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Kinky Kristmas Art: Intense Negotiations (Snape/Moody) 
18th December 2013 21:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]r_grayjoy
From: [info]akatnamedeaster

Title: Intense Negotiations
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Alastor Moody
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: rough sex, shoving of people against various surfaces
Other Warnings/Content: half-dressed sex
Snape and Moody come to a satisfactory agreement on repentant Death Eater/Auror relations.
Artist's Notes: Merry Kinky Kristmas Giftee! I hope this little bit of smut manages to find a couple of your buttons. Many thanks to the mods for once again running this wonderfully dirty fest.
Art Preview:

19th December 2013 02:08

Yesssss, Happy Birthday Kinky Kristmas to meeeee! And see, I was even good and didn't look at it properly until I posted it!

Find a couple of my buttons? Abjlaguoraklfff, more like it just smashed so many of them dead-on that my brain is sending out error messages! ::drools and gibbers::

Okay, I owe you a more coherent, more thorough comment as soon as I've gathered enough brain cells to leave one. I'll be back to SQUEE MOAR later tonight or tomorrow.

::grabs art and runs away while cackling gleefully::
19th December 2013 04:09
This is so filthy and OMG wonderfully naughty and dirty and I LOVE IT!
19th December 2013 05:53
shoving of people against various surfaces Oh yessssssss! And so forcefully too.
19th December 2013 13:33
That is just... so... *nnnnnnggg*... excellent! Snape's hand! And his foot! And the thrust of Moody's hips! *whimpers*
19th December 2013 16:48
Ahhh! This is delightful! I love the expression on Moody's face and Severus' sprawled legs and the fact that they both have their wands, something about that just does for me. And all the scars! Yes! :DDD
19th December 2013 16:49
Oh, that position is AWESOME. Beautiful work!!!
20th December 2013 10:17
Oh wow, Moody is really, um, into this, isn't he?
Great work!
20th December 2013 13:19
Eeeeeeeeee!!!!! *bounces around*

I've been craving Moody lately, and nnnnnnngh, this totally hits the spot. A "satisfactory agreement" indeed, LOL! I absolutely love the details you've put into the background. This is exactly the type of spartan abode I would expect Moody to have. Nothing but the essentials and whatever else will help him survive and do his job. :DD The Voldemort poster with the knife through it is hilarious, especially since Voldie kind of has this look like, "OMG, what now?" XD Snape is awesome with his little bubble butt and his facial expression somewhere between pained and scandalized and really turned on. Eee. AND MOODY OMG HE'S PERFECT. The scars! And his little potbelly!! (Nnnngh, kink of mine.) And the way one eye is closed, but the magical one is trained right on what I wish I could see, too, though I love just imagining it, nnnngh. Absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing your talents!
20th December 2013 17:12
Nicely done, Not-so-Anon! Your Snape is always gorgeously rendered and such a giveaway. I love the little details in the room. Your version of Moody is quite interesting, too, and I love his scars!
20th December 2013 21:59
Whew, yes. Perfect solution. And I love Moody's office, and Severus' half open eye.

And just, I'm not the only only thinking Moody's utilizing that magical eye to look at himself inside Severus, am I?
21st December 2013 18:13
Delicious! Snape's expression with one eye closed is my favourite part.
21st December 2013 23:30
Love the position and wow, Snape's hand telling us all we need to know there. Love the curve of his arse and the somewhat mad look in Moody's eye (eyes? LOL). Awesome job.
22nd December 2013 21:10
PERFECT! Oh 'MA', you nailed this. Brilliant.

I love the expression on Sev's face in particular. Those wizarding robes sure are convenient for some delicious desk sex - very well done!
23rd December 2013 01:54
Oh, man, this is awesome. Great details and facial expressions.
23rd December 2013 05:28
This is an unusual pairing for me to go for but this is just so well drawn! I love the detailing and the shading and their expressions and the positioning! And Snape's ass! It's just so lovely and perky! ;)
23rd December 2013 12:51
That's perfect in every way. I love their position. Man, Moody is hot!
25th December 2013 18:22
Absolutely in love. Severus/Moody is always amazing, and the position and clothed sex is super hot. And Severus still holding his wand! That really makes the drawing, I think. Fantastic work. :)
26th December 2013 01:36
Yay! Severus/Moody is one of my favorite Snape pairings, and you've captured just the scary sexiness I like to see in Alastor. Love all the background details -- things on the shelves, etc.
30th December 2013 05:38


OMGOMG! Such a abuse of power and I love it so much I can't stop staring!

20th January 2014 05:44
I've opened this at least five times and haven't generated any comments. I think it's because I can't stare and comment at the same time. Unf. Snape's shoe. And Moody's expression. And the whole damn situation. So many stories in my head. So much staring to do. I strongly suspect I'll be back to stare some more. *iz dead*
19th December 2018 18:13
OMG WTF?! How did I never remember to come back and comment properly on this?!

There were some fics that I utterly failed to comment on, so I was hunting those down to take care of them... and in the process, discovered that I'd failed on this art also. I honestly thought I had come back to it! I am so sorry! FAAAAIIIIILLLL! *shoots self*

Well, I know it's been ages since you drew this and your art has changed and evolved since then, so you probably don't even care about getting a comment on it at this point. But I still feel like I should flail at you properly at least a little bit. Because it's not like I don't still love this pairing or this piece.

Aaahhhh, actually, all of this revisiting of things that I've been doing in the past week or two is reminding me of all the things I used to love in the fandom and why I always loved them so much. And this piece of art is helping me to remember why I positively adore Moody!

You know I love you liek whoa for being able to pull off a more canon Moody (vs. that horrible movie thing). No one would ever call him handsome in any kind of conventional sense, but he's powerful and competent and tough as nails. All of that is way more erotic than merely "handsome."

And he's using those traits to be totally in control of this situation. Guh. He just looks so damn satisfied with himself. Ha!

And Snape, all ass-up-akimbo, making that expression! It's like he's caught somewhere in between "oh, fuck, what have I gotten myself into" and "oh, fuck, but he's shockingly good at that!" LOL

Weirdly, I think the sexiest thing for me here might be Snape's forearms. He's usually covered up in all those robes, so the sleeves scrunched up to let the bare forearms spill out is bizarrely hot. Also, his hand with the bent fingers, like he's grasping for something and he's not even sure what. Hnngh.

The little background details are fab, of course. The arrest warrants (which are being very thoroughly defiled; they might need to make new copies after this...), the dark-themed reference books, the odds and ends on the shelf... And the stabbed Voldie wanted poster still cracks me the hell up. Aurors, right?! XD

Gah, once again, I'm so sorry that I somehow missed commenting fully on this! It was just because I was failing at life, not because I didn't love it. ♥
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