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Kinky Kristmas Art: "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" (Snape/Lupin) 
18th December 2014 19:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]islandsmoke
From: [info]akatnamedeaster

Title: "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Outdoor Sex
Other Warnings/Content: Anal, Accidental snowman facial
Artist's Notes: Happy Kinky Kristmas recipient! I hope this fits the bill and gives you a smile this season! No apologies to Disney's Frozen
Art Preview:
Wanna Do It?

Wanna Do It?
19th December 2014 00:41
*cracks up* Poor snowman! Nicely done -- love the coloring. :)
11th January 2015 21:16
Thank you!
19th December 2014 00:50
WoooHooo! How lucky can I get? This is fantastic! I just love the colors - especially Snape's rosy butt - omg, how cute is that?? Their expressions are perfect, the way they're standing, their hands, Snape's delicious cock, the frosty breath - all perfect. And, of course, the poor lucky snowman. ;)

Thank you SO MUCH, Mystery Artist! You have made my week!
11th January 2015 21:15
Thank you, I really had hoped to hit the happy, light-hearted (yet porny) feel you seemed to want with your prompt. The snowman was just a bonus. :)

I'm so pleased you liked it.
19th December 2014 01:11
Ahaha! This is great. The snowman's expression is priceless, and I love the way you make use of the House colors for a Christmas theme. The brown/black/white of the snow and robes makes the brightness of the scarf, hat, gloves, and carrot all the more festive. (That carrot wouldn't be a symbol, would it? /g/) Your strategic touches of body redness (noses, arse, etc) give a nice sense of both exertion and cold. No wonder they are both breathing so visibly.
11th January 2015 21:17
Thanks Kelly! I think I must have a thing for reddened skin (being cold, having a cold, blushing, smacking) since it shows up wherever I can manage it.
19th December 2014 02:51
This is just awesome! For all the reasons listed above especially the dismayed snowman's expression!!

And I LOVE Severus' green gloves!

Merry Christmas, darling!! ♥
11th January 2015 21:18
Thank you! He was a non-dismayed snowman in the sketch but I reckoned, it's a magical world, snowmen can look dismayed over a little jizz on the nose. ;)
19th December 2014 02:59
Oh there are just so many details to adore! Yes, the snowman's face. :) And the expressions for the boys, too, and the way Remus's hand twists in the robes, and the going up on their toes, and red cheeks, noses, and bum. The color all pops so beautifully. This is just gorgeous!
11th January 2015 21:18
Thanks very much! :)
19th December 2014 06:48
Oh the poor snowman looks like this might have been dubcon. :D This is wonderful. I love, love, love the expressions on both Snape's and Lupin's faces. I love the way Lupin is grabbing Snape's robe. Love the colors. Fantastic!
11th January 2015 21:18
*G* Thanks!
19th December 2014 12:00
Oh my god!

The image started loading from top to bottom so I first saw their faces and thought "they seem cold" but OH MY GOD, they aren't, are they? XD They are gasping and thrusting and coming and it's all kinds of hot and perfect.

11th January 2015 21:21
Thanks! Hey, a little exercise warms the blood!
19th December 2014 14:53
'Mystery artist' another winner. I love the expression on the snowman's face. The cold blushed skin on both Remus and Severus, the colouring and well, everything, really. Well done!
11th January 2015 21:22
Thank you boo, I have a blushing kink, so putting them our in the cold suits me to a tee.
19th December 2014 21:22
Ahahah, cold!! But delightful. I love that they just couldn't help themselves. :D
11th January 2015 21:23
Well, you know, all the vigorous activity will take the edge of any chill. :)
20th December 2014 01:12
wow, that's sexy. thanks for sharing.
11th January 2015 21:23
Thank you!
20th December 2014 02:00
This is the perfect mix of hot and amusing! Here on snegurochka_lee's rec and so glad I came! They look so captivated, which is super hot, and the addition of the poor snowman is perfection - a hilarious testament to just how into this they really are.
11th January 2015 21:24
Thank you! The mix of sex and humor is a weakness for me. :)
20th December 2014 18:23
OMG this is just so fabulous and sexy! I love how you captured their cold-steamy breaths, I love Severus' Slytherin scarf and Remus' Gryffindor hat, I love Severus bracing himself against the snowman and the way Remus is scrunching up the fabric at Severus' hip as he fucks him. And then the poor, poor snowman! LOL, I love how sexy and hilarious this manages to be at the same time! Awesome job! :D
11th January 2015 21:27
Thank you! Sexy and funny are two of my favorite things, glad you liked it as well.
20th December 2014 20:50
Bwahaha! Nice one, not-so-Mystery Artist. ;)
11th January 2015 21:37
Thank you!
23rd December 2014 14:06
Brrrrrrrrrr! Oh, they're going to find a fire so delightful pretty soon. ;)
11th January 2015 21:27
Thank goodness for warming charms, eh?
27th December 2014 16:34
LOL!!! I absolutely love this :D

I adore the colouring in the picture, the naughtiness of the whole thing and most of all I adore the very distressed looking snowman.

Perfectly seasonal fun. Love it. Thank you, 'mystery' artist and happy holidays to you! <3
11th January 2015 21:28
Thank you! :)
29th December 2014 07:18
Oooooh! No need to apologise for the Frozen reference - the cold certainly doesn't seem to be bothering them! Delicious.
11th January 2015 21:34
Thanks! I admit, I am just so over Frozen and anything to do with it that I couldn't help it. It was only lack of foresight that kept the snowman from being Olaf. ;)
1st January 2015 01:19
I wonder if the snowman minds? ;)
Fun, hot art, MA. Well done.
11th January 2015 21:35
I dunno, he seems surprised at least!

2nd January 2015 03:36
I can't stop chuckling over this one. As many have mentioned, the expression on the hapless snowman's face takes this well beyond your usual "sexy-times in the snow" scenario. It makes me imagining them doing things with the carrot once they've recovered. I love the soft look of the coloring and especially the shading on the skin tones. I'd love to know the medium this was done in (chalk? colored pencils? crayon?) Such a great addition to this fest. :D
11th January 2015 21:37
Actually, that's colored pencil that's been burnished within an inch of it's life (and made my hand swell up) to get a smooth, almost velvet-painting effect.

Thanks! I reckoned it needed a hook and [info]islandsmoke requested humor so, there ya' go! :)
10th January 2015 02:08
Ouchy, that looks kind of chilly! But I'm sure they both think it's worth it. All the little details are lovely, too.
11th January 2015 21:40
Thank you. :) It looks like a fairly simple piece but I tried to put a lot of detail and care into it.
11th January 2015 15:26 - "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"
Ooh, this is wonderfully deviant. The boys are so truly hot, the colours and the shading are perfection.

The snowman looks positively offended. :) LOL
11th January 2015 21:40 - Re: "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"
Thanks! And hey! You'd be offended too if you got non-con jizzed on the nose! ;)
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