil. “But maybe not right here?”

I know I mumble something out in confusion, but my thoughts are entirely too muddled to make sense of anything.

“My place,” Charlie says, tightening his grip around me, and Bill nods.

“I’ll go back in, make some excuses. Don’t start without me.”

Then the world spins around me as Charlie Apparates us away.

I open my eyes and stumble forward, but Charlie’s strong arms catch me before I hit the ground. He pulls me closer, but I push him back and step away.

“What is happening?” I ask, trying to catch my breath.

“It’s your Christmas present,” he says, with that easy grin of his, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. “It was meant to be an early present, but it’s going to be a late one. Entirely your fault, by the way.”


He starts walking towards me, and I step away until my back hits the wall. He’s inches away, his forehead nearly touching mine, his eyes searching my face for something.

“Bill told me,” he says, “and I thought it was a brilliant idea.”

“What?” I mumble again, feeling more of a moron with each passing second. My every sense is on overload, and I’m strung up tight. How am I supposed to think?

“Your fantasy,” he says. I just look at him in confusion. “On your birthday, you told him you wanted a threesome.”

“I did not!”

“You were drunk,” comes Bill’s voice from somewhere behind Charlie. “You said you’d never had a threesome and you wanted to.”

“Well I didn’t mean it, I’d drank half the liquor cabinet. And I specially didn’t mean with your brother!”

Bill laughs. “You’ve had a crush on Charlie for years, you told me yourself. You’re a very honest drunk.”

“What? No, I didn’t…” I trail off into a moan as Charlie pulls me hard against him and licks my neck.

“That’s what I thought. Let me see her,” Bill says, and Charlie turns me around, my back pressed against his front.

Bill is sitting by the fire, on Charlie’s high back chair, back straight, legs crossed, arms on the armrests.

Charlie’s arms move up my sides, towards my breasts, and I tense.

“Do you want to stop?” Bill asks, and I close my eyes, take a deep breath and give in. I shake my head. “I can’t hear you, love.”


“Then put your arms around his neck. Let him touch you. He’s been dying to ever since I told him what you wanted.”

“It’s been hard,” Charlie says, as I wrap my arms around his neck. He pulls my hips back against him and I can feel just how hard.

“Would’ve been sooner if you hadn’t spooked her that night before Christmas,” says Bill. “Could’ve fucked her in that schoolgirl outfit.”

Charlie groans and rocks his hips against me, his hands cupping my breasts. “I’ve been dreaming of that ever since. But you could’ve given her a bit more of a warning.”

“For an Auror in training, she’s not very brave, she would’ve bolted. I did try to drop some hints, though, for the last two months. She didn’t catch on.”

“Stop talking about me as if I wasn’t here,” I groan.

“We tried being subtle, love,” Charlie says, as he unclasps my dress and lets it pool around my feet, leaving me in only my knickers. “We tried being less subtle. We tried being obvious. You weren’t paying attention. If tonight hadn’t worked, we would’ve had to club you over the head like cavemen.”

“Get her out of those knickers,” says Bill.

Charlie’s fingers slip under my knickers, between my legs, and I know he can feel just how wet I am. With a groan, he slips a thick, rough finger inside.

“I told you to take them off,” Bill says, his voice stern. “If you can’t follow simple instructions…”

“Fine,” Charlie grumbles, giving my clit a long swipe as he moves his hand back. Then he hooks his fingers around my knickers and starts pulling them down, but my brain is too…something, and my coordination was never good to begin with, and before I know what’s happening I’ve lost my balance, and it’s only Charlie’s quick reflexes that save me from planting my face on the floor.

I squeal, and Bill laughs, and Charlie pulls me back against him and says, “I think we’d better sit down.”

“It’s all part of her charm,” says Bill with a wink, as Charlie guides me to the small sofa in front of his brother.

He sits down first, then drags me down onto his lap, naked as the day I was born. He parts my legs so that they’re hanging on the outside of his own, then slides forward on the sofa, giving Bill what I assume, based on his groan and the way he licks his lips, to be a great view.

“Touch her,” says Bill, and Charlie’s hands move to my breasts, teasing my nipples into hard peaks. I rock my hips in silent appreciation, I couldn’t form words if I tried.

“Like this?” Charlie asks after a moment, and Bill shakes his head.

“Fuck her with your fingers.”

His tone is stern, commanding, he’s completely in control while I’m spread naked on his brother’s lap, and I’m loving every second.

Charlie slides his hands down my front, spreading my legs further as he moves. His finger slips inside me, his palm presses against my clit, and I close my eyes and rock my body into his hand, already wound tight and ready to explode.

“Use another finger,” Bill says, and Charlie instantly complies.

I groan, and twist, and reach down to Charlie’s hand, trying to control the rhythm, the depth, but my hand is pushed away.

I open my eyes to find Bill kneeling between my legs, his gaze fixated on what Charlie’s doing to me. Charlie’s fingers slide in and out, faster, deeper, as he twists his hand to the side, giving Bill a better view.

I reach back and wrap my hands around Charlie’s neck again, bury my fingers into his hair, needing something to hold on to as I watch Bill watch me.

With a wicked gleam in his eye, he runs his hands up my thighs, setting every nerve ending on fire, then leans forward, swiping his tongue over my clit and slipping one of his fingers inside me, alongside his brother’s.

I groan and buckle at the feeling, the fingers stretching me, the tongue swirling and lapping against my clit, and before I know it I’m coming harder than ever before.

They keep me right there for what feels like forever, until I think I can’t take any more, until I’m so sensitive Bill’s breathing against my skin is enough to make me shake. Then their fingers slide out of me and I hear a zipper, and Charlie groans “Fuck, Bill,” against my ear, and then I feel his cock at my entrance, slowly pushing inside, stretching me despite the three fingers I just had inside me.

Charlie leans back and pulls me against him, one of his arms down my front, fingers rubbing around my clit, his other arm up between my breasts, his fingers around my throat, keeping me pressed against him as his hips buckle and he buries himself to the hilt.

He groans, and Bill groans as he sits back on his heels, his gaze still fixed between my legs, watching his brother’s cock thrust in and out of me. Then he leans forward again, and I feel his tongue against me, and I groan at the same time as Charlie does.

“You should taste her,” says Bill, running his fingers around my entrance, making Charlie curse and fuck me harder. Then he reaches up with his hand, but when Charlie leans forward, lips parted, Bill moves it back and wipes his fingers on my lips.

Charlie’s mouth is on mine a second later, his tongue swiping over my lips before slipping inside in a kiss I have been fantasizing about for the last ten years. It’s enough to make me come again, and I hear Bill laugh, and Charlie curse as he struggles to stop himself from joining me.

As I slowly come down from the high Charlie breaks the kiss, and then Bill is there, leaning over me as he kisses me hard enough to bruise.

When the need for air becomes overwhelming he breaks the kiss and moves back, his eyes dark with lust, his cock bulging under his trousers.

“Make some room for me, Charlie,” he all but growls, as he opens his trousers, pulls his cock out and wraps his fist around it.

“My, my, brother, great idea, but I think I’m a little overdressed for that right now.”

“I meant her, you tosser. It’s her present. You can get some later.”

“Oh, well,” Charlie says, sitting up slightly. Then he presses his lips against my ear to whisper, “Lean forward, love. Suck his cock.”

“You’re not the one giving the orders today.”

“You don’t want her to?”

“Fuck, yes,” Bill groans, as he reaches forward, buries his hand in my hair, and pulls me down onto his cock.

I let Bill control the rhythm as I move my hands to Charlie’s knees, trying to keep my balance. It’s not easy, especially when Bill starts pushing his cock deep into my mouth, and Charlie starts pushing a slick finger deep into my arse.

I groan around Bill’s cock, making him curse, and tighten my muscles around Charlie’s cock, making him groan. The sensations are almost too much, and not nearly enough.

I rock my hips against Charlie, trying to increase the friction, needing more, always more, as I try my best to relax my throat and take Bill deep.

Charlie slides a second finger inside me, stretching me so deliciously, and I push back against him, wanting him deeper.

“That’s enough,” growls Bill, slowly, almost regretfully, sliding his cock out of my mouth. “I want to fuck her.”

Charlie thrusts a few more times, then pulls his fingers out and brings me back against him again, my back to his chest. He moves his hands to my hips, pulling me up until his cock slips out of me. We both groan at the loss.

“A little help here, please,” he says in a strangled voice, and Bill reaches forward, positioning Charlie’s cock against my arse and holding it there as he slowly pushes me down.

It takes a few moments for me to adjust, to take him in fully, but he’s stretched me enough, and soon his cock is buried inside me to the hilt.

Then Bill leans forward again, his knees resting on the edge of the sofa, his chest pressed against mine, and as he kisses me he slides inside of me, alongside his brother, their cocks separated by a thin membrane, filling me more than ever before, so deliciously, so impossibly perfect.

They are still for a few seconds, Bill’s eyes searching my face for signs of pain, or fear, or perhaps regret, but when I rock my hips between them he smiles, and kisses me, and finally lets go of his control and starts fucking me as if his life depended on it.

At first they move in sync, one pulling out as the other slides in, and even with my brain muddled and overloaded I have to wonder how many times they’ve done this before. I’d love to hear those stories.

Then they start to lose their rhythm, and Charlie curses and slips his hand around me, his finger rubbing my clit in a desperate attempt to make me come before they do.

Before I know it I’m coming again, screaming and shaking, my legs around Bill, trying to pull him deeper, my arms around Charlie’s neck, bringing him down for another kiss as I come, and a few thrusts later they do, too.

I’m not sure how long it takes before we manage to move, and by move I mean bonelessly slide down to the floor in a heap. I’m exhausted, fucked out, and still a part of my brain –the hormonal, perhaps slightly suicidal part –is wondering how long before we can go for another round.

“Boys?” I whisper, as my eyes close in exhaustion.

“What?” Bill and Charlie whisper back.

“Next time you want a threesome,” I whisper, as I snuggle between them, “maybe try not to be so subtle”
3rd January 2017 22:45
OMG! *flails* I will try and give you a more detailed response to this after my brain has returned to normal. Right now I'm just all about the squee and the flail and the OMFGTHISISSOHOT!11!!!1 Thank you so much!
4th January 2017 10:57
Wow this is super hot!! I loved Tonk's POV and this threesome was just delicious! Thanks for sharing!
4th January 2017 19:52
Ooo, this was great! So filthy and sexy and hot as hell! I loved commanding Bill and OMG Charlie *fans self*

Awesome work!
5th January 2017 05:41
Oh gods, yes. So very much yes. Perfect threesome, and so damn hot. Commanding!Bill; Willing!Charlie, and Turned On!Tonks. I love these three toether. Wonderful.
6th January 2017 08:03
Mmmf, this is hot. Lucky Tonks!
7th January 2017 08:23
AH! That was sooo much fun! Oh my god, I loved it, I loved this from Tonk's POV! :D:D:D

The way she's trying to hard to keep her want, the way everything changed, oh my god, the way she didn't get what THEY were doing.

Ahh, that moment while playing Exploding Snap, the way you narrated that was absolutely delicious. I felt her surprise and it was brilliant.

And oh my god, so hot, Bill in command and Charlie so fucking sexy and DP!!!!! AHHH! Yes, perfect and hot and then more perfect. :D
7th January 2017 10:31
*moans* Oh man, I love this threesome. As hot as the sex was, I think my favourite part was Charlie teasing her with his foot at the card table, giiving her that mischievous look. UNF. :D
28th January 2017 00:18
UNF! Well, that is what I call a Christmas present.
Delicious. And I love how she wasn't getting their hints, LOL.
This was fabulous and fun!
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