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Fic: Vulgar Sword Play, Salazar/Godric, R 
20th May 2011 23:58
Title: Vulgar Sword Play
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Characters/Pairings: Salazar Slytherin/Godric Gryffindor
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Genital Enhancement
Other Warnings: Porn lite
Word Count: ~1350
Summary/Description: In which there is penile measurement, innuendo, and *magic*.
Author's Notes: Yeah so. If you see any similarities between these two and a couple of brothers from a recently released movie, it's all in your head. But omg, who else was seeing epic Godric/Salazar on the "rainbow bridge"?! *coughs*

Salazar adjusted his position against the tree to remove the knot in its trunk from the tender part of his ribs. Idly flicking his eating dagger against the flat of his front teeth, he studied the way Godric moved. Light gleamed over the shifting play of Godric’s muscles as he worked through his paces, his sword blocking the blows of invisible enemies.

“You’ve dropped your guard again, brother.” He slipped the point of his dagger between his teeth, jarring loose a bit of meat from the noon meal. When Godric turned to share with him a look of annoyance, Salazar simply shrugged, his lips settling firmly around the blade so as not to accidentally be sliced open.

“Think you could do better, brother?” Godric shook a lock of hair from his face, his eyes plainly showing the gleam of challenge even across the distance separating them.

Without moving from his now-comfortable position against the tree, Salazar projected an image of himself onto the training field. In his mind’s eye, he could see two Godrics--one up close and one from a distance. He closed his eyes, focusing on the Godric standing a breath away from his projection.

“What need have I,” he murmured, hearing the words echo from the clearing where Godric and his projection circled each other, “of vulgar sword play when I’ve an entire arsenal of magic at my disposal?”

Godric shook his head, sweat-damp strands sticking to his temples and cheeks. “You rely too heavily on your magic, Salazar. Magic can be a fickle mistress; my sword, though... ahh, there is no greater extension of myself.”

Concentrating harder, Salazar sent five additional projections to confuse and confound Godric, allowing him to slip stealthily through the tall summer grass. He blinked against the kaleidoscope of visions of Godric from all sides, his will overriding his lust as he ignored the sight of the broad spread of Godric’s naked shoulders, his laughing, open expression, the generous curve of lip... Salazar stumbled once, but was saved from discovery by Godric’s own laughter.

“Salazar, your trickery is no match for me. These illusions you put so much store in are no more threat than the wind through the trees.”

Salazar, having reached his destination, rose from his hands and knees without even a breath of sound, not calling his projections back to him until his eating dagger was securely tucked under the bulge of Godric’s cock. Leaning up on his toes to erase the minute difference in their heights, Salazar blew in Godric’s ear and said, “But the wind in the winter can cut through stone and leave the mightiest warrior stiff upon the ground.”

Godric groaned and leaned back against Salazar, the warmth of his naked skin transmitting itself to Salazar even through the layers of his cloak and tunic. “You are naught but a tease, Salazar. Lining your blade with mine, speaking of stones gone stiff...”

Salazar shook his head, amused at Godric despite himself. “Were I to line my true blade with yours, you’d weep in despair.”

“I have been likened unto a lion, dear boy,” Godric said, laughter underscoring his words, his body utterly relaxed though Salazar had yet to remove his dagger. Such trust...

“Lion you may be, but there are whispers of serpents so long and thick they can swallow a man whole.”

Pressed against Godric’s back as he was, with his hand so near to the living warmth of Godric’s manhood, Salazar knew to the instant when Godric’s body began to respond to their wordplay. Salazar leaned forward in response and, dropping his dagger, forced his projections to surround Godric once more.

This time, though, he left off one detail.

Godric shuddered against him, his head dropping forward to his chest as a multitude of unclothed Salazars began winding around him, their writhing movements not unlike the serpents Salazar had so lately referenced. A piercing pain shot through his head when Salazar pushed more magic at his projections, but the results were more than worth it.

"Look, Godric. Look at them. At me." He fisted one hand in Godric's hair and tugged, pulling his head up and forcing him to see what Salazar had done.

A deep groan echoed around the field and reverberated against Salazar. "God's teeth, Salazar," Godric said, gasping as his cock filled, pressing heavily against Salazar's wrist.

Salazar opened his hand over Godric's cock, cupping and massaging it as he ran a considering eye over his creations. Each projection had a different decoration enhancing its cock, from emeralds threaded through the dark pubic hair surrounding one to a diamond glinting like a single eye in the tip of another. One had cords of luminescent magic winding around it and another was caged in purest silver.

Deftly picking apart the laces of Godric's wool breeches with one hand, Salazar twisted the other in Godric's hair. His only regret was that he had no idea if the gasp that was ripped from Godric's throat was in reaction to the harsh pull against his scalp, or the gentle tug on his cock.

Salazar crooked his fingers until his fingernails caged Godric's cock, and then he lightly dragged them up the length. "Which do you prefer?"

"Ahh?" Godric's head began to roll toward Salazar, but he tightened his grip.

"Focus." Salazar nipped at the sweat-slick skin of Godric's shoulder. "Which of my illusions do you prefer? I've dressed them specifically for you."

Another shudder ripped through Godric when Salazar scratched his thumbnail over the wet tip of Godric's cock. "None." Salazar went still, his grip slackening in Godric's hair at that answer before Godric said, "They are none of them you. They are mere shades and can never be--aaaah!" Godric's words were cut off when Salazar's fingers wrapped around his cock and squeezed.

Using both the grip on Godric's cock and the one in his hair, Salazar bore him to the ground, a dark delight rushing through him at the sight of Godric's large, muscular form kneeling before him. Too impatient to fight past the materials of his cloak, tunic and breeches, Salazar simply pushed his trapped, hard cock against Godric's arse.

Tugging on Godric's cock in time to the rocking thrusts of his hips, Salazar began to whisper words of possession and need into Godric's ear. "I would mark you, so that all others would know you were mine. Affix my seal upon your cock so that none may trespass upon my territory." As charged as the afternoon had become, it took only the most minute amount of will to send the force of his magic to his fingers.

Godric shouted obscenities, bucking against Salazar as he used his fingers to trace a serpentine image into the living skin of Godric's cock. "Mine, Godric," he hissed between his teeth, unknowingly slipping from his ancestral tongue into one no human could understand.

They knelt there, Salazar rutting mindlessly against Godric as his hand began to slip smoothly up and down Godric's shaft, aided by a combination of sweat and the natural lubricant of precome.

Mindless, caught in a web of his own cunning, Salazar's passion crested far too soon. As he hunched against Godric, filling his breeches with his seed, the hand caught in Godric's hair twitched and jerked, pulling Godric's head back on his shoulders and ripping a yell of satisfaction from him.

Godric's cock swelled in Salazar's hand before he began to come in great spurts, his ejaculate wetting the grass beneath them. Spent, Godric collapsed forward, dragging Salazar with him.

When they were able to breathe freely once more, Salazar removed himself from Godric and helped his lover roll over. After exchanging wry expressions, they both looked down to see what Salazar's magic had wrought this time.

A snake was curled around Godric's cock. Its tongue flickered around the head.

Godric gave him a long-suffering look. "Possessive bastard."

"Don't pretend you don't like it," Salazar said, dragging his fingers over the tattoo.

"Just don't get any of your snakes on my sword. That's all I ask."

Leaning forward, Salazar brushed his lips over the curve of Godric's mouth. "Too late."
21st May 2011 16:44
Mmmm, very hot!
23rd May 2011 03:41
:D Thank you!
21st May 2011 17:21
UNF. Have not seen a movie in yonks, but a;lksjdflks that entire scenario is so hot I can't even, a;klsjf. Love the medieval-speak, too. So perfect! Unf, Salazar, you magic whore, you. ♥ !!
23rd May 2011 03:42
Okay, seriously, stop everything and go find a showing of Thor. Ignore the stupidly awkward het and focus on the other important bits (shirtless!Thor, for instance, yum!!) and you will not be disappointed. :D
23rd May 2011 03:42
Oh and, hahaha, thank you. *blush*

No, seriously, see the movie. Soon.
21st May 2011 17:42
Very hot. Nice word play and imagery
23rd May 2011 03:42
:-* Thank you, darling!
21st May 2011 17:46
Damn this is hot. All of those Slytherins and only one Godric... *sigh*

All those sharp blades, especially Salazar's knife, just shows how much they trust each other and takes this story one step above the usual run of PWP. Mmmm....
23rd May 2011 03:44
Man, I just realized... I have no idea what happened to Godric's sword here. The shiny, metal one I mean. *face palm* Heh. Thank you!!
21st May 2011 19:01
No wonder Slytherin and Gryffindor are so entwined ;)
Very hot and sexy, ;)
23rd May 2011 03:44
:D Thanks!
22nd May 2011 04:16
Mmmmm.. that was all sorts of delicious. :D
23rd May 2011 03:44
Thank you, thank you! I love ripply man-muscles. *coughs* The ones on the chest too...
22nd May 2011 19:47
Yes, I have seen the movie. And yes, I do see what you mean. Vulgar sword play indeed.

I may never recover from some of those puns.

Have the urge to see a 1970s comic book art version of this.
23rd May 2011 03:45
LOL! I'll have to find some 70's era Thor comics, but man, I remember being utterly annoyed by his voice in them.

Thank you!!
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