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Kinky Kristmas Art: Stag Night (James/Sirius) 
4th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]lilmisblack
From: [info]wallflowergirl

Title: Stag Night
Characters/Pairings: James Potter/Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Public sex, infidelity, desperate sex
Other Warnings/Content:
Artist's Notes: Lilly and James are about to get married, but there's always been something between James and Sirius. After a Stag do full of drinking, smoking and talking about sex they finally give in to it.
Art Preview:

4th December 2011 17:48
That's *gulp* lovely! The atmosphere and colors are perfect, and I just love their expressions in the first panel.
4th December 2011 17:52
Wow, mystery artist, you drew the whole story! :) I love the progression of things from panel to panel, and the background and darkish colours that set the mood so well. I especially love how James leans close for Sirius to light his cigarette, and Sirius's bent up leg, with James pushing his own leg up in the second panel. For some reason I'm finding that even hotter than the sex itself! :)
4th December 2011 18:25
The antlersssssss. I am in complete lust with them.

The colors and setting are gorgeous! I love how the alley fades away in the background.
4th December 2011 19:20
OMG wow. The middle panel, I agree with [info]ariadneelda is the hottest of the lot, but the story, the people, the the the the rightness and wrongness... Yes.
4th December 2011 20:34
What a clever pun. And beautiful art. The antlers are inspired (Sirius' idea, I bet). Love the intimacy of the shared ciggie, and their clinch in the middle one.
4th December 2011 21:05
Very very lovely. I love the antlers and the puns and that middle panel is killer. Very nice!!
4th December 2011 21:10
Fabulous! This is just how I imagine these two :-D
4th December 2011 21:49
Guh, this is just gorgeous, thank you so much!! I love the story the three images tell, and I can't decide which one of the three I love more, Sirius is just perfect in the first one, I love the way he's standing, and the hair <3 and he and James just look so comfortable together. And the second one's so full of need and passion, I have to agree with the other commenters, it's the hottest one of the three! And the third one's awesome, too, I love the way they're holding on to each other, Sirius' arms around James. The colouring's beautiful, all the dark tones make it seem even more illicit and desperate and sexy, and the antlers! I love the antlers!! Thank you so much, Mistery Artist, I can't tell you just how much I love this!
4th December 2011 22:32
I love this pairing and you've captured exactly what's so hot about it and then added extra hot of your own, Mystery Artist. On the stag do! The antlers! The dark alley! It's all so perfectly wrong. And gorgeous, of course, really well made. Every line and colour seems to be just right.
5th December 2011 00:06
Absolutely gorgeous. The colors are dark enough to suit their mood perfectly.
5th December 2011 02:16

Alley sex is one of my fave things in the WORLD! And you do it soooo amazingly!

Love this!!

5th December 2011 02:17
Ooooooooh! Oooooh, I LOVE THIS! When I finished reading the HP books, one of the only couples I shipped in my head was Sirius/James. This is fantastic.
5th December 2011 02:42
This is amazing! I can't stop looking at it.
5th December 2011 09:06
This is gorgeous. Just... gorgeous!
5th December 2011 09:59
Padfoot and Prongs were always going to get it on sometime ;D
Hot, desperate, public sex - wow!
5th December 2011 12:42 - Stag Night
Gorgeous! Love the colours the background and of course the boys. The Stag antlers are a brilliant touch.
5th December 2011 13:30
OMG the antlers! Fabulous!! Ooh, I haz icon for this. :)
5th December 2011 14:13
Oh, yum - those colors are delish. I love how the red of James's sweater is the warmest thing in the scene, so you're constantly drawn to him. And hands on butts, and nails digging into backs, and heads tucked into necks - mmm! I like how James seems to be the aggressor here, or maybe Sirius teased him into finally making that first move ... the ambiguousness is really nice. Well done!
6th December 2011 16:10
There are so many things I like about this! How much James looks like Harry, for once :-) The ANTLERS! Perfect! The light in the background is so full of mood and atmosphere, I am really impressed with that effect. And just the sheer hotness of it, of course!
7th December 2011 06:46
Mmmm... hot! I freely admit I have a 'thing' for alleyway sex so this definitely hit some buttons. Love the setting and the pairing! Great job!
7th December 2011 19:59
Mmm, that is just delightful!
7th December 2011 23:18
Wow, really impressive!
I love the atmosphere you created, and I'm totally baffled that you managed to capture this bittersweet, needy mood. Brilliant!
Also love the antlers, lol! :D And the pose in the first picture is so perfect, it feels like the boys are alive.
Really wonderful entry!
8th December 2011 09:26
Oh wow! That's really hot! I do have a soft spot for this pairing! Well done! The storytelling was exquisite!
15th December 2011 01:25
Mystery Artist, this is a fantastic piece! Or progression of pieces, rather. I love how the darkness and vague, loose quality of it give it the perfect clandestine, slightly wrong feel. This scenario could so easily happen, I think, and you've portrayed exactly how it would happen. Unplanned, sudden, desperate, so-wrong-but-so-right, guh, yes. Great use of the light source from beyond the alley/side street. And ahaha, antlers, bad pun, and so totally something they'd do!
18th December 2011 19:39
Just gorgeous - your lines, the colours, the expressions and positions and... absolutely lovely. <3
27th December 2011 06:45
This is gorgeous!
1st January 2012 04:44
Each of the panels is gorgeous in its own right, but the one in the middle truly caught my attention.
2nd January 2012 07:31
Haha! I love that they have antlers. The background really suits the subject, too. Nice job.
28th January 2012 17:29
omfg, so kinky )))
thank you for sharing!
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