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Art: Practical Lesson with Professor Lupin (Ginny/Remus, R) 
12th January 2012 13:05
Title: Practical Lesson with Professor Lupin
Artist: [info]its_art
Media: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Characters/Pairings: Ginny Weasley/Remus Lupin
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: authority figure role-play, body writing and just the faintest hint of exhibitionism (It's no longer Remus's classroom. Maybe Bill is Professor now...)
Artist's Notes: The premise of this picture is that after leaving Hogwarts, Ginny and Remus visit again and she convinces him to engage in a fantasy she's had since her second year. Much love to [info]ragdoll, as she put the idea of Remus/Ginny in my head. And the blackboard is entirely a reference to Cleolinda's Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes.
Art Preview:

12th January 2012 19:30
You draw an excellent thigh trapped under buttock and calf!

Wonder what act got the "O" and what one got the "T". *snicker* Perhaps her gag reflex still needs work, but her Kegel exercises are paying great dividends?

12th January 2012 20:28
Thank you kindly!

Hehehe... I was actually thinking that they were very rude and just did it on top of ACTUAL essays done by students. How inconsiderate of them.
12th January 2012 19:39
Oh, lovely!!! I especially like the writing on Remus' leg and love love love the whole fantasy role-play aspect. Yum yum!
12th January 2012 20:30
Thank you!

It is of my opinion that there were probably a lot of girls back in 1993-1994 who wished they could have practical lessons with Professor Lupin. And that the whole dangerous werewolf aspect just made it hotter.
12th January 2012 20:58
Love her snitch earrings. And her socks. And... well, everything really.
12th January 2012 23:53
Thank you! I love putting in small details like that. And I have a mad fetish for Zettai Ryouiki, hence the knee socks.
12th January 2012 22:50
Ooh, very hot! So many great details and I love the colouring. :)
12th January 2012 23:54
Thank you! I really think the colouring is my favourite part of this.
13th January 2012 01:03
Ooooh, this is great! So funny and hot all at once! I love the sense of play you really highlighted here -- it's not just role-playing, it looks like they share a kind of joie de vivre in it and in each other.
13th January 2012 01:27
Ooh, love this! Very hot.
13th January 2012 04:10
Love the pairing! Very hot and sexy. :)
Ginny's clearly getting lucky this month. *g*
13th January 2012 07:20

Never in a million years would I have imagined this pairing and more so that it would work, but, JFC, this is DELICIOUS!

Love, love, love the roleplay of it, the surrender of it and the WRITING ON THE BODY OF IT! *guh*
13th January 2012 20:03

All the extraneous detail on top of the people themselves is just wonderful.
17th January 2012 13:31
Love the role-play! Very hot position and the body writing is just perfect. Very nicely done.
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