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Art: Twice is coincidence, third time's a pattern 
17th July 2015 01:13
Title: Twice is coincidence, third time's a pattern.
Artist: ahundredvisions
Media: Pen and ink
Characters/Pairings: Ludo Bagman/Gilderoy Lockhart
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Anal sex, bordellos, alternate pairing
Other Warnings: N/A
Artist's Notes: This was a fun one! That lucky lamp :P. Forgive the pornstache on Ludovic... It's supposed to feel dirty...

 photo DD_July_Post_zpscd5mwvxw.jpg
17th July 2015 14:28
Oh, this is awesome! Your faces are so detailed! The squeezy hands on the bum are fantastic, too. And with very little of the room showing, you've managed to convey 'bordello' perfectly. I love how into it Lockhart is omg! This is amazing. :-)
17th July 2015 14:52
Oh wow, this is gorgeous! Such an unusual pairing, but you really make it work! I love the bordello vibe, the arch of Gilderoy's back, the way Bagman's digging his hands into Gilderoy's lovely arse...Just really sexy, fabulous work! :D
17th July 2015 22:48
Beautiful and very sexy! :)
18th July 2015 21:04
This is brilliant! I love their expressions and the arch of Lockhart's posture, and the way he looks so lost in his pleasure.

Really excellent.
4th August 2015 19:29
This is amazing. I love your style!!!! I love the curve of Gilderoy's back, and yes, everything else, wow!
26th August 2015 23:59
Mmm, very sexy! They are clearly enjoying themselves, and it's good to see. :)
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