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Fic: Marked, Teddy/Various, NC-17 
25th February 2012 23:25
Title: Marked
Author: [info]lilmisblack 
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/James, Teddy/Albus, Teddy/Fred II/Hugo, Teddy/Louis, Teddy/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: biting
Other Warnings: oral, anal
Word Count: 3000
Summary/Description: I need to mark them. I guess I could blame it on the moon, or on the curse running through my veins. Or perhaps it’s only that possessive streak of mine rearing its ugly head.
--Mods, any chance I can get a Louis tag and a Fred II tag?

I’m not sure how it happened, and for a long time I didn’t understand why I did it. I guess I could blame it on the moon, or on the curse running through my veins. Or perhaps it’s only that possessive streak of mine rearing its ugly head. I’m done trying to rationalize it. I just enjoy it and move on.

Jamie is the first one.

I love the sounds he makes as I fuck him with my finger. His skin is flushed and his eyes wide. His breathing is ragged. He’s biting his bottom lip so hard I’m sure he’ll break the skin in a matter of seconds. A mixture of a moan and a whimper escapes his throat as I push another finger in. If I could think clearly I would probably be as surprised as he is at finding us in this position, but the lust is too overwhelming for that.

I have no idea what came over me, I hadn’t thought of Jamie in a sexual manner before, but then I saw him with that Malfoy kid, saw that bastard smile and flirt, saw him lean closer, saw him reach for Jamie, saw him pull him in, and everything else was a blur of anger and instinct. I remember storming into the room, grabbing the Malfoy kid by his collar and dragging him out of the house. Next think I know I was back in Jamie’s room, on his bed, with him pinned under me and naked.

I twist my fingers inside him, looking for the right spot as I lean down and trail my lips down body. I feel him shiver beneath me, feel him spread his legs a little further, and when he whimpers I can’t help but smile. I take his cock deep into my mouth, feel him buck beneath me, and use my free hand to pin his hips down. Then I bob my head hard and fast, matching the rhythm of my fingers.

I look up at him as I suck him, take in every inch of flushed skin, every ragged breath, every whimper; I watch him throw his head back and close his eyes and bite his lip even harder as he tries to hold back. There’s only one coherent thought in my head. Mine. I don’t know where it comes from, or what it means, but I know it’s true. And I love it.

I pull back and hear him whimper in frustration as his cock slips out of my mouth, but I wrap my other hand around him, keeping to the same rhythm, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. He is mine, and I want him to know it. I want to mark him, I want to give him something to remind him of this always. So I lean down again, brush my lips over the inside of his thigh. Then I bite.

He comes with a shout, his muscles tensing under my lips, his come dripping down my hand, and I keep stroking him until there’s nothing left. Then I sit back on my heels and watch him, the flushed skin, the wide eyes, the swollen lips. I watch his chest rise and fall as he tries to catch his breath, watch his cock slowly begin to soften. Watch his thigh. Watch my mark. I can’t hold back any more.

I wrap my fingers around my cock and stroke, feel his come on my skin smoothing every slide, mixing with my own come as I get closer and closer to the edge. I run my tongue over my teeth, remembering the way his skin felt as I bit him. The mark on his thigh is red and angry, such a beautiful contrast to the pale flesh beneath. I run my other hand over it, feel the edges with the tip of my fingers, press down and hear Jamie whimper, and then I’m lost. I come all over him, marking him in yet another way, and when I’m done I slide my fingers over the splatters of come and spread them over my mark and wish he could remain like this forever, naked and sated and marked, and mine.


Albus is the second.

They say curiosity killed the cat. In this case it just got him fucked. Because there is nothing that Jamie does that Albus doesn’t eventually find out about, and there is nothing that Jamie does that Albus doesn’t want to do as well.

He is nervous and awkward and a little too eager to hear exactly what happened with James, and all his questions could become a problem if someone heard his voice and decided to open the pantry door to see what was going on inside. So it’s only logical that I find a way to keep him silent.

I slide my fingers through his hair and help him set the rhythm, trying not to push my cock deeper into his mouth when he moves too slowly. He gags when he tries to take too much of me, and the way he looks up in alarm tells me he hasn’t done this before. That thought alone is almost enough to make me come.

I push his head back as I try to regain control of myself and pull him to his feet. He looks at me with wide eyes filled with worry, clearly wondering why I made him stop. I pull him to me and kiss him hard, until we’re both breathless, and then I push him against the opposite wall and get down on my knees. He wants to know about my night with Jamie, I might as well show him.

I use my hand and my mouth on him, teasing him with my tongue, sucking hard every time I pull back, sliding my teeth ever so slightly as I move. He’s groaning and cursing and bucking into my mouth, and I reach up with my free hand and push him fingers into his mouth in an attempt to muffle the sounds he’s making.

Something in the back of my mind is telling me that this is not enough, that I need something else. It takes me a few moments to realise what it is. I want to mark him, make him mine. I want to feel his flesh under my teeth, feel the muscles tense as I bite down, I want to see those red marks on pale skin again, feel his body shiver with every touch to the mark, the flesh too tender to take it. I want him to know he is mine.

I get up and press my body flush against him, rest my arms on either side of his head and smirk. I line up our cocks and tilt my hips, giving him some of the friction he craves, and watch his eyes flutter shut. I move my hips faster, trying to find the right rhythm, the right pressure, feeling his cock slide against mine, his hips move in search for more.

Then I slip my fingers in his mouth again, feeling his lips wrap around them, his tongue flicker and twirl, and his scream is muffled when I lean down and bite. I mark his shoulder, hard, then run my tongue over the mark as my hips lose all rhythm. Albus whimpers and comes, and when I bite down on his other shoulder I come, too, feeling his skin give under my teeth, feeling him shudder against me. Feeling the world vanish around us.


Technically, Freddie is the third and Hugo the fourth.

There are no secrets in our family. And by our family I mean extended family, the Weasleys, the Potters and me. So I should’ve known the thing with James and Albus wouldn’t be a secret for long. I didn’t indulge often, and did my best to only mark them in places normally covered by clothes, but I guess it was only a matter of time before someone else noticed. What I hadn’t expected was for that somebody else to be quite so forward about it.

I slowly push my cock inside of Freddie, and hear two responding moans. My head snaps up and a glare is enough to make Hugo let go of his cock. He returns his arms to his sides, his hands curling into fists as he watches us and tries to control himself. I hold his gaze a moment longer in warning, and then focus my attention on Freddie again. I wrap my hands around his hips and slowly pull back until my cock slides out of his body. He moans and arches his back, but says nothing. I smile and push back inside.

Hugo’s idea was to get me drunk, and then talk me into fucking him. Hugo’s plans always seemed to involve alcohol for some reason. And Hugo’s plans never worked. Which is why he is sitting across the room, naked and hard and not allowed to touch himself.

Freddie’s plans are just as reckless, but usually more successful. Everyone says he’s just like his dad, but I think Freddie’s a whole different thing. He’s a devious little bugger. He wanted me to fuck him, too, and thought a lust potion was the way to go. He sometimes forgets I grew up surrounded by Weasleys and Potters, and I know most of their tricks.

When Hugo and Freddie sat on either side of me at dinner, I knew something was up. Freddie caused a distraction and poured something into my glass. I caused another distraction and poured half of my drink into each of their glasses. It hadn’t taken me long to realise what Freddie’s plan had been. By the time the desert was served they were both breathing hard, pupils dilated, trousers tented. I’d spent the following half hour teasing them under the table.

Freddie’s plan didn’t go exactly as he’d expected, but technically it worked, which is why he’s currently on my bed, with my cock shoved inside him.

I run my hands up Freddie’s back, feeling his muscles tense. I snap my hips forward, hear him gasp. Hugo curses under his breath, but a quick glance tells me he’s not touching himself again. I pull back again, watch Freddie’s body adjust as my cock slowly slips out of him. My hands slide down his arse and I spread him open, and I watch his hole twitch at the sudden emptiness, already missing my cock. I give him a few seconds, I want to hear him whimper again. Then I make him beg.

The slide in is slow, I push my cock inside him inch by inch, watch the muscles stretch to take me in. I keep doing the same for as long as I can take it, pulling out of him, pushing back in, torturing him, driving him to madness, loving every second.

When I can’t take it any more I fuck him hard, making him take me deep and fast, driving myself closer and closer to the edge. I watch him writhe beneath me, and try to decide where I want to mark him. All that beautiful skin, so perfect, I want to bite every last inch of it. I bury my hand into his hair and yank him back until he’s kneeling, with his back against my chest, then I slide my hand around his body and wrap my fingers around his cock. A few strokes are enough, and I feel his muscles clench on my cock as he comes. I sink my teeth into his neck and come, too.

I make Hugo spread his legs wide and prepare himself for me as I try to recover. I watch him lick his fingers, and then slide them into his arse, slowly, teasingly, stretching himself for me. My cock is back to full hardness in no time.

I tell Freddie to roll over onto his stomach again and spread his legs. It’s his fault Hugo’s in such a state, after all. It’s only fair that he help relieve him.

Hugo kneels between Freddie and I and leans back against me, waiting for instructions. I wrap my hand around his cock and guide him inside Freddie. My come easies the way, and he buries himself to the hilt in one go. Then I lean over Hugo and thrust my cock inside him. He groans, half in pleasure and half in pain, and in turn thrusts into Freddie. It isn’t easy to find a rhythm, but we manage, hard and fast and deep, and I love the idea of fucking Freddie through Hugo. I love the idea of marking them both, of adding them to my collection, even more.


The fifth is Louis.

He waits until Victoire leaves the room to approach me. He stands very close to me, looks right into my eyes and asks me to mark him. I watch him in silence for a moment, surprised by the request, and when I smile the faintest of whimpers escapes through his lips.

It’s been months since that first night with James, and now I understand what happened better. It’s not just about sex, it’s about possession, about dominance. The instinct to mark is always stronger near the full moon. It was after I realised that that I started to notice other things. I noticed I felt different around the people I had marked; as if it wasn’t only a temporary mark, but somehow biting them created different ties between us. Whenever I was close to them, all four men in my little collection, I wanted nothing more than to fuck them and mark them again, and I came so much harder with them than with anyone else. I also realised that if this was related to the moon, it had to be related to the curse that ran, however faintly, in my veins. And I wasn’t the only one with the curse.

I push Louis down onto his bed and lie on top of him. I kiss him, then trail my lips down his neck and bite him there. Not hard. Not yet. I slide my hands under the top of his pyjamas, slowly pulling it up, kissing skin as it’s revealed, biting lightly every now and again. With every touch of my teeth to his flesh he moans softly and arches his back. I don’t try to silence him. I want him to be heard tonight.

It was by chance that I saw the mark on Fleur. She was leaning forward in her chair one night and the strap of her shirt slid off her shoulder. It was barely noticeable, concealed under layers of makeup and hidden under clothes, but I knew what it was. He had marked her.

It was strange to know I wasn’t the only one that felt this impulse, that I wasn’t the only one who needed to mark his lovers. What I couldn’t understand was why she would go to such trouble to hide it. I tried not to bite in places too visible, but none of the men in my little collection cared if anyone saw the marks.

I move my mouth to Louis’ nipple and bite a little harder. He groans my name and pushes my head closer. Fleur and Victoire are spending the weekend with Fleur’s sister, and I put a Silencing Charm around Dominique’s room. Only one person left in the house that can hear us. I move my mouth to Louis’ other nipple and bite harder. I want to make him scream tonight.

By the time I push my cock into him, Louis’ body’s covered with bite marks, and he’s panting and begging to be fucked. I don’t think I’ve been so hard in my life, watching the marks on his body, feeling his flesh against my mouth, hearing him moan with every mark, it’s more than I can take. I thrust into him wildly, and he arches up into me just as hard. He asks me to mark him again, and I do. I lick the side of his neck and then bite him hard, and I feel him convulse as he comes without me even touching his cock. I’m not far behind.

His skin is red and blue by the next morning, and I spend a long, long time licking every one of those marks, then make a few more as I fuck him again.

I feel Bill’s eyes on me as I make my way down the stairs. He’s already in the kitchen, finishing his breakfast. He says nothing, but by the way he looks at me I know he knows. I’m not sure just how he feels about it.

Louis comes down a few minutes later, pours some orange juice into a glass and goes back to his room without a word. He’s dressed now, but the marks are easy to see around his neck. I can’t help but smile.

Bill’s entire body is tense, his pupils are dilated, his breathing just a little ragged. All of this just from seeing the marks. He takes his wand, looks at me for a long moment and aims it up the stairs. I can’t hear what he mutters, but I got the feeling it’s a Silencing Charm. His eyes never leave me as he puts the wand down again and stands up. He walks towards me, although it feels more like a predator stalking his prey than walking. I take a small step back, and the twitch in his mouth tells me he liked it, so I take another one, and another one, until I’m backed against the wall. I tilt my head to the side, expose my neck, ready for him to mark me. If he does, I will not hide it, I will never hide it.


Bill might be my sixth, and I think I will be his second.

27th February 2012 01:46
This was just erotic in every sense of the word!
And you involved Freddie and Hugo. In fact you involved all of the characters that I love in the Third Generation :)
And dominant!Teddy is always a win!
I hope we see more.

27th February 2012 04:21
Mmm, how delicious!
29th February 2012 09:16
Holy hell, that's hot! What a great use of the kink. Much love for the wolfy Bill and Teddy. Each vignette was hotter than the last and they built on each other so well.
13th March 2012 13:42
Wow. Great use of the biting prompt. Love the way these Potters/Weasleys not only can't keep a secret, but all want in on the action. Finishing with Bill was brilliant as well. Great job!
13th December 2016 06:34
I very much liked this. Biting/marking is a definite kink for me and it worked beautifully. Especially liked the ending.
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