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ART: Trust [James/Albus - R] 
23rd May 2011 19:25
Title: Trust
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Digital
Characters/Pairings: James/Albus
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Blindfolding
Other Warnings: Incest!
Artist's Notes: Ahem. It's been a while, hasn't it? I missed a couple of posting dates and my collab for March didn't work out, which explains my absence... sorry? But I'm back with a lot of motivation now :D Have some Pottercest!
Art Preview:

23rd May 2011 17:50
This is gorgeous!! But, I can't decide who is who... does it matter? Nah... ;)
23rd May 2011 17:52
Haha :D James is the sort-of redhead, and Albus is the pierced one, always ;)

Thanks! Glad you like it :D
23rd May 2011 18:11
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your pierced Albus is AWESOME.

And this art? fantastic, as always. You draw the best incest.
23rd May 2011 18:14
Awww, thank you! :D Maybe I should just forget about other pairings entirely and specialize in incest. *g*
23rd May 2011 21:19
Oh, nom nom nom nom nom! Beautiful freckles on Albus, and the pubic hair is ngghhhh delicious! Love James dominating, Albus surrendering.

Also, stop making me want to write fic based on your artwork. :P
24th May 2011 17:55
Thank you! :D

And nope 0:) Why should I? *grins*
23rd May 2011 23:03
Guh! So delicious and hot and wrong in the best of ways. Mmmf.
24th May 2011 17:55
Thank you! :)
23rd May 2011 23:55
Nnnnngh, so much delicious freckled skin, I don't even know where to look!
24th May 2011 17:55
Hehe, thanks! :D
24th May 2011 00:14
Mmm... *gorgeous*... Lucky boy, that his older brother would do that to him... ;D
24th May 2011 17:55
Hehe, I know, right? ;)

24th May 2011 00:29
wow. fabulously erotic. loved it.

24th May 2011 17:55
Thank you! :)
24th May 2011 01:05
Your Albus is always to die for.

And I LOVE the freckles!
24th May 2011 17:56
Thank you! :)

And your icon! ♥
24th May 2011 01:20
I love the way James is nuzzling Albus's neck, and all those freckles! Delicious!
24th May 2011 17:56
Thank you! :)
24th May 2011 01:26
Fuck me, that is HOT. I love me some James/Albus XD

Also, FRECKLES. I am loving the freckles. And the underarm hair (idk why I just do).
24th May 2011 17:56
Thanks! :D
24th May 2011 02:52
I'll take your Pottercest and thank you ma'am! :)

MOAR!!!! They're so delish.....
24th May 2011 17:56
Haha, thanks! :D
24th May 2011 15:15
Mmm, pretty boys and their piercings! Lovely ♥
24th May 2011 17:56
Thanks! :)
24th May 2011 16:20

No, really, this is gorgeous and deliciously tasty as it is. *_*! God. Pottercest. WHY SO HOT??? D:
24th May 2011 17:57
Haha, well... there WAS peen at first but it looked sort of like a worm, so I erased it LOL!

Much prettier like this.

Thank you! :D
24th May 2011 17:19
So lovely! I just adore these boys! <333
24th May 2011 17:57
Me too! <3 Thank you :D
24th May 2011 18:35
Lovely, lovely details on this! Gorgeous boys, those two :-) I'm very fond of the freckles.
(Piercings are sexy! Mmm.)
25th May 2011 02:39
Thank you! :)
24th May 2011 22:36
Gah, that is so hot and sexy. They really do look as if they belong together, no matter how wrong that is.
25th May 2011 02:39
Thanks! :) And they totally do belong together <333
25th May 2011 01:03
came here via kitty's rec over at hd_and_sons :)

UNF that is so hot. especially the piercings and Albus's arched neck guh! THANK YOU for sharing.
25th May 2011 02:39
Thank you! :)
27th May 2011 00:51
AH. Beautiful, love the red blindfold! <3 And the freckles...
27th May 2011 15:18
Thank you! :D
27th May 2011 12:44
WOW, you're very talented! Thanks for sharing such amazing art!
27th May 2011 15:18
Thanks! :D
3rd June 2011 10:25
So hot, as always. I really like their freckles and the lip piercing :-)
3rd June 2011 23:17
Thanks! :D
1st July 2011 00:17
Oh the Potter boys are so hott here!! :D
1st July 2011 11:56
Thank you! :D I love drawing them almost a little too much ;)
10th April 2013 15:14
Albus is so delicate and pretty for a boy that I can barely tear my eyes away to give James any attention. I love the skin tones, especially Albus's creamy white. When paired with his black hair and the red blindfold (and green backdrop), I can't stop looking. In the famous words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there...."

(omg, albus's throat and lips and nose and....)
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