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Kinky Kristmas Art: Seeker (McGonagall/Hooch) 
31st December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]woldy
From: [info]twilightsorcery

Title: Seeker
Characters/Pairings: Minerva McGonagall / Xiomara Hooch
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: striptease, quidditch kink
Artist's Notes: Thanks for a great prompt! :) [Note: Characters represented are most definitely over the age of 18.]
Art Preview:

31st December 2011 18:09
Eeeee! One of my very favorite pairings (one of my Minerva 4TPs, in fact /g/), and what a treat. I love the warm golden glow of the room, and the situation is just to die for. Minerva's boots, for one thing...(one major thing for a shoe-lover like me). And then her stockings, omg...how did you manage to show so clearly that they are silk? I just want to run my hands over them. Love the garters, too, and her lovely rosy knees. The hint of corset -- exquisite and hot, as is the fact that she's still characteristically buttoned-up -- robe still fastened, hair so tight, glasses on (the better to see Xiomara with, of course). Love her satisfied, tender (and perfectly little-bit-smug) expression, too.

Then there's the equally-delightful Xiomara: the Quidditch clothing is just an inspired (and very hot) touch. I love her smile, her delightful small breasts, her hair, the way the broom gives her such an alluring posture.

And it is just me with my kinky mind, or does the lamp have a deliberate female-body shape? A perfect talisman, if so.

What a stunning work. Great title, too.
31st December 2011 18:16
Hell, yeah. I love the sepia tones, the sort of stately hotness, and the looks on their faces. Gorgeous work.
31st December 2011 18:28
"Stately hotness" -- perfectly put.
31st December 2011 18:28
I love this! Wow, okay let me count the ways:

- Xiomara's pose, all cocky with the broom slung across her shoulders - yum!
- Minerva's clothes, which are incredibly sexy, and there is wonderful attention to detail with the stockings, spat-style boots, and just a hint of a green corset beneath her robes - plus the robes open at the waist but still buttoned at the neck, is just guh
- The Gryffindor banner on the wall behind them, and all the orderliness of Minerva's chambers
- The little smile on Minerva's face as she runs her hand down Xiomara's stomach
- Xio's athlete's body, with the rumpled hair, strong legs, and lean stomach
- Last but not least, the Quidditch pads and tight trousers, unbuttoned to just the right point, so that it drives the viewer (and Minerva) wild

Seriously, this is AMAZING! So sexy, tantalizing, and in-character. Thank you so, so much!
31st December 2011 19:42

Minerva's boots and stockings, ngghhh! Who knew she was hiding those shapely gams underneath her robes? Whelp, Xiomara knew, that's who!

Fantastic and sexy little scene -- they're so appealing and real and hot!
31st December 2011 23:16
I love that Minerva's wearing garters & boots... this is lovely!
1st January 2012 08:18
Brilliant drawing, one of the best I've seen this year. Everything is so exquisitely done. The boots, te stockings, the exquisite line of Minerva's calves, the corset, the half-open but still buttoned-up robes ...

And Hooch is fabulous, too. The way she looks down, the way she is standing. And the whole, warm glow of the scene.

1st January 2012 08:48
Mysterious Artist, you've done it again. I'm running out of adjectives to use on your work. ;) Absoultely gorgeous. I love all the clothing details and the room details (but where are the bookshelves? XD).

I also love the way Xiomara's body is mirrored in the lamp base and the warm tones in the room. Brilliant!
1st January 2012 10:33
Simply stunning!

Minerva's legs. Her boots. Rolanda's Quidditch toned body. Quidditch gear and broom. Minerva's corset, and the fact that her topmost button is still buttoned. The look in their eyes and their smile.

1st January 2012 18:15
Oh, gorgeous! I love how they're not traditionally beautiful but they're still wonderful.
1st January 2012 19:14
Beautiful! I love the colours and shades. And Madam Hooch so skinny and the very cannon Minerva! Great piece of art :D
1st January 2012 19:28
OMG, I just love your McGonagall and Hooch - and especially everything about McGonagall's clothes. :) A wonderful and sexy scene, and your colouring is gorgeous!
1st January 2012 22:10
Amazing! Fantastic! Poses! Minerva's legs, hands, boots, clothes; Rolanda's broom, breast, trousers, boots, their bodies and expressions and that confidence -- marvellous!!!
2nd January 2012 03:01
2nd January 2012 07:56
I could stare at this for a long time, and keep noticing new things. Simply amazing and gorgeous!
3rd January 2012 10:42 - re: Seeker
I love this double striptease with Rolanda shedding her Quidditch gear and Minerva her professor's robes. There's something about Minerva's touch to Rolanda's skin that is decidedly sexy, a promise of the further undressing to come. And well, a girl in Quidditch trousers is always hot! :)
3rd January 2012 13:20
Awesome! Minerva's stockings are brilliant. But I wonder what they are going to do with the broom. *g*
3rd January 2012 17:40
Mmm, yes please!
4th January 2012 20:41
I love the dynamics in this -- the affection and playfulness. (Also, love McG's eyebrows. <3) Really well done!
5th January 2012 06:52
I love their smiles. I really love the colours and the warm feel of this. That's quite some set of abs Hooch has on her! :) Nice work
5th January 2012 15:17
Oh wow, this is just gorgeous! I love the warm colours, their facial expressions, and all the wonderful little details (boots! stockings! shin pads! broom!). This is so full of character and tenderness. Lovely.
6th January 2012 02:09
oh, thank you for letting me a fly on the wall! Love these twoL Hooch's unbuttoned pants and shin guards are wonderful, as are Minerva's lovely corset and boots. But it's her fierce gaze and Xio's sweet downcast eyes that tell the most beautiful story!
13th January 2012 06:54
Such gorgeous coloring! Love Minerva's stockings and her contemplative/mischievous look.
14th January 2012 21:19
Absolutely gorgeous - your lines and use of colour are lovely - and all the little details! OMG! Minerva's stockings and garters and hint of corset and the way her robes fall away from her body, and the expression on her face.. and Xiomara's pose, her hair, the state of undress, the expression... everything is just, well, gorgeous! <3 <3 <3
23rd December 2013 23:45
The art doesn't seem to be visible now in either of my browsers (Safari & Firefox). Is there a way to fix the links?
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