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ART: Lily's Body 
23rd September 2009 15:45
Title: Lily's Body
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop 7, Tablet
Characters: Harry/Lily II
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, cross-gen, possibly chan, hairy Harry ;)
Themes/kinks chosen: Breasts
Artist's notes: I was so excited about becoming a member of [info]daily_deviant that I finished this about three weeks ago and waited impatiently to finally be able to post it XD Never drawn this pairing but I love it ♥ Oh, I need a Lily Luna tag :)

23rd September 2009 14:25
OMG. Dirty wrong dirty wrong dirtywrong!! And positively gorgeous! Love the tattoos, especially Harry's snitch one peeking out there. Lily's freckles are also fabulous, and the coloring of her hair is stunning. Your hairy, older Harry design is way cool. Oh man, the angst and guilt! Harry won't be able to live with himself after this..!

Great way to introduce yourself to the comm. ::sporfle:: And you made us create a new character tag with your first post! LOL Welcome aboard!
23rd September 2009 14:43
OMG I adore this! How wrong is it that if she were Ginny I'd be gagging but because it's Lily it's sooo hot?! *gets head examined* Er, anyway LOVE the tattoos, his hair both head and body, her hair and freckles, the position-nnnggh!, and the come especially the little bit near her mouth. *flails* AMAZING work!
23rd September 2009 15:58
OMG! That's totally wrong. And totally hot. Guh. And it's even more fucked up if you think that Harry's daughter kinda looks like both his wife and his mother. Ha, I love it! I'd never come across any father/daughter before (either art or fic), so yay for you going there. :) And the art is really beautiful! I just love the vibrant colours. But whee, the wrongness! Oh, this is fabulous. :D *can't stop looking*
23rd September 2009 16:12
UNF. Nice! I like the signs of age on Harry. And I love Lily's face, she's so cute! I love her lips! And the little curve of her belly. And awww, she loves her daddy. X-) I can already tell that Harry probably can't deny her anything.

LOL, snitch tattoo. XD
23rd September 2009 16:38
My GOD, that's awesome. Welcome to [info]daily_deviant, hon. SO GLAD you're here. *stares more*

Gah, just... everything is so beautiful and awesome here. FANTASTIC work!
23rd September 2009 16:57
OH. My. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD..... I have wanted this pairing like burninggggg and gzggzghghghghzghzhghghgh. So fucking wrong, yet sooooo fucking hot.

And is it weird that I am totally enthralled with her eyeshadow? LOLOLOL. Wonderful colors used here!

Here, please take this internet---you deserve it ♥
23rd September 2009 17:43
Oh yes, this is just lovely! There really is a fascinating lack of father/daughter incest in fandom despite or because of? the plethora of father/son incest. I wonder if that's due to the proliferation of women in fandom or the limited crossgen het or the pregnancy risk or... Okay I'll stop nerding out here and go back to staring at your beautiful art (though this topic now needs to go into my dissertation...).

BUT YES! Such beautiful composition you have here, the position of the two of them plus the dramatic contrast between their bodies. Not to mention the fabulous tattoos! And the nipple tattoo? Oh god yes please. *drools* This really makes me want to see a whole series of parent/child art by you. Or you know, anything more by you. :P

This is a great entrance to our pervy corner of the net. Welcome!
23rd September 2009 23:15
day-um, that is hot - love the differences between their bodies, and those tattoos!
24th September 2009 00:15
There are tattoos and she's got a nipple piercing.

That is super-hot.
24th September 2009 01:27
I just love paunchy!Harry! such a naughty dad. LL is adorable.

24th September 2009 01:29
OMG. I have such a huge thing for Harry/Lily Luna and this totally hit all the right buttons. All the details are so fabulous. Scruffy!Harry with the slight belly over lithe Lily Luna. And her freckles!

24th September 2009 01:53
HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!


lily is.... fLDSFJKLDSJfklJ!!!

clearly, i am incoherent, but in sume: GUH!!!!!
24th September 2009 01:56
24th September 2009 02:25
This pairing has never occurred to me but DAMN!
Harry's paunch...
Oh man, so dirty/wrong/hot. *g*
24th September 2009 02:26
Oh my, oh my. *stares* That is way hotter than it probably should be. ;-)
24th September 2009 04:02
Oh, man. Welcome to the comm, indeed! You're making DD go back to its ever-so-pervy roots here. Oh yes, I think you'll fit in just fine around here. :))
24th September 2009 05:06
Oh dear heavens. I could look at this all day! And I just might. I have such a tattoo kink-- and then there's that whole tittyfuck thing-- and boy, do you know how to make an entrance into a community.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
24th September 2009 15:18
Harry looks so old with his bit of a gut and gray hair then lily is so young and vibrant. it's so perfect. Fantastic work!!!
24th September 2009 16:45
oh... my god.
i LOVE harry's slight belly and grey hair and other bits of age, and how young lily is, and the tats are gorgeous, and oh... so much love.
25th September 2009 20:41
Unnnnnf, I love how they look their ages; the realism somehow makes it that much hotter. (And crossgen incest father/daughter with tattoos and piercings and whipped cream on top is already pretty damn hot, lemmetellyou)

In sum: dead of guh. I'll be in my bunk.

Oh, and I randomly love Lily's eyeshadow. Such a surprising color!
29th September 2009 12:00
OH MY GOD. This is...I just...
I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW HOT THIS IS NNNGGGGHHHH.... Harry looks so scruffy and Lily looks so smug. UNF.
3rd October 2009 19:25
eeeeeeep. this is beautiful(ly inappropriate).
23rd July 2010 06:32
I love this!! I thought I was the only with such a naughty mind!! Very wrong and very sexy at the same time!! I love pairings that are so naughty like this!!
29th May 2012 00:41
I love this!

Didn't someone write a story based on this? I'm trying to find it and I can't! :( But the art is gorgeous!
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