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Birthday Bash: Drabble/Drawble Days 2 
16th March 2016 00:19
And we're moving into the second day of our dirty drabble/drawble challenge. Remember, everyone's invited and encouraged to test out their quickie skills!

Rules? What rules?

To share your results, simply post them in a comment to this entry.

You need not use the prompt phrase directly in your drabble. Allow the prompt to influence and inspire you any way it will.

By definition, a drabble is exactly 100 words and a drawble is a rough sketch equivalent. However, we're not going to be running anyone's work through a word counter here. Write and draw whatever you like. Just remember that short'n'smutty is the goal!
16th March 2016 12:11
The Somnambulist; Harry/Narcissa, somnophilia (or is it? *g*), dub-con

"Do you mind staying at the Manor with Mother tonight?"

Harry pulled his wand when the guest room door creaked open.


Without a word, she continued moving toward him and dropped her dressing gown, revealing her still beautiful body.

Though her eyes were open, that was the case with most sleepwalkers, and Harry knew not to wake her.

Even after she straddled him, sinking down on his rising cock.

Even after she rode him to oblivion.

When Harry next saw Draco, he said, "I had no idea that your mum was a sleepwalker."

Draco furrowed his brow. "She's not."
16th March 2016 12:42
Oh, Harry. *shakes head* You've been *cough* had, I think. ;)
Nice one, hon!
16th March 2016 17:13
LOL! Crafty Narcissa!
17th March 2016 22:36
LOL! Oh my god, she got us all!!!! Most importantly, she totally got Harry. :D
18th March 2016 07:35
LOL! Narcissa is very crafty! :)
16th March 2016 14:41 - A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
As soon as they reached the alley, Harry pushed him against the rough stone wall and kissed him.

Malfoy made a muffled sound of surprise against his lips, before his hands wound into Harry's hair. He kissed back with equal fervour.

Malfoy grinned at him, sharp and shark-like, when they finally parted.

"I had no idea that you were the type, Potter. Filthy snogging in alleyways..."

Harry smirked as he dropped to his knees. "There's a lot you don't know about me, Malfoy." He reached for Malfoy's waistband.

Malfoy groaned as Harry's lips encircled him. "I'd like to find out."
16th March 2016 14:57 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
Delicious!! Great job, Grace. :D
16th March 2016 22:06 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
16th March 2016 23:29 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
Unf. Delicious!
Something tells me they are about to get to know a LOT about each other. :)
17th March 2016 02:36 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
Gah! So naughty and hot!
17th March 2016 20:58 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
Oooooh the yummy, yummy potential... Yay for your first drabble! \o/
17th March 2016 22:37 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
Oh fuck, I love this side of Harry. :D
20th March 2016 18:41 - Re: A Lot You Don't Know (Harry/Draco, R)
Delicious! loved Harry here, surprising Draco.

wrong fandom but perfect icon for this, lol.
16th March 2016 23:30 - Working Late: Kingsley/Hermione, infidelity
Hermione arched as Kingsley thrust his cock deep inside her. She was atop his desk, and as he fucked her, parchments scattered everywhere.

Ignoring that, they writhed together, Hermione clutching his broad shoulders. Within moments she was shuddering through her orgasm.

Once she’d come, Kingsley did, too, spilling inside her with a shout.

Raising his head, he smiled down at her. “I had no idea that you worked late on Thursdays.”

Hermione smiled. “And I had no idea working late could be such fun.”

Later, when she got home, Ron said, “You work late Thursdays?”

Hermione smirked. “I do now.”
16th March 2016 23:43 - Re: Working Late: Kingsley/Hermione, infidelity
Damn.... so hot and perfect. *smokes* Great job!
17th March 2016 02:44 - Re: Working Late: Kingsley/Hermione, infidelity
Unnff! I'd work late, too, with perks like that! ;)
17th March 2016 12:32 - Re: Working Late: Kingsley/Hermione, infidelity
Hee! I love reading all these drabbles in order, to see what the "I had no idea" punchline will be. This was so hot, and Ron's added line makes it that much better! :)
17th March 2016 22:38 - Re: Working Late: Kingsley/Hermione, infidelity
That was smoking hot. Sneaky Hermione. ;)
17th March 2016 20:45
New Discoveries, Charlie/Draco, age difference, anal desk sex.

Draco broke the kiss to lay back across Charlie’s desk, paperwork scattering to the floor. He lifted his legs and pulled at his ankles until his toes were touching the desk either side of his head.

“I had no idea that you were so flexible,” Charlie mumbled reverently as he admired the unrestricted view.

“I had no idea that you had spread me out, naked, across your desk for a conversation. Less talk, more action.”

“With pleasure,” Charlie grinned, slicking his cock and entering Draco in one, smooth thrust.

Charlie was thrilled to discover that Draco was also very appreciative.
17th March 2016 21:12
LOL! Love the snark. :D
17th March 2016 22:39
Draco's sass is a thing of beauty, as the scene you just painted. :D
18th March 2016 02:34
Bwahahaha! Oh the delicious snark. So very Draco. *g*
Love it!
18th March 2016 00:03 - H/D "change of plans"
"I had no idea that you could...fuck... that thing with your tongue..." Harry gasped, as Draco settled himself in between Harry's legs and swirled his tongue around his cock.

"Please, don't stop," he begged and he knew he was close. Close enough to spill all over Draco's tongue, and if Draco moved he'd come all over Draco's face.

The idea of spilling himself like that -- on Draco's face and watching Draco clean it off with his finger and then lick it all -- sent Harry over the edge. He grabbed for Draco's hair and pulled his face back so he wouldn't empty himself down Draco's throat.
21st March 2016 01:34 - does it matter who i am? (Draco/Albus Severus)

“I said, my name is Albus Potter. Your son Scorpius….”

“May have mentioned you once or twice.” Draco’s voice is dry. It’s all going tits up and Albus has to try to save it.

“It doesn’t change anything—”

“It changes everything.”

“Did you like having my cock in your arse?” Albus straddles Draco, slides close. “Would you have done it if you knew who I was?”

Draco’s mouth hangs open; Albus slides his thumb in until Draco sucks it.

“Do you want to do it again?” Albus whispers, wraps his hand around their pricks and strokes.

“Please,” Draco breathes.
22nd March 2016 20:56
that made my tits hurt reading it. mmmmm.
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