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Art : The Greengrass Club 
1st October 2013 13:56
Title: The Greengrass Club
Artist: [info]nearlyconscious 
Media: digital drawing
Characters/Pairings: from left to right ;
in the foreground, Astoria and Daphne ;
in the middle ground, Ginny, Tonks and Fleur ;
in the background, Luna, Lavender and Millicent.
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: sex clubs
Other Warnings: strap-on sex, androgyny, D/s, collar & leash
Artist's Notes: I'm thrilled to post here for the first time. I had a blast working with this theme!
Me? A glove fetish? I have no idea what you're on about...
Art Preview:
 photo 1013sexclubPREVIEW_zpse71552e9.png

 photo 1013sexclub_zpse6a23c2b.png
1st October 2013 09:12
I love it! There's an almost Prohibition-era style to the Greengrass sisters, and Tonks is so wonderfully dapper. :D
1st October 2013 09:40
I'm glad you like it! I do love drawing retro clothing ^_^
1st October 2013 10:32
Love the composition, and the angle of Astoria's cigarette (nice to see a smoking fetish in there too!)
1st October 2013 11:38
I have more of a cigarette holder fetish myself, oddly. I find them incredibly elegant and sexy and I love to include them in a drawing.
Thank you! It was a good exercise in perspective!
1st October 2013 10:33
Very nice! And welcome to the... er... club. :D
1st October 2013 11:38
Thank you :D :D
1st October 2013 14:51
Group sex, a hell of a way to start! I love the outfit on Ginny and gloves=love. :)

Welcome to D_D!

1st October 2013 15:17
Thank you very much! I'm super excited. You know, I think this outfit might be my favourite thing about this drawing, actually! I covet it.

P.S.: I am fangirling so hard over your art, guh, the technique is really admirable :')
1st October 2013 15:14
Ahhh, this is awesome!!! Their personalities really come through in the details. I can't stop looking at Ginny, who is absolutely gorgeous, and that cut-out negligee is exactly how I see her character — part tough and part feminine. I love the blueish, ethereal highlights in Fleur's hair. And the Greengrass sisters! Ahahaha! Totally ace. They have a part-Veela woman on her knees in front of them, and in their aloof way, they look like they might be discussing the ladies' brunch next week. What a way to start out with a bang! XD
1st October 2013 15:24
Part tough, part feminine : a very good description of Ginny in my opinion, yep!
Aaaah I love the Greengrass sisters :D I think in this particular context, even if they were discussing the vibrating anal plug they're wearing, they'd be calm and composed. It wouldn't do to appear out of control in their own club, when so many people are watching...
Thank you!! ♥
1st October 2013 17:50
Mm, gloves and sexy ladies everywhere!
Fabulous way to start at DD. :)
Great job and welcome!
1st October 2013 18:38
Thank you!! I'm glad you like it *blushes*
1st October 2013 20:56
I LOVELOVELOVE THIS! Gorgeous and hot and wonderful!
2nd October 2013 05:47
Thank you!!! ♥
2nd October 2013 08:33
I love how angelic and ethereal Fleur looks!
2nd October 2013 13:03
Thank you, I'm glad! Ethereal is what I should be aiming for, what with her being part-Veela :) And hehe, you can guess, she's not so angelic ;D
2nd October 2013 22:04
I must admit, the cigarette holder is my favourite part. There's something so sexy about them without being overly phallic feeling. Girls only is definitely the way to go. :)
3rd October 2013 09:16
Girls only is something I'm likely to do on a regular basis ; we don't see it often enough, imo ^_^
Thank you! I agree, cigarette holders are really sexy :)
3rd October 2013 00:04
3rd October 2013 09:17
Ty love~ ♥
3rd October 2013 17:10
Wow!! This is just fabulous - I love the gloves too :D

Fantastic work.
3rd October 2013 19:18
Thank you! :D
6th October 2013 12:58
Delicious! I love the characterization woven in here, with Tonks looking so cool in her suit, Luna unselfconscious, and then Daphne and Astoria so very composed in the foreground. Great work :-D
7th October 2013 10:27
Thank you! I did try to make their personalities (as I perceive them) stand out :)
14th October 2013 14:05
Mmmmm, lovely.
16th October 2013 06:50
Ty :) Glad you like it.
21st October 2013 09:08
Yay gloves! Love how each lady has just a bit of difference to her but they are all perfect in their set-up. Wonderful first post!

Welcome to D_D!
21st October 2013 09:55
Thank you! I do try to draw different body types (be it hair, skin tones, silhouettes...) as much as I can ; yay for diversity =) Glad you like it!
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