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ART: Do You Trust Me Too? [James/Albus - NC-17] 
23rd July 2011 04:49
Title: Do You Trust Me Too?
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Digital
Characters/Pairings: James/Albus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sensory Deprivation
Other Warnings: Incest!
Artist's Notes: Sequel to Trust :D
Art Preview:

23rd July 2011 03:26
That is smoking! Sensory deprivation is always a fun kink to explore!
23rd July 2011 11:39
Thank you! :D And it is! *g*
23rd July 2011 04:37
MMmm...just gorgeous.

I absolutely love your depiction of these two. :D I hope you do many more.
23rd July 2011 11:39
Thank you!

And I'm sure I will - this is one of the pairings I just can't get enough of :D
23rd July 2011 10:41

James' hand on Al's head - I love that! They're both so ungodly hot.
23rd July 2011 11:39
Eeeeee, thank you! :D Glad you like it!
23rd July 2011 14:53
I adore your Albus with his green streaks and piercings. And this is hot as!
23rd July 2011 16:34
Awww, thank you! I love drawing him *g* :)
23rd July 2011 15:33
*whimper* Even hotter than the first one!
23rd July 2011 16:34
Heeeeh, thank you!! :D
24th July 2011 03:28
Mmm, this is smoking hot ♥
24th July 2011 16:23
Thank you! :D
24th July 2011 15:06
Oh, this is just gorgeous and hot.
24th July 2011 16:23
Thank you!
24th July 2011 19:24
Your Albus is always so sexy and this is very hot!!!
25th July 2011 01:41
Thank you! :D He's my baby, so I always spend more time on him than anyone else *g*
25th July 2011 12:57
Unf, so awesome! I love how you do these two. Love Al's eyeshadow, too! And the green tie... heh, naughty Potter boys. :)
25th July 2011 15:13
Thank you! :D
27th July 2011 12:33
This is downright lovely!
29th July 2011 00:32
Thanks! :D
30th July 2011 20:29
Mmm, so very hot and delicious! Guh!
31st July 2011 01:42
Thank you! :D
4th August 2011 19:09

Officially I hate next!gen, but - OMG, JAmes's nails and... yes. Mmm. Yes.
6th August 2011 11:46
Thank you! :) And Albus is the one with the makeup and painted nails, actually XD
6th August 2011 19:36
Excuse me while I die of embarrassment ;-P

Sorry. Did I mention 'not a next!gen person'? *crawls back under rock*
28th August 2011 18:56
Guh! Those Potter boys. ♥ Gorgeous work.
10th September 2011 12:33
Thank you! :)
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