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Fic: Lip Service (Lee Jordan/Adrian Pucey, NC-17) 
25th July 2011 08:03
Title: Lip Service
Author: [info]rilla_licious
Characters/Pairings: Lee Jordan/Adrian Pucey
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Erotographomania, fingering, magical charms, sensory deprivation
Other Warnings: Rimming, light bondage
Word Count: ~6,600
Summary/Description: Lee Jordan has a very big mouth. Adrian Pucey has a knack for invention.
Author's Notes: This is my very first fic for [info]daily_deviant. I started off writing just one of the monthly themes, and ended up with four. Thanks to E, W, and S for the betas!

The crowds emptied their seats like a swarm of locusts when the match was over, and Lee pried his way through them as he made the long journey from the announcer's booth to the exit. He stopped along the way for a few high fives, and to weather the insults from the losing team (pausing once to dive under a bench, narrowly avoiding a swarm of hornets sent by a bloke who'd apparently taken offense to Lee's suggestion that the Cannons' Keeper would be more suited to a career of being shot out of cannons, rather than playing for them), but mostly he hurried along, scanning heads in the crowd for Adrian Pucey's signature ivy cap, not finding it anywhere.

"Is that what passes for callin' a game these days?"

Lee slowed only a little when he heard George's voice from just behind him. The crowd had finally thinned and now he could make his way toward the broom lock up without much trouble.

"Sorry, I don't take professional advice from a man with one ear. You need two to hear it right." Lee grinned over his shoulder.

George reached up to pat the single earmuff that covered the place where his ear had been. "Now, that's hitting below the belt, that is! I'm very sensitive about this hole in my head, you know."

Lee laughed and clapped his best friend on the back. "Heya, Georgie! Where's the wife and kids today?"

"Angie took Roxanne swimming and Freddy said he'd rather stay home and work on those sketches of his. Something's not right with that boy, if you ask me."

"Yeah," said Lee. "He got his mum's brains for one."

"True, true," said Fred, breaking into a jog to keep up. "What about you? In a hurry for a hot date with your better half? Former better half maybe, after that last comment you made up there on your bullhorn."

"S'not like I planned to say it." Lee was looking furtively from side to side now; Adrian had to be here somewhere. "These things just come out of my mouth. Adrian knows that."

"You know I think you're daft for going out with a Slytherin to begin with, but I'm going to have to side with him on this one, Lee. The Muggles have a term for that sort of thing. It's called TMI. Too much information, mate."

Lee flashed a grin at George, catching sight of Adrian's cap over the top of George's head.

"Maybe Muggles need to learn to relax a bit, yeah? Live a little." He clapped George's back again as he changed direction. "And there's my boy now. See you later, mate. We're still on for drinks Thursday night?"

"Of course we are," said George. "Providing you leave the details of your sex life at home where they belong."

"I shall try my best," Lee said, and he left George behind.

Adrian had glanced up as Lee said his goodbyes, then immediately put his head down and made a beeline for the door. Bugger. George was right.

"Adrian! Ade! Wait up!" Lee trotted after him, but Adrian side-stepped an older witch in a garish, towering orange hat with the Cannons' logo emblazoned upon it, and disappeared into a throng of raucous Portree fans.

Lee cursed under his breath. The old witch gave him a disapproving look. He muttered an apology, then took off at a run down the other side of the street. He knew where to find Adrian, even if the other man wanted nothing to do with him right now.


The warehouse in which Adrian found his retreat had been abandoned for the better part of three years, and every time Lee tracked him to it, it seemed to have deteriorated further. Lee disabled the wards--really, they wouldn't have been such half-arsed wards if Adrian hadn't wanted to talk about it--and pushed up the glass window, climbing off a stack of crates and into the warehouse.

"Ade? I know you're in here."

"What do you want, Lee?" Adrian's voice came from the corner of the warehouse, muffled slightly by the thick black curtains he'd hung for privacy.

"Bloody drama queen," Lee murmured, and he started across the room. "I came to talk, Ade. You're pissed about what I said at the match, aren't you?"

"Oh, you think?"

Lee rolled his eyes and reached out to pull back the curtain, peering into the dim light. "So you've come back out here to hide under your tent like a five year-old? Is that it?"

"I'm working on something," Adrian said, without turning around. The mellow glow of a single illumination charm made a silhouette of him, hunched over a narrow table in the corner.

"So that's why you took off after the game? Some super secret invention you've been working on?" Maybe Lee wasn't in as much trouble as he'd feared.

"It's something I've been working on for a while," Adrian said, his voice a little too casual. "For you."

"Aw, baby, you shouldn't have." Lee dropped the curtain behind him and stepped fully into the enclosure. "And here I didn't bring anything for you."

"You never stop, do you?" Adrian stopped working, dropped his elbow to the arm of the chair and rolled his head to the side to look at Lee. There was just enough light in the room for Lee to assess that he was, indeed, in very big trouble. Somehow, even Adrian's pale hair went darker when he was angry. "You just can't stop running off that bloody mouth of yours."

"Gotta keep my jaw in shape somehow," said Lee. "Otherwise I wouldn't be able to suck you off like I do."

"For fuck's sake, Lee. You're doing it again."

"Oh, come on, Ade. Even if the innuendo was that obvious, no one knew I was talking about you."

"Lee, everyone knew you were talking about me! That barmy Lovegood woman from The Quibbler tried to interview me after last week's match, and believe me, she didn't miss what you meant by 'riding my broom good and hard'! That alone should've earned you another suspension."

"I've told you before," said Lee. "It's meant as a compliment. Who wouldn't want the world to know they spent the night before the match with a shag as brilliant as you?"

"Lots of people, Lee. Lots of people wouldn't want to tell the world. Normal people with normal-sized egos, who have normal sex lives."

"Hey, our sex life is completely normal. It's just... creative."

"It's not normal when it's broadcast to half the bloody globe!"

"Now that's an exaggeration, eh? It was one stadium full of fans. And, erm, whoever was listening on the wireless. But that's got to be way less than half the globe. I mean, I'm popular, but--"

"Here," Adrian said, and he thrust something into Lee's hand. The accompanying surge of magic shut Lee up for a moment. "Take this."

"What's this?" Lee squinted down at his hand, holding the object against the light. "A quill?"

"Not just any quill. It's what I've been working on."

"So what's it do?"

"Stops you from shooting off that fool mouth of yours is what it does."

"How so?" said Lee.

"You want a demonstration? All right. Say something. Something graphic. Something about you and me and fucking."

"Weren't you just telling me that you hate it when I do that?"

"Stop being so bloody obtuse on purpose and just do as you're told, Jordan."

"If it'll get you off the crazy train, fine. I wa--" Lee reached for his throat as the words were cut off mid-sentence. "I--Fuck. Fuck, my hand. What the hell did you do, Adrian?" His wrist was twitching, fingers tightening involuntarily around the quill.

Adrian dragged Lee over to the table and shoved a piece of parchment in front of him. "Try this."

Lee felt like... like he was drowning. Except not. He could breathe just fine, but that sensation of not being able to have what he desperately needed was swallowing him. The urge to write overrode all of his senses. He bent over the table and started scribbling on the parchment. Adrian leaned over his shoulder, watching intently.

The words came pouring out: filthy, graphic things that somehow felt forbidden to write, when he'd never had any trouble saying them aloud. He had no choice but to let it all out, and then some. There were far more words here than he'd been planning to say, as if he'd tapped into some secret stash of dirty talk that had been brewing for a long time now. Lee wrote until his wrist was sore, until he had nothing left to say. Then he dropped to his elbows on the table, panting as if he'd just sprinted from the pitch to the announcer's booth as fast as he could. Beside him, Adrian was smirking.

"Works like a dream," said Adrian.

"What is it?" said Lee.

"It's just a charm, connected to you and the quill. When you get the urge to share things of a... personal sexual nature, you'll have to do it via the written word. Until I decide to lift it."

"That's tampering with my free will, that is!" said Lee.

"That's what you get for fucking with a Slytherin, baby."

Lee narrowed his eyes and examined the quill, inhaling slowly through his nose. "You're too clever for your own good. You know that?"

"You've told me a time or two," said Adrian.

"This is going to take all the fun out of everything," said Lee.

"For you, maybe, but I think my fun's just getting started." Adrian picked up the letter without reading it, folded it neatly, and tucked it into an envelope.

"What're you going to do with that?" Lee asked.

Adrian smirked. "Wanking material. For later."


"Yeah." Adrian squeezed Lee's shoulder, let his hand linger there for just a moment, then pushed past him and swung open the curtain. "By the way, you'll want to keep an eye on that quill. You lose it, and it's not going to be pretty."

Lee swallowed, looked back down at the quill in his hand as Adrian dropped the curtain behind him, leaving him in the shadowy light of Adrian's makeshift laboratory. He was totally screwed.


By the end of the first day of Adrian's little experiment (which was how Lee was going to think of it, because really, that's all it was, and Adrian was going to get bored with it soon and everything would be back to normal), Lee hadn't used the quill once. Of course, he didn't return to his radio show until tomorrow, and he had been studiously avoiding interaction of any sort with anyone who might want to engage in actual conversation, but he considered it a small victory anyway. He would beat Adrian at this, and prove once and for all that Gryffindor stubbornness trumped Slytherin wiles.

Still, he kept it tucked inside his robes, just in case he ended up needing it. Adrian had always embodied the saying "Watch out for the quiet ones," and Lee knew well enough that when Adrian really meant it, he could be brutal. Lee was just about to go to sleep, and declare the day a victory, when the mobile phone he kept beside his bed rang.


"Lee? It's Meghan McCormack."

"Meg. Hey. What can I do for you, boss lady?"

"I was hoping you had a minute to discuss the upcoming match. I think it's, um, time for a bit of a refresher on the rules."

"Yeah," Lee said, "I knew that was coming."

"Look, Lee, you're a big draw for the fans. The Pride owes you a lot. And as general manager, I acknowledge that the fans love you as much for your, er, color commentary as they do for the way you call the game..."


"Yes, but. But you need to reign it in, Lee. The personal stuff? It's too much."

"What did I say that was personal? Unless you mean that one thing, but that was purely hypothetical speculation." Lee's wrist started to twitch, and his eyes widened a bit, but he didn't let the flash of panic reach his voice.

"Lee, my mother owns this team. She comes to the matches. She hears everything you say."

"Meg, I go out of my way so as to avoid offending the venerable Catriona McCormack. And she has never once complained to me." He began to fumble through the robes he'd thrown over the foot of the bed. It was as if the quill was calling him.

"And it's my job to make sure she never does. Because, Lee, if you offend her, I can't put in a good word strong enough to keep you with the team. You know that, don't you?"

"Of course. And I'm going to be on my best behavior from now on. You just wait."

"I certainly hope so. On a brighter note, I've got some good news for you. My brother just signed on for the Sisters' reunion tour!"

"No shit! Seriously?" Finally his fingers made contact with the quill and he scrambled across the bed to find something to write on. Fuck. Why didn't he keep parchment handy at all times? Because you insist on storing everything in your phone like a bloody Muggle, moron!

"Yes! Kirley was the first one to agree. I can get you tickets. Backstage passes, too."

"Sounds, uh, great," Lee said. He threw himself over the side of the bed, rummaging in vain for anything to write on.

"There's just one condition."


"Sorry, Lee, but there has to be--"

"No! Not you. Sorry, Meg. That wasn't directed toward you. I just--fuck. I'm looking for something and I can't--I can't think straight." Lee pushed himself up onto the bed and crawled over to the wall, kneeling on the pillows. "Uh, what's that condition?" He took a deep breath, then started writing on the wall.

"All right, Lee." She was laughing, but nervously, and he couldn't blame her for worrying that she might be witnessing a meltdown. "The condition is that you watch your mouth."

"Yeah. I don't think that's going to be a problem." The relief he felt when the first sentence was complete made him groan aloud, and he covered it with a cough. "So, uh, if that's everything, I really have to find this... thing."

"Okay. You, um, get some rest, Lee."

"Will do, Meg. Later."

"Goodbye, Lee."

Lee let his mobile fall to the bed, hardly noticing it there beside him as he scribbled across the wall, line after line. When he'd finished, not quite as drained this time as he'd been after his first encounter with the spell, he sat back on his heels and looked up at what he'd written.

When I implied that you were dying for it, what I meant was this: I'm the one who's dying for it. I'm dying to tie you down across my bed, legs spread so fucking wide, your back all arched up in that gorgeous curve that drives me out of my fucking mind. I'm dying to touch every fucking perfect naked inch of you. I want to drive my cock against your arse, feel you writhing and shaking and begging under me.

I want to map every last inch of bare skin with my fingers, then with my tongue. I want you screaming the whole time. I want to know that when you scream yourself hoarse, it's on
my name, my tongue teasing your hole, pushing inside you, fucking tasting you. I want to know that no one else in the world is ever going to make you scream like I do.

Lee's shoulders sagged as he exhaled, his fist closing around the base of his prick, and he rolled his hips, shoving his cock into the ring of his hand, rocking it against his rough palms. "Fuck, Adrian," he murmured, his gaze riveted to the words there before him. He could feel the weight of them on his tongue. He thrust his hips faster now, fucking his hand as if it were Adrian's mouth, or his arse. His eyes fell closed and he could see Adrian beneath him now, writhing and moaning and so completely Lee's.

A tremor ran through his fingers as his fist tightened, squeezing his foreskin against his prick, making the friction so rough and perfect that he couldn't hold back any longer. Lee threw back his head, crying out into his orgasm until his voice sounded like gravel and his throat was dry and tender.

"Merlin." He dropped his forehead to the wall. He didn't know how much of this he'd be able to take.


"How was your night?" Adrian didn't look up when Lee sat down across from him, tucked into a dark corner of the coffee shop with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Lee snorted. "Like you don't know."

"Who did you talk to?" Adrian asked, and the corner of his mouth twitched as he raised the cup to his lips.

"Meghan," said Lee. "She, uh, called to reprimand me."

"And what did you try to tell her?"

"Nothing! I was just defending my right to entertain the masses."

"Uh huh."

"Well, maybe I almost said--fuck. Ade. You did that on purpose."

Adrian raised his gaze then, pale blue eyes meeting Lee's with such intense satisfaction that a shudder of pleasure ran straight down Lee's spine.

"Do you know what your problem is, Lee?" he said, pulling out a scroll of parchment and unrolling it as Lee fumbled for the quill. "You were always so quick with your mouth that you got the impression you were cleverer than me."

Lee exhaled, a little shakily, and started to write. "Nah, Ade. I never thought I was cleverer than you."

The relief came quicker this time, almost as soon as he'd started writing, and Adrian set his book aside, never taking his eyes off Lee.

"You were waiting for me to react," Adrian said.

Lee stopped writing for a moment, the quill trembling in his fingers as he tried to keep them still. "Not consciously," he said. "Not on purpose. But..." He licked his lips. "I think I wanted..." With a soft grunt, he gave up, his attention shifting back to the parchment, but Adrian kept watching him.

The words kept coming, and Lee's cock twitched, rubbing against the inside of his pants as he shifted in his seat. He didn't see Adrian get up, but a second later, Adrian's hot breath was ghosting over his ear, and Lee couldn't even think.

"You wanted what, Lee?" The words were so soft that no one else in the coffee shop would have heard them, but Lee felt more exposed right now than he ever had while spilling the details of his sex life to complete strangers. Adrian brushed Lee's dreads back over his shoulder and this time let his lips skim the shell of Lee's ear. "Tell me what you wanted."

"Fu-uck." Lee's breath caught and he started scribbling wildly, squirming in the chair now, desperately wanting to press back against Adrian. "Get me out of here. Please, Adrian. We've got to go somewhere--"

"Why? I think I'm quite enjoying this. It's getting me all kinds of hot and bothered. Anyone with a decent listening charm could hear everything that's going on at our little table. Isn't that the kind of thing that gets you off? Isn't that what you want to talk about every time you've got that goddamn bullhorn in your hand?"

Lee whimpered and pushed the parchment forward on the table, so Adrian could read as he wrote.

What you're doing now is what gets me off, baby. It's all about you, Adrian. It always has been. Only I thought I was supposed to be pushing you to your limit, but it's so much better when you're pushing me to mine. Do you know how fucking hard I am right now? Do you know how badly I want to take my cock out under the table, and have you reach down over my shoulder, take it in your hand, and jerk me off until I'm fucking screaming out your name?

I want to clear this table so you can bend me over it, and fuck my arse right here in this shop, broken glass and spilt coffee at our feet, your hand on the back of my neck, holding me down. This is what I want to talk about over my bullhorn, Adrian. You fucking me in the middle of a public place. I want everyone in this place to know it, without listening charms, without having to even lift their heads. I want them to know that you're buried balls-deep inside me. I want them to hear you make that bloody incredible sound you make when you come. I want--

Adrian's fingers closed around his wrist and pulled Lee's hand back from the paper. Lee's body shook with a tremor and he closed his eyes.

"Merlin, fuck," Adrian said, and Lee could hear the grin in his voice. "You love this."

"You've got no idea," Lee said, hoarsely. "You've got to get me out of here, babe."

Adrian was already rolling up the parchment and tucking it away. "C'mon," he said. "Back door leads to the alley. We can Apparate from there."

Lee was dizzy on his feet, and Adrian held him by elbow as Lee staggered down the back hall, too fixated on the idea of getting naked as soon as they arrived at Adrian's place to make some witty quip about where the blood from his head had gone. By the time they got to Adrian's, Lee was clinging to the other man.

Lee fell back against the wall, pulling Adrian with him. "Don't make me talk anymore," he rasped. "Just--"

And Adrian's mouth closed over his, warm, wet lips pressing Lee's apart, Adrian's tongue delving into his mouth. The kiss went on for so long that Lee lost all sense of space and time, and fell into the blessed relief of not needing words at all.

Then Adrian broke away, breathing heavily, his fingers circling Lee's wrist with one hand while the other reached for Lee's crotch.

Adrian pinned Lee's wrist above his head. "So what happened to what you wrote last night? What'd you do with it? I want to read it."

"You, uh," Lee's eye's fluttered back and he arched into Adrian's touch. "You gotta come over my place... to see. But not now. Ade. Please."

"Oh, yeah."

Lee pressed his shoulders into the wall, thrusting his hips toward Adrian's touch with a grunt as Adrian slowly, one-handedly, stripped him.

"Use. Fucking. Magic," said Lee, but Adrian chuckled softly, dragging parted lips across Lee's collarbone, shoving down Lee's trousers.

"You never let me get a word in edgewise, Lee. But now you have to, don't you? You have to let me tell you what I want to do to you."

"You're already doing it, aren't you?"

"Jesus. You Gryffindors have no imagination, do you?" The pad of Adrian's thumb slid over the head of Lee's prick and Lee went tense all over.

"What do you want to do, Ade?"

"I want to shove you down on your knees and fill that big mouth up with my cock. I want to make you gag till tears are running down your gorgeous face, and then I want to come down your throat, make you swallow every last fucking drop."

"Ade," Lee's voice was hoarse, his throat gone completely dry, "you know what I think?"

Adrian's hand worked over his cock in maddening, slow strokes. "What's that, baby?"

"I think I need to shut the hell up and let you talk more often."

"Sounds like my experiment is a success."

"Yeah. Now let me... Oh, hell. Can't say it. Can't even think about saying it."

"What do you want, Lee? You want to suck me off?"

"Yeah. Yeah, please."


Adrian's hands were tangled in Lee's dreadlocks then, dragging him down to his knees with a jolt of pain, just enough to take the edge off Lee's insistent cock for a moment. Lee opened his mouth, one corner of his lips quirking up as he took the weight of Adrian's prick on his tongue, slid down the underside, touching, at the same time barely touching at all.


"Uh?" Lee wriggled his tongue at the base of Adrian's cock, exhaling in satisfaction as Adrian's knees buckled.


Lee relented, closing his lips around the shaft and sucking hard before he started to move his head. He gauged each movement's accuracy by the tightening of Adrian's fists in his hair, by each whimper and moan and shudder. When he knew Adrian was close to the edge, that it would only be seconds now, Lee lunged forward, choking on the thick, stiff tip of Adrian's cock, swallowing as Adrian shot down his throat.

Adrian hissed, clinging to Lee for support, and Lee swallowed over and over and over again, long after Adrian was done. Then he pulled off, grinning up at Adrian, licking his swollen lips as if he didn't want to waste a drop.

"I know," Adrian paused for a steadying breath, "what I want next."

"So do I," said Lee, rising up to his knees. "I--oh, hell." His fingers twitched. He'd completely forgotten about the spell.

"Sorry," Adrian said, looking anything but. "I'll take it off when we're done. But now, go bend over the bureau. There's a quill up there, and some parchment in the top drawer."

All Lee wanted was to get fucked into unconsciousness, but Adrian was determined to torture him, to draw it out. Trousers around his ankles, Lee managed to throw himself over the bureau, arse offered up to Adrian as he started to write.

"Big print," Adrian said, running his hands up Lee's back. "I want to be able to see it."

Lee shivered and pushed back. "'kay." And he pushed the parchment forward a bit. It was an awkward angle for writing, but Adrian was leaning over his shoulder now, breathing hard in Lee's ear as he absorbed each word.

You're killing me right now, that beautiful soft dick pressed right up against my arse, my own cock so fucking hard I can feel my pulse pounding through it. I want you to open me up, baby. I want you to stretch me and tease me and work me the fuck over. I know how much you love that. But this time I want to hear you telling me. I want to know every last thought that passes through that beautiful brain of yours.

"Right now," said Adrian, and he shoved one finger into Lee's mouth. Lee sucked greedily. "Right now I'm thinking that you're the most wanton fucking whore I've ever known." He pulled the wet finger from Lee's mouth and pressed it against his arsehole. "And you are entirely fucking mine." He pushed inside to the first knuckle.

Lee shifted his hips, tried to push back, but Adrian had him pinned.

Always yours, baby. No one else can get me to beg like you can. No one ever.

"Do you know why," Adrian's finger was deeper now, curling against Lee's prostate, and Lee bit down on his bottom lip hard as he almost started to lose it, "it drives me mad when you spill all our dirty little details over that bullhorn? Because the jealousy blinds me, Lee. Someone's going to hear there, and they're going to know exactly what I have here, and they're going to want it for themselves."

His finger slid out again, until it was almost gone, then another fingertip pushed inside too.

"More," said Lee.

"More of what?"

"Jesus fuck." Lee started scribbling again, the words almost illegible.

More of your fingers. Deeper, harder, faster, all of it. Want to hear more--you're fucking hot when you're jealous, babe.

Adrian laughed, but it was a lustful, throaty sound, and he drove his fingers into Lee again. Lee cried out and dropped the quill, short nails digging into the surface of the bureau, scoring thin pale lines across the dark wood.

"That's it, baby." Adrian was finger-fucking him hard and fast, and Lee had to struggle to inhale enough air between gasps and moans. "Merlin, I love it when you lose your cool. Love it when you come apart for me."

Only you. Only you. Only

This time he pitched the quill forward with a flick of his wrist and gripped the edge of the bureau with both hands. There was a third finger inside him now, twisting and thrusting and prying him open, and Lee's balls went taut as he grit his teeth.

"Fuck!" He shot all over the dresser, Adrian's fingers buried in his arse. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Yeah," Adrian breathed, and he bit lightly on Lee's shoulder.

Lee slumped back into Adrian's arms. "That was bloody amazing," he said.

"Mmm." Adrian extracted his fingers, murmured the cleaning charm, then dragged them both back toward the bed, staggering and shaky and spent.

"Should've thought of that years ago," Adrian said.

Lee slid his arms around Adrian, pulled him close. "You put me through hell in all the best ways, you know that?"

"Yeah, I reckon I do." Adrian pressed his lips to Lee's forehead. "So what's all this that I have to go over to your place to see what you wrote last night?"

"It's on the wall," said Lee. "I had nothing else to write on."

Adrian laughed and skated the back of his nails down Lee's arm. "Just do me a favor, yeah? When this is over, hang onto that quill, would you?"

"Hell, yes," said Lee. "For emergency purposes only, of course."

There was something distinctly Slytherin about Adrian's chuckle then, but Lee was too tired to argue.


Adrian lifted the spell before Lee woke up in the morning, and he was already at work by the time Lee got out of bed. Lee stood up, pressed his hands toward the ceiling and stretched, then cleared his throat.

"I want to fuck Adrian Pucey through the goddamn mattress," he said. "I want his hot little cocksucking mouth wrapped around my prick, and I want to come all over his face."

He grinned. No urge to write.

But what if that wasn't how the charm worked? He was all alone right now. What if it was only when he tried to talk like that to other people? The fireplace in the living room was on the Floo Network, and Lee took a generous handful of Floo powder and tossed it in.

"Georgie? You around? Are the kids there?" he called out.

"Of course I'm around, mate!" George's head appeared in the flames, a garish purple bowtie whirling beneath his chin. "Some of us have to get out of bed and go to proper jobs, you know."

"I see you're dressed for it," said Lee. "Anyway, you alone? I need to tell you something."

George glanced behind him. "Yeah," he said. "Angie's upstairs with Roxanne, and Freddy's running around outside. What's up?"

"I had the best sex of my life last night."

"Oi! Lee! How many times do I have to tell you? At least a courtesy warning!"

Lee laughed out loud. "Sorry for the trauma, George. I was just testing something. I reckon you owe me that much. Don't forget that you've spent years experimenting on me."

George opened his mouth, then shook his head. "Fair enough. Now, I've got to go and scrub my brain clean of all thoughts of your sex life so I can focus on the important things."

"Like whirling bowties?"


"All right, mate. I'll see you tomorrow night," said Lee.

"Take care, Lee. And I'm glad to hear Adrian's speaking to you again."

"Yeah," Lee said, snorting. "Speaking." But George closed the connection before he could say another word.


"So, have you learned your lesson?" said Adrian, standing in the hall outside Lee's front door.

"Oh yeah," said Lee. "I'm a changed man, babe. And now it's time for you to learn yours." The spell was an easy thing, and he barely needed to draw his wand for it. The thick velvet blindfold appeared in midair and wrapped itself around Adrian's eyes.

"Lee." The word was a warning, cold and stiff, but Lee only grinned and steered Adrian inside.

"Don't worry. I'll be on my best behavior. I promise." He slid his hands down Adrian's shoulders as he guided him to the bed. "Kneel."


"Ade. Kneel."

And Adrian did, though his back was taut, his apprehension palpable. Lee used magic to do away with their clothes, slid his hands up Adrian's hips, splayed them over Adrian's ribs.

"Right now," Lee said, his voice low and dark in Adrian's ear, "you're facing the words I wrote the other night. I'm going to read them to you. While I fuck you. Because I want you to know something, baby. I want you to know that this voice isn't all bad. And I'm going to keep it between you and me from now on. All right?"

"Jesus, Lee, just keep touching me."

Lee grinned, nipped at Adrian's ear. "Yeah," he said, rubbing up against Adrian's arse as he flicked his thumbs over Adrian's nipples. "Not gonna stop that."

He started reading, letting the words curl around Adrian's ear, trickle down his spine. He described tying Adrian to the bed, embellishing what was on the wall with his own small details, all the things he'd been imagining since he'd written this. As he spoke, he pushed Adrian down on his stomach, bound him with magical ties, pushed the tip of his finger into Adrian's arse, his own cock rubbing against the inside of Adrian's thigh.

"You're so clever, Adrian. You're brilliant. And that is the biggest fucking turn on ever. I don't need to tell everyone about us." He slid one finger all the way in and Adrian pulled on the bonds, keening. "I just need to tell you."

"Lee... Lee, I can't stand this. I've got to see you."

"You will, babe." Two fingers now, sliding all the way in.


"Yeah." A flurry of spells and then Lee was pushing inside, Adrian's body like a vise around his prick, and he braced his hands on Adrian's shoulders. Adrian's skin was pale, his body lean but muscled just enough, and his back was strong enough to support Lee's weight as Lee drove his hips forward.

Every stroke took him in deeper, and Lee was trembling all over, grinding into Adrian's arse, the words--those cursed, beautiful words--all dissolved into sensation and incoherent sound. He buried his face against Adrian's shoulder.

"It's better like this," Adrian said, half into the pillow, half at Lee. "So much fucking better. Lee."

"Yeah." Lee found Adrian's lips, swallowed Adrian's gasp of surprise, kissing him sloppily, using his tongue to savor the taste of Adrian alone, and relishing it. It was hot in the room, hotter still in the bed with the close press of their bodies and the heat radiating from each of them.

It wasn't long before Adrian was coming into the mattress, his teeth tugging on Lee's lower lip as his body squeezed Lee's cock, pulling him over too. Lee came with a shout, with a broken, half-formed expletive panted against Adrian's shoulder, and with his eyes squeezed shut, his world as dark as Adrian's.

Later, in the bed, when Adrian was free to look and touch again, they lay there with Adrian's head on Lee's chest, Adrian's fingertips trailing lazy spirals over Lee's abdomen. Both their chins were tilted upward as they gazed at Lee's writing on the wall.

"I should put a permanent fixing charm on that," said Adrian.

"Yeah. That'll be real comfortable next time Mum and Dad pop in for the weekend."

"Hang on." Adrian pulled away and Lee made a weak, whining sound. "I'll be right back, you big baby." He rifled through his clothes on the floor, then cast a couple of charms. "There. It's permanent, but only visible to two people in the whole world."

"That'd better be you and me," said Lee, grinning crookedly.

"Of course it's you and me, prat. I'm not addicted to attention like some people."

"I have no idea who you're talking about." Lee reached out and pulled Adrian down to the bed.

"So, you're not going to embarrass me again at Saturday's match?"

"I swear on Spot's grave."

"I'd feel a little better if you swore on your dead grandmother's grave, and not your tarantula's."

"Hey now, I held them both in the highest esteem."

"Fine, I'll believe you. If you're not telling the truth, Lee, there will be more consequences. And the next ones won't be so fun."

Lee ran his hand up the side of Adrian's throat, cradling his face. "I promise. I'm done."

"Good." Adrian pressed his lips to Lee's. "I love that mouth, Lee. But only when you're using its power for good."

Lee rolled on top of Adrian. "I'm starting to see the advantage in that myself."

26th July 2011 02:07
Welcome to Daily_Deviant. :D
What a delicious fic to start with, so many wonderful details. ;D And I'm loving the pairing, I've rp'ed them both, so to see them together amuses me greatly. In these versions, they fit really well as a couple. Clever Adrian. ;)
28th July 2011 22:18
Thank you! I'm glad to be here!

And thanks so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it. I've rp'ed Lee, too, kind of opposite Adrian, but I've never rp'ed him (Adrian) or written him before. :-D
26th July 2011 02:47
Holy GOD, this story is hot. I love all the little bits of canon you've woven in to remind us just who these two are, and how talky Lee is. It's absolutely glorious to see how well these two work together.
28th July 2011 22:19
Oh, thank you so much! Lee's talkyness is one of my very favorite things about him in canon.
28th July 2011 22:36
I love that, too, so I'm glad to see someone else paying attention to it in fic. :)
27th July 2011 01:52
Hoo boy, this is hot! I can't remember who the hell Adrian even is (bad fan!! /o\), but I love what you've done with these characters.
28th July 2011 22:21
Thank you so much! I think Adrian is only mentioned as being on the Slytherin Quidditch team a few years ahead of Harry. I kind of plucked him out of obscurity for this, LOL.

(LOVE that icon.)
27th July 2011 03:10
great story, thank you *very* much!
28th July 2011 22:22
Thank YOU. I'm glad you liked it!
30th July 2011 20:20
Damn, talk about HOT!
I love that Lee's mouth gets him into (and out of) so much trouble. And that Adrian so cleverly comes up with a way to fix it. *g*
Sizzling hot.
Welcome to DD! I look forward to reading a lot more from you. :)
31st July 2011 02:59
Thank you so much! I'm super excited to be here. I'm so glad you liked it!
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