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La Petite Mort 
30th January 2014 07:58
Title: La Petite Mort
Artist: iwao
Media: Sketching pencils, PhotoScape
Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Anal inserts, orgasms.
Other Warnings: Masturbation, sex toys, orgasms, coming untouched.
Artist's Notes: Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here (and I'm ridiculously nervous! Lol!) I really hope you like it! <3!

La Petite Mort
30th January 2014 07:12
Ummmm… YES!

Holy hell, woman! I think I'm going to die a little now. ;)
30th January 2014 07:13
I just love it! It's amazing, the details, the hotness, the look on his face, the hotness, his body, the hotness, this is just - wow!

Amazing work, well done!!! :)
30th January 2014 12:01
This is perfect, perfect! I LOVE Draco's big prick, I love he's coming all over himself with that dildo up his boom and his FACE. Jesus! Perfect, Just perfect, this moment you captured, when he's just came and he's letting it happen. GOD! Brilliant, my love!
30th January 2014 12:21
Wow, nicely done! With all the hot stuff going on of course, I'm in love with how you did his hair. ;) Wonderful first post, welcome to DD!
30th January 2014 12:37
Holy crap, this is so hot. I've missed your art *glomps* And this is exactly why. Umph, Draco coming all over himself with a dildo up his butt, his face, even his thigh is sexy. I don't really have words. Gorgeous work.

(It's Prae, I don't have an IJ account :P)
30th January 2014 13:34
Ohhh *gorgeous* I love his face, just his expression is so perfect. The furrowing of his brows and his perfect lips. And the little hussy of course coming untouched. Lovely work!

30th January 2014 14:07
OMG *thud*

This is a wonderful thing to see first thing in the morning. :DDDDD

God, Draco's expression kills me. It's just the perfect 'O' face and just the whole kink of him coming untouched--just with the toy? ljsfljsfljsfljfldjfldsjfs. That splash of come hitting his hand? *dead*

Gosh I love this. Eeee, welcome to DD! I'm so happy you're here! <3
30th January 2014 14:18
Oh yes, that's exactly what we like around here. Lovely work!
30th January 2014 14:40
This is fabulous! So hot and sexy! Love the come and just... GUH
30th January 2014 15:37


*stares and stares and stares*

30th January 2014 15:39
Oh my god! This is incredibly hot and well done. I love your style, and the look on Draco's face is amazing!
30th January 2014 15:58
Oh my good, woman. I always knew you wanted to kill people with smut and you're doing a great job!!! <3 'doesn't ever bother to stop nosebleed'
God, he's HOT!!!!
30th January 2014 16:30
Gods, could Draco be any sexier? This is why people write him as a sex god. Wow. *stares avidly*
30th January 2014 16:39 - (Nox here)
Ooooh My god. So hott,. guuh

Draco's lips are sexayyy! Lovely cock, too.

He's definitely thinking about Harry. :D
30th January 2014 16:41
Holy sweet orgasms!!! JFC!!! What a way to wake up!!! I am so so happy you're here!!! :-D

The fact that his thumb is just barely on his dick? That it's the anal stimulation that's doing that to him? *cough*Harry*cough* That's brilliant. And hot and just...holy hell, you do amazing smutty art!!!

Welcome to DD!!!!!!

30th January 2014 17:30

An awesome first posting. I love Draco's expression, his position and his hair, for some odd reason.
30th January 2014 18:08
This art work is Breathtaking~!!
It is Absolutely Awesome and Perfect~!
Everything, every minute detail is Incredible.
Everytime I view this art, there is something
to Absorb and Capture my attention.
I Love All of this Art. I love his face,
his facial structure, his lips, his brows,
his brows furrowed in the thrashing of his
orgasm. His legs are perfect for his height.
The detail of what is in his arse, and the
lovely detail of his cock are Magnificent.
You are a Fabulous artist, but also, you are
a wonderful friend. I am glad to have you
as a friend, and get to know you is a pleasure.
30th January 2014 21:57
Woman, you nearly gave me a heart-attack! ;-)

This is so bloody hot! Where does it come from???

I love your dirty mind and I'm a huge fan of your work, hon!♥♥♥



31st January 2014 01:10
Oh wow. Fuck. That's insanely hot. Just look at his huge cock and perfect inner thighs. I love his face. You really capture that blissed-out moment.
31st January 2014 01:43
Mmmmmf. Beyond hot! GUH.
Welcome to DD. :) Way to make a splash. *g*
31st January 2014 03:07
What a beautiful finish, lol.
Hot as usual.
31st January 2014 15:26
You have done it again! Created something absolutely stunning that is. The level of detail is just breathtaking and the motiv is hotter than hot. Wow!
1st February 2014 04:37
Merciful heavens!
1st February 2014 14:07
Amazing! I can't take my eyes off his face, and those parted lips - just beautiful work.

Rushes off to check your posting schedule, because I'll be panting for your next offering. Welcome. This is some introduction!
2nd February 2014 19:12 - La Petite Mort
This is just beautiful. His expression is perfect, and the shading is flawless. The content...orgasmic.

Well done.
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