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Kinky Kristmas Art: Challenge Accepted (Snape/McGonagall) 
25th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]venturous
From: [info]akatnamedeaster

Title: Challenge Accepted
Characters/Pairings: Snape/McGonagall
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Bondage, corsets, D/s
Other Warnings/Content: Implied use of riding crop [Characters represented are over the age of 18... some more so than others.]
Artist's Notes: This is not my usual fare but the pairing is one I have a soft spot for. I hope you enjoy this take on your prompt, Mystery Recipient.

25th December 2011 18:15
Wow! This is gorgeous!
25th December 2011 19:58
OMG!!! **flails**

her boots! her scowl! her droopy boobs! and sll the yummy details... collar,woof! and the way she holds his chin with her crop, and the marks on him, and the rug wow!!

and his expression, I can tell it's pretty young severus, defiant but craving discipline.

I am a happy Deviant!
25th December 2011 21:08
MMMM. Pretty much my dominatrix Minerva (love the boots) and I can't look away from the posture collar and the nipple rings. Deliciously kinky (I'm sure Severus will begin to enjoy himself soon...)
26th December 2011 00:15
Wow, I love this dom!Minerva. Great expressions and body language :-D
26th December 2011 04:47
Impressive! You tell an entire story here, through their perfect expressions and their postures and the revealing details (crop marks! buckled boots! rug! Snape's perfectly-aligned toes and intensely-focused gaze) I love that Minerva's hair is still restrained. (I love the slight touches of her age, too, which make her all the sexier as far as I am concerned -- though I may have to disagree with Ven's choice of "droopy" -- if this is Minerva being "droopy," she must have been positively pneumatic in youth /g/).

A really fun piece. I've been looking forward to seeing this prompt realized, and the result is worth the wait.
26th December 2011 14:23
Ooh, nice! I can't take my eyes off Sevvie's nipple ring, or the whip marks on his pert little bottom. And I also love the fact that McGonagall's hair is still in a bun. Quite proper of her, really. Nice work!
26th December 2011 15:02
Guh! What an awesome and SEXY Minerva! Gloves! BOOTS. The way her hair's up and she looks all strict and proper. Everything about her is too damn sexy. Who wouldn't want to submit to her? ;) Great body language, both of them.
27th December 2011 01:11
Very nice Femdom, mystery artist. I love all the little touches like the cameo and the nipple ring.

I think I have those boots. And that crop. Get out of my closet! LOL
27th December 2011 02:23
Woot! This is awesome.
27th December 2011 02:28

BAMF McG is so hoooooot in her bitch boots. And her breasts are gorgeous <3
28th December 2011 04:26
Guh, this is smoking hot! The boots! Their faces! Snape looks so defiant, and Minerva so tender in her dominance. I love the realism of Minerva's body, too, and the Gryiffindor rug. Just gorgeous.
29th December 2011 16:45
Damn, that is smoking hot!
29th December 2011 22:30
Minerva, you always win :) I love her boobs and Snape's face :)
30th December 2011 03:45




30th December 2011 21:44
Wow. Minerva is HOT! And I too have a soft spot for this pairing. Very nicely done.
1st January 2012 08:32
Oh my -- this is just amazing, Mysterious Artiste! I love your Minerva here -- the boots, the corset, the boobs! And poor Snape! Fantastic!
1st January 2012 19:30
Oh yes. I very much like. (aaaaaaaaaand breathe....)
2nd January 2012 07:51
I don't have words. This is fantastic!
3rd January 2012 14:33
Oh my! Minerva certainly has young Severus where she wants him. I volunteer to help if she gets tired! ;D
14th January 2012 18:20
*stares and drools onto the keyboard*

This is gorgeous. I love the highlighting and all the details - the nipple ring! the tie around Sev's hair! the marks! Minerva's corset! her cameo! the collar! their expressions!

um, yeah. so, like.... everything! love it!
25th March 2012 01:23
I love Minerva's boots! Ooh, buckles and leather!

You know I see a whole backstory where Severus comes to her to learn how to control his impulses and she uses her dominating *snicker* personality to show Severus the way.
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