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Kinky Kristmas Art: An Outing (Minerva/Poppy) 
19th December 2012 22:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]mindabbles
From: [info]wallflowergirl

Title: An Outing
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: toys, sex shops
Other Warnings/Content:
Artist's Notes:I had a lot of fun doing this and learned to use a new program while I was doing it. There should be more art and fic about old people enjoying their sex life.
Art Preview:

20th December 2012 03:38
I lovelovelove how they're holding hands in front of the shop! And good on them keeping the spice while still not being young ladies anymore. Great detail on the various dildos.

Beautiful work!
20th December 2012 04:47
lovely! i so agree with your an. they look so happy together:)
20th December 2012 04:55
That is really nice! I love the colors, and the way they are holding hands in front of the window. I love the happiness in the last frame, but I think the snow scene is my favorite. It looks so... real, and they look so content.
20th December 2012 13:32
LOL at the 69 on the shop -- is that the name or the address? ;) This is gorgeously drawn, with quite an impressive collection of sex toys.
20th December 2012 14:25
There's so much to see in this I don't know where to start! Wonderful detail (when I first opened it I was reminded of the style of the artwork in Pottermore - though I don't recall seeing this shop in Diagon Alley (yet)).

The details of the shop contents, the books and the custom dildoes (do tell me that you had different characters in mind for some of these, Mystery Artist! Especially the 'bludger-and-snitch' set on the top shelf (Oh, Oliver Wood...).

The last picture is so tender and they look to be having such fun!

I expect to come back to this frequently - it makes me smile.
20th December 2012 16:25
I just love love love this! It's brilliant. :-D
20th December 2012 20:22
This is wonderful! It's very sweet. They look so happy! :D I love the hand-holding one. <3
20th December 2012 20:52
Oh, god, the hand holding and the way she's kind of cocking her head to look in at the window! This is quite divine and has totally put a smile on my face. More power to old ladies and their sex toys!
21st December 2012 02:44
Ah, Minerva/Poppy is one of my favorite pairings (so glad for the chance to use my icon /g/), and I love how you've shown the closeness and romance the two of them share. The shop window is a holiday delight.
21st December 2012 03:36
Ah, this is wonderful! Love the holding hands in front of the shop, and the walking home with contented smiles, and YAY to see them enjoying their purchases and each other so much :D
21st December 2012 03:43
Excellent job! I'm especially fond of the scene with them holding hands in front of the shop windows like kids at Christmas! :D
21st December 2012 04:52
EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Thank you!!!! OMG, this is such fun. I love it. I love the colours in the shop window, I love the sweet walk in the snow before hand. The image of them standing, holding hands and looking in is just perfect. I love it. And YES that they went right home to try out their new toy. Thank you for this pairing and the lovely, hot, sweet, sexy way you made this prompt come alive!!!
21st December 2012 10:29
This is amazing! Ok, firstly I just adore the whole concept of it (and yes, I've seen couples on those shopping trips and found it adorable), but all the details are gorgeous - the hats, their coats, the colors, the chaste body language in the first two scenes, and then that gorgeous final scene. Brava!
21st December 2012 20:52

23rd December 2012 03:47
This is wonderfully sweet and sexy. :)
23rd December 2012 11:43
Ah, what wonderful detail! The whole 'story' is charming, but I particularly love your creativity in the shop window, and the fact that they are so lovingly holding hands while considering their purchases :-)

PurpleFluffyCat x
27th December 2012 22:00
Oh, bb, this is incredible! I adore the way they hold on to each other as they're out, how they're trying new things in their relationship, and the way they put the toy aside in the end and just enjoy the pleasure of being together. So sweet and hot.

31st December 2012 13:29
This is wonderful. It's fun and so lovely. I love it. :)
7th January 2013 03:01
OMG I love this! The two of them holding hands in front of the shop is so funny and adorable (and I gave an inelegant snort at '69', I'm afraid) and the two of them walking home arm-in-arm with misty breath and then that gorgeous sexy panel - I love the way they clutch at each other. Funny and sweet and sexy.
8th January 2013 04:25
I love how sweet and tender this starts out, and then the hot and playful last panel.. *g*
Great job! :)
8th January 2013 13:56
Good for them! They do look happy together. :)
6th October 2013 16:35
aww, this is lovely.
10th January 2014 23:24
I love this -- their care and love and joy in being with each other are just so wonderful.
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