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Art: WWW's Dream Dolls - Snape, Lupin, Harry, Ron, Draco dolls - NC17 
15th May 2010 00:03
Title: WWW's Dream Dolls
Artist: Serpenscript
Characters: Ron, Harry, Draco, Severus, and Remus look alikes!
Rating: NC17 in a rather disconnected way :3
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Androids, Festivals
Other Warnings: bits not attached could be squicky, subtones of beastiality
Summary/Description: To celebrate the Festival of Moldyshort's DeathDay, Fred and George open a line of sex dolls to complement their patented Daydream Charms.
Author's notes: This was a few firsts for me. First time drawing Ron, first time drawing a variety of body shapes, first time...uh, playing at designing dildos? Also, first time *planning* something to be B&W.

Some interesting notes:

Some of them are based on dildos I've seen, but some I 'made up'. Fourth from the left is a memento of Slughorn; next to it is the 'arrogant prick', the "cold fish', the 'fruitcake', and the 'caterpiller'. I've seen squid dildos before, and have to think they'd be quite fun... XD

The werewolf cock and canine cocks are modeled off some dildos purported to be modeled directly from a domestic dog and a wolf. Just in case you, er, ever wanted to know what they looked like, all you Padfoot/Moony shippers :3

15th May 2010 04:08
15th May 2010 04:17
I have no words!
I can SO see WWW doing this, though. *giggles*
15th May 2010 04:26

Perfect! Eww at the squid dildo, but lmao anyway!
15th May 2010 04:26
This may be the most original HP art that I've ever seen. Any beautifully drawn too! Thank you!
15th May 2010 04:53
LMAO! You totally win at the internets!! :)
15th May 2010 05:41
I would buy one. *nodnod*
15th May 2010 05:45
LOL! Brilliant!
15th May 2010 09:58
*falls over laughing* OMFMerlin, you went there and you went ALL the way!!! xD

Pure awesomeness! :D
15th May 2010 11:03
I'd buy one. Or two. ;)

The customized cocks are absolutely amazing!! Made of win and awesome.
15th May 2010 12:30
LMAO!! Oh that's fantastic!! I love the mix and match body parts--the dildos are awesome. The BOGO sale!! ROFL! Excellent work.
15th May 2010 12:41
Ahahaha, this is awesome. The selection of dildos, esp. the fruit and fish, is hilarious! : )
15th May 2010 12:43
I'm writing this from the floor, where I fell laughing. Too perfect. The Slughorn memorial! Everyflavour heroes! The cold fish! You should go into the dildo business, seriously.
15th May 2010 14:12
LOL Oh this is good! :D
15th May 2010 15:05
Oh man - this is fabulous!
15th May 2010 15:06
***dies** OMG the detachable peen, and the doggy dong! this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. tres hilarious! I cant stop giggling. "no performance anxiety"
15th May 2010 16:03
Oh my!

'Hydraulic hip thrust action' eh?

(I am in the process of writing a WWW shopping trip, and I did not need this particular type of inspiration.

But it's welcomeanyway.

15th May 2010 17:14
*dies laughing*

who did the dildo testing, Gred or Forge?
15th May 2010 17:25
OMG! This is awesome!

*giggles and places her order*
15th May 2010 20:33

(Yeah, I'd have one too.)
15th May 2010 20:43
I am not sure what I expected when I clicky'd, but I know it wasn't that! Holy Cow! This is great@!
15th May 2010 20:56
That is awesome :D.
15th May 2010 21:34
Himmm.. snape, with body 3 and hmmmm what to use for the toy....... DAM just saw I can not order it :( sobs:( no fair . damnit

Lol.. awesome drawings hun. got to love them.

15th May 2010 22:51
LOL Brilliant :D
15th May 2010 22:58
Oh wow! This is not only hilarious but a great new marketing concept. I can see Gred & Forge rolling in the galleons (so long as they;re not sued of course! Just too funny!!
16th May 2010 02:48
Hehehehehe. Why do I think that WWW will make a fortune off these?

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