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Art (NC 17) - Before The Curtains Angelina/Kingsley (Angelina 18+) 
9th September 2007 15:53
Author: [info]blackcoyote
Theme/kink: May 2007, Autagonistophilia: Arousal by being on stage
Warnings see under the cut
Rating: NC17 (for nudity, sexual situation), NWS!
Medium: Acryllics, Photoshop2
Compliant to: All books (in Fanon), no DH spoilers

Title: Before The Curtains
Pairing: Angelina Johnson/Kingsley Shacklebolt (Angelina is over 18)
Warnings: Het, female nudity (incl. nipple), suggested cunnilingus, Cross-gen ship (younger partner an adult), Stage-kink, otherwise pretty vanilla.
Summary: The curtains tickled a bit, not that either of them minded…
Notes/Disclaimer: I think there'd be some pretty funky magical lighting effects possible in the Potterverse - my excuse for going a bit wild with the Photoshop brushes. The characters & settings in this picture (c) J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers. This artist recognises that the image and scenario depicted here is a derivative work that departs from and does not follow the original Canon.

17th September 2007 06:13
mmm, they look like they're having fun. ;)
19th September 2007 11:45
I think you're pretty spot-on there, & Thank you! :)
20th September 2007 12:08
Oh, yeah. They *definitely* look like they're having a great time! XD

Great work!
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