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Kinky Kristmas Art: Fascination (Harry/Charlie) 
21st December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]leela_cat
From: [info]fanlay

Title: Fascination
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter/ Charlie Weasley
Rating: NWS
Kinks/Themes Included: blindfold, bondage
Other Warnings: none
Artist's Notes: Happy Christmas everyone!

21st December 2009 17:05
OH oh oh oh oh...
I adore your art SO MUCH, mystery artist, as you know, but this... *swallows tongue* THIS is fabulous. I think I spent several minutes staring at Charlie's back alone, not to mention HARRY and his hands, the way he's pressing Charlie close to him. GUH.
Oh boy. Leela's gonna adore this. Hell, I adore this.
21st December 2009 17:30
Oh wow. I am at work and I totally shouldn't be looking at this, never mind commenting. But...

I love this so much. Charlie's tattoos, their hands, the way Harry is *cradling* Charlie. Charlie's feet... oh... just oh.

Thank you so very much, mystery artist. This is spectacular.
21st December 2009 17:34
wow the Irezumi on charlie's back is amazing! The anatomy of this is outstanding. Very hot and sexy
21st December 2009 17:49
OMG Gorgeous-I just adore the tattoo, Charlie's bound wrists, his feet tucked underneath him, Harry's hand on his head. Nnnggh! Absolutely stunning. Excellent work (as always!!).
21st December 2009 17:55
I know I flailed at you when you first submitted this, Mystery Artist, but I'm going to tell you again how stunning this piece is. The vivid colors of Charlie's tattoos and hair contrast so beautifully with the black of his robes and blindfold. Love the delicate but tight ropes around his wrists. And Harry's pose is fantastic -- he looks both commanding and caring the way he's touching Charlie.
21st December 2009 18:03
Yeah, I know who you are too. :) There're always little details that I fixate on in your pics, because they're so well-done, like Charlie's heels and toes, the placement of Harry's hands, the way Charlie's robe is half off. As usual, you've done something extraordinary.
21st December 2009 19:40
Guh I am ded.



The pooled robe and the tension in Charlie's hands and the tattooooos and the difference in their skin tones and Harry's tenderness ... complete sentences beyond me.
21st December 2009 20:09
Lucky Leela! This is fantastic... I love Charlie's tattoos!
21st December 2009 20:36
Charlie's hands behind his back, his perfect bum and curled feet!
Zomg! Artgasmmmmmm!
21st December 2009 20:49
Oh...WOW! Gorgeous! Beath Taking even! :D
21st December 2009 21:37
Stunning!! Charlie's tattoo is so beautiful...all the details are gorgeous. :)
21st December 2009 22:01
The tattoo down his hip and onto his thigh... GORGEOUS. His feet -- you have a way with feet. *sigh* So delicate and masculine and elegant and beautiful. His perfect bum...

And then there's Harry, whose position is so oddly real, so strangely here, in this moment, as if he didn't know he was being watched. No posing. Just perfect.

Perfect, as always. Your coloring is divine.
21st December 2009 23:41
Oh... guh...


Oh, Mystery Artist, this isn't even for me, and already, I want to throw myself at your feet and declare my utter love and devotion...

That beautiful tattoo... and the way Harry's hands are on his hand and back, the way Charlie's fingers are spread... the toes curling... the tones of their flesh... what is not to love in this???

*is gushy, babbling, and unable to stop herself*

It's utterly delicious, and I love it ridiculously, truly, I do!!
21st December 2009 23:53
ohh, that's lovely. Charlie's tattoos are great!
22nd December 2009 00:35
Ohhh!!! Body ink!!!
22nd December 2009 00:46 - Fascination
Oh , holy *^#$. This is so frelling awesome!

Just goregeous! and HOT! And SEXY. Blindfolds - bondage - and tattoos.

Nice colour work and shading is very well done.

22nd December 2009 01:42
This is just stunning - really completely gorgeous. Wow!
22nd December 2009 01:58
Very lovely and hot work. I love the intricacy of Charlie's tattoo and the way Harry looks. Very nicely done.~Sophia
22nd December 2009 02:16

I would say more but I am strangely incoherent.
22nd December 2009 03:34
exquisite as ever, I love CW's hands and feet.
22nd December 2009 03:45
*speechless, drools, dies*

That is all 0:)
22nd December 2009 04:20
There is such exquisite detail in your work - the way Charlie's heels are digging in to his bum and Harry's hand holding Charlie' s shoulder down; you can feel the pressure. Of course the coloring and composition are fabulous.
22nd December 2009 05:23
Just stunning in so many ways, but I think the touch I love best is the feet...and the fingers...and the shading. And the robe and tie. And the colors. And that Charlie's hair is curly.
22nd December 2009 05:42
Fascination is clearly an appropriate title! Just beautiful.
22nd December 2009 05:56
Wow, this is stunning. Like others have said, all the little details make it so rich. Charlie's tattoos are gorgeous.
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