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ART: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [Angelina/Romilda - NC-17] 
23rd October 2009 13:17
Title: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop 7, tablet
Characters: Romilda Vane/Angelina Johnson
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Femmeslash, nudity, oral sex, sock kink LOL :D Oh, and oddly skinny Angelina...
Themes/kinks chosen: Alternate pairing and hyphephilia, I guess ;)
Artist's notes: Um... yeah. I love their socks XD

23rd October 2009 12:00
Nnnngh, very hot!
23rd October 2009 14:35
Thanks! :D
23rd October 2009 13:36
I have a million things I could say, but the socks slay me and have from the first sketch. :P I want them. The girls AND the socks.

Pink tacos! *smooches you*
23rd October 2009 14:36
LOL, Oh hai thar, Molly! XD

The socks are cool *nods* I want them too.

Pink tacos *diesdiesdies*

*smooches moar* :D
23rd October 2009 15:07
I adore how blissed out Romilda is. yay for sexy goddesses of Hogwarts!
24th October 2009 13:12
Yep, I think she's enjoying herself thoroughly at the moment :D

23rd October 2009 18:46
Oooh, gorgeous pose! And I love the stockings.
24th October 2009 13:12
Thank you! :D
23rd October 2009 21:07
Mmmf. Yeah. Very hot!
And yeah...socks rock. *g*
24th October 2009 13:12
*g* Thanks! :)
24th October 2009 14:38
Ooh, this is fabulous! The girls are gorgeous. The dark colors give the scene a very sexy, intimate feel. And I love the striped socks kink! Yay!

Also, I love that you and [info]twilightsorcery both did art for this pairing, but your pieces are incredibly different. Man, I love this comm!
25th October 2009 19:53
Thank you! :D Striped socks rock *g*

And I know! I saw how pretty and different hers is. It's great to see the different interpretations of a pairing :)
24th October 2009 17:01
ngggghhhhh!!!! and i LOVE the socks!
25th October 2009 19:54
Thank you! :D Cool socks are totally underrated *g*
25th October 2009 01:40
Whoa! This is amazing!

Love the socks and the nose ring! And everything else too!
25th October 2009 19:54
Thank you! :D Glad you like it!
27th October 2009 14:02
Good heavens, that's hot!
28th October 2009 03:58
Thank you! :D
1st November 2009 00:59
[info]r_grayjoy pointed me this way, and guuuuuh. *stares*
2nd November 2009 12:39
Thank you! :D I'm glad you like it <3
7th November 2009 01:42
Very beautiful! The colors are so vivid and I love the pose of the girls. Also, I think the socks make this scene a lot more kinkier. *g*
7th November 2009 19:38
Hehe. Thanks! :D Glad you like it. <3
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