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Fic: On One Night, (Hugo/Various, Hugo/Albus, NC17) 
11th May 2010 08:11
Title: On One Night
Author: [info]nolagal
Characters: Hugo/unknown males, Hugo/Lily, Hugo/Scorpius, Hugo/Albus
Rating: NC17
Warnings: exhibitionism, cousincest
Themes/kinks chosen: Festivals, Pyrophilia
Word Count: ~1900
Summary: Hugo loved the flames and the freedom of the festival.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]luvscharlie for the speedy beta! I was aiming for pure smut but then Hugo wanted some fluff.

Hugo shook off his robes, letting the bright green silk fall to the ground. He stood for a long moment in front of the massive fire, letting the warmth burn against his naked skin. His mask grew hot so close to the flames, but disguise was part of the excitement, the release.

Reluctantly, Hugo took a few steps back, just far enough to not be burned but still close enough to experience the fire. Others had joined him in nudity, dancing around the flames in abandon. He searched the crowd for someone to join him in celebration.

A tall, dark-haired man winked and smiled at Hugo. Hugo nodded, drawing the man closer to him. He was fit and firm, older than Hugo, but quite attractive. The man motioned toward the woods where other couples would be enjoying the freedom of Beltane.

Hugo shook his head and pulled the stranger closer. "Here, by the fire."

The man cocked his head, and for a moment, Hugo thought he would decline Hugo's offer. Not everyone liked to be on display; not everyone liked to feel the licks of fire against their skin during passion. That was part of the reason he was alone for the evening, left to explore his sensual needs without his lover.

Hugo licked his lips and dropped to his knees, hoping a little directness would sway his potential partner. Seeing no resistance, Hugo began stroking the man's cock, already hard from the excitement of the night.

As Hugo's mouth moved over the erection, the heat from the flames danced against his back, making him sweat in all the right places. A cool breeze drifted across him, trying to break the heat of the fire, but instead just served as a sweet juxtaposition.

Hugo put all of his effort into making the man before him weak-kneed: sucking, licking, stroking, pulling and thrusting. Hugo slid a slick finger inside the man at the same time as he relaxed his throat and took the cock completely inside his mouth. He moved his fingers quickly, sliding them in and out as he encouraged the stranger to fuck his mouth.

It was over with a strangled cry, and Hugo grinned, pulling his fingers free and releasing the softening prick from between his lips. The man bent down and kissed Hugo, tugging him to his feet. A large hand wrapped around Hugo's erection, ready to share the pleasure Hugo had just given, but Hugo shook his head and pulled free.

"Not yet," Hugo whispered in the man's ear. There were too many others to explore and even with the excitement of the night, Hugo had no intention of wearing himself out early.

Hugo drifted off, back toward the fire, looking for someone else to share the night with. He danced near the flames, intoxicated by the burning smell of sex and heat. Soft arms circled around his back, pulling him against warm breasts.

"I thought you'd be here. Remember our first Beltane?"

Hugo turned to face Lily, kissing her gently. "How could I forget?"

Lily grinned and the shadows from the fire made her look more fierce and wild under her mask. "Would you like to remember it together?" She reached down and stroked his cock with firm, quick tugs in the familiar way that always sent his pulse racing.

"No other options?" Hugo asked, his voice breathy from her attention.

Lily threw her head back and laughed. "I've had a few already, but saw you were alone and wanted to join you."

Hugo groaned, lowering Lily to the ground. Lily had no qualms about the fire or the dancing crowds. It was one of the many reasons Hugo loved her, though given his current relationship, he knew he shouldn't give in to her, even on Beltane.

Lily slid on top of him with no pretence. She held his cock firmly as she lowered herself onto him. He couldn't help the soft moan that escaped as she clenched around him, settling herself before beginning to move.

Thrusting up, Hugo attempted to take some control, but Lily shook her head and began lifting and plunging, rocking against him in a maddening pace that left Hugo no option but to just cling to her hips and enjoy.

Lily's dark red hair fell across his chest, tickling Hugo even as her fingers twisted and pulled his nipples. She knew him too well, knew exactly what he liked and what would drive him mad. He managed to slip a finger against her clit, rubbing small circles as best he could in rhythm with her wild pace.

The heat of the fire and Lily was finally too much. Hugo closed his eyes, arched his back, panting and swearing as his body tightened then released. Lily moved faster as his orgasm filled her, gasping and grunting as her own orgasm left her shuddering and clenching around him.

Lily fell beside him, laughing breathlessly. "It's such a shame you prefer guys," she said hoarsely.

Hugo didn't have enough breath to laugh, so he pulled Lily into his chest, feeling her sweat and heat as their heartbeats began to slow. "I'll always prefer you."

It was as much a lie as it wasn't. Lily would always be the girl he loved. The first person he explored sexuality with, the first person who understood his love for nights like this. Lily loved the exhibitionism and freedom of these festivals as much as Hugo did. The only lie was knowing that Lily would never be the one waiting at home for him, coupled with the knowledge that the person that would be might take issue with Hugo fucking her, no matter how much freedom he had on Beltane.

Lily groaned and gave Hugo a soft, sweet kiss before standing up. She offered him a hand and pulled him to his feet beside her. Ever prepared, Lily pulled her wand out from behind her ear and cleaned them both. With another kiss and a wink, Lily disappeared into the darkness.

Hugo caught his breath, enjoying his time watching the few other couples who were willing to put on a display. He'd never really understood how the festival had become such an erotic affair, closer to sex magic than anything else. He knew how powerful he felt on such rare occasions, and he wondered if it was the same for others.

As the night wore on, Hugo enjoyed the company of a few more men and even one other woman, taking and giving pleasure as he wanted. The air had turned chillier and more people were congregated around the fire and Hugo was considering returning home when he saw someone heading his way.

There was no mistaking the pale blond hair of the person approaching him. Hugo would recognise his cousin's best friend even without the signature long locks. Scorpius Malfoy was tall, lean, and appeared to be carved from pure ivory for the sole purpose of driving men wild.

"Would you like to dance?" Scorpius asked, not waiting for a response as he pulled Hugo's naked body against his own. The soft closeness was enough to rouse Hugo's cock, even after such intense sex.

"I'd rather fuck you," Hugo said, grabbing Scorpius's arse tightly then biting his shoulder. The idea of finally having his hands on Scorpius was enough to wash away any exhaustion left from the evening's activities.

Scorpius groaned. "I never took you for such a wild one." Hugo knew Scorpius recognised him, but then the mask was only for anonymity against those who would report it in the paper or try to hurt his family.

Hugo laughed and rubbed himself against Scorpius, loving the slide of their cocks together. He pushed Scorpius to his knees then lowered himself to join him. He wasted no time, maneuvering Scorpius until he was on his hands and knees, Hugo's cock pressing against his opening. Like Lily, Hugo had long since discovered the usefulness of a wand tucked behind his ear, and he quickly conjured lube.

Scorpius was stretched and ready, obviously either having prepared himself before the festival or having already celebrated with someone else. Hugo hoped it was the latter, he loved the idea of sloppy seconds or even thirds. "How many before me?" he asked with a growl.

Scorpius just laughed and thrust back against Hugo. Hugo obliged, sliding inside with one firm thrust. Scorpius's heat was closer to that of the fire, burning Hugo's cock just as the flames still caressed his skin. It was tight and perfect, much like Hugo had imagined when he pictured just this scene in his youth. He doubted even completely straight boys made it through their time at Hogwarts without at least one fantasy of Scorpius on his knees.

Their coupling was fast and rough. Hugo's fingers dug into Scorpius's hips, and he hoped there would be marks the next day reminding Scorpius of their abandon. Hugo shifted, eliciting a lovely moan from Scorpius as the angle changed and Hugo began stroking Scorpius's cock.

Just as he felt his release near, Hugo looked up to see someone watching them intently. Even if he didn't recognise the familiar broad shoulders and dark, wavy hair, he'd never fail to identify the burning green eyes just visible in the firelight.

Hugo locked his eyes onto Albus's, focusing all his attention away from the beautiful man under him. His orgasm overwhelmed him, forcing him to close his eyes for a long moment before finding Albus's again.

Albus didn't move forward, just waited as Scorpius stood, brushed himself off and gave Hugo a long, deep kiss. Once Hugo was alone, Albus came near. He was fully dressed, drawing attention to Hugo's nakedness.

"It's been a good night?" Albus asked quietly, stroking his fingers down Hugo's chest.

Hugo nodded. "I thought you were staying home tonight."

Lifting his shoulders in a quick shrug, Albus said, "I couldn't resist seeing you. I know what the fire and crowds do to you."

Hugo felt himself blush, the warmth of his embarrassment overtaking the heat from the fire. There were moments that Albus left him speechless, and Hugo found himself struggling with a host of emotions as he was reminded what a treasure he had in his lover. Instead of speaking, Hugo pulled Albus into a hug, burying his face into Albus's soft robes.

Albus's hands wandered over Hugo's skin, gently reclaiming every inch as Hugo relaxed against him. It was enough to arouse him, even though Hugo would've thought it impossible. But then again, Albus often brought out the impossible.

"Did you want to stay?" Hugo asked finally, torn between wanting to end the night in front of the fire with Albus, and not desiring anyone else to witness. As much as Hugo enjoyed being watched, what he and Albus shared was not for public viewing.

Albus shook his head. "I'd rather take you home, but if you want to stay, I understand."

Hugo grinned, knowing that Albus wouldn't have offered if he actually thought Hugo would stay behind. Albus didn't share lightly, and Hugo appreciated the freedom he was afforded, but he also knew there was no one he'd rather end the evening with. "Home."

A flick of Albus's wand and Hugo's robes were in his hands. Hugo let Albus dress him then pulled Albus tight as they Apparated home.

The fireplace in their sitting room was roaring and Hugo noticed a new large rug placed right in front of it. The rest of the house was dark, cast in perfect shadow by the flames.

Albus was smiling fondly. "I knew you'd still want the fire."

Hugo just grinned in response and pulled Albus closer. No matter how much he loved the festival, it would never come close to the warmth he felt at home.
11th May 2010 13:41
Bravo!! I love that Hugo insisted on fluff, because I think I needed it too. I loved all the pairings and Hugo's wild abandon. Hot and beautiful, hun! Great job!
12th May 2010 03:34
Silly Hugo! He demanded Lily and then the fluff with Albus! Thanks so much!!!
11th May 2010 15:02
Awww the ending is so sweet!

Now that I got that out of my system...

Beltane has just become my favourite holiday that I do not celebrate. Hugo as a free spirit letting himself be over taken by passion and the fire, is pretty damn hot I just have to say. His time with Lily was almost the best bit. I have been craving Hugo/Lily for weeks now and couldn't find any. Oh course it would be you that ended up writing it, without even knowing that. :)

Scorpius is also gorgeous and as I said Al is adorable. He is such a good boyfriend giving Hugo what he needs not matter what.

Very nice!
12th May 2010 03:35
Well then the Hugo/Lily was just for you :) I miss you!!! When I'm not crazy busy we'll have to plan some online time to chat!

Thanks so much!!
11th May 2010 19:44
I loved this. Hugo was super sexy with his free and easy ways, but Lily was my absolute favourite!
12th May 2010 03:38
Thanks so much for the beta and reading it again! *hugs*
12th May 2010 08:37
Smut and fluff! Winning combination for me! XD
15th May 2010 06:01
Mmm, sensual, sexy, sweet and, of course, hot!
Well done. *g*
15th May 2010 18:25
Love Hugo's reaction to the fire and the festival--wonderful couplings with Lily and Scorpius (sloppy seconds FTW!). Very sweet ending with Al. Great job!
23rd May 2010 17:00
Mmmmm, so hot and wild and then so perfectly sweet at the end. I love Al in his small role, instantly so authoritative in beckoning Hugo back. Nnnnrg. Lovely!
30th May 2010 04:53
Damn, that was hot and sweet. Well done.
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