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Art: It Was Just Like Watching Himself (Fred/George, NC-17) 
17th May 2009 02:53
Title: It was just like watching himself
Artist: [info]wallflowergirl
Media: Photoshop and tablet
Characters: Fred and George Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest, masturbation
Themes/kinks chosen: Mutual masturbation (interpret either as two or more individuals touching themselves or each other)
Artist's notes: Well this is my first time. Popping my DD cherry with some yummy twincest. It has been too long since I drew the boys. Big thanks to [info]ragdoll for bugging me until I finally got signed up and to [info]iamshadow for checking out the pic and letting me know it was good enough to post.

Also, I don't seem to have an artist tag yet and I wasn't sure if we had to post as public or members. It's on public but I will change it if needs be.
16th May 2009 12:33

There is NOT ENOUGH WEASLEY ART, EVER. So thank you for creating some, especially when it's as yummy and drool-worthy as this! Now we just need to get the other fanartists to eralize it's okay to draw Weasleys, and we're in business. Heh. Um, sorry. I may have an obsession. But seriously, this is effing gorgeous. I love the looks of delight on their faces!
16th May 2009 12:58
*g* Thankyou so much. I have a ball drawing these two.
I have a thing for Weasleys myself. I draw them a hell of a lot. Mainly Harry/Ron but quite a few others as well.
I don't tend to post over here on IJ though. I'm at kath_ballantyne on LJ and Dreamwidth.

16th May 2009 12:55
UNGH! I love you. *melts*
16th May 2009 13:04
Thankyou so much.
I've been hanging out for some twins art so I figured I should make some myself.

16th May 2009 13:07
Oh HELLO boys. *g*
Welcome to DD!
This is just fabulously and deliciously naughty. YUM!
16th May 2009 13:11
*g* Thankyou.
*g* I've been watching for a while but yes, this was my first post.

I'm glad you liked this.
I really did enjoy drawing this one. I realised that I hadn't drawn the twins this year and needed to fix that up.

16th May 2009 13:10
Naughy, naughty, naughty, but I LOVE it!!!!!!!!
16th May 2009 13:12
hehehehe. Isn't it just?
I do like a bit of naughty twincest.

Thankyou *hugs*
16th May 2009 14:41
Holy smokes, that's yummy! I lurve mah twincest. This is beautiful and hot!
16th May 2009 15:38
This is gorgeous and I am digging the looks the twins are giving their mutual pleasuring. Lovely!
16th May 2009 15:44
Nnnnnngh, that is delicious!
16th May 2009 18:34

This is so hot and pretty!
17th May 2009 00:25
17th May 2009 00:41
You sneaky two-username person! I knew I recognized your style from somewhere!!

Anyway, the art = GUH. I love how it almost looks like a contest, like they're comparing... and the t-shirts all bunched up, and the pubes! There are not enough well-drawn pubes in fandom. xD
17th May 2009 04:51
Oh, I love it. The fascination of them both is great as well as the wanking, obviously...
17th May 2009 05:39
I love your icon!

And this? Yesplzmoar?
17th May 2009 08:43
Oooh, of course they would be thrilled to show each other what they'd learned! Fabulous. :) And yes, definitely, always post public, not 'members.' If you don't, only 60 people will see your piece as opposed to 1,000. :) PUBLIC PORN YAY is the name of the game over here; otherwise we would have stayed locked and hiding on LJ. Which none of us wanted. :)
17th May 2009 15:23
17th May 2009 16:22
Very nice! I like the looks of mischief and pleasure on their faces.
18th May 2009 12:01
Oh, VERY NICE, indeed! Your twins are very sexy. And I've seen you post as Kath on LJ, but I'm just now getting around to comment. Lovely to see you here.
18th May 2009 14:22
wow this is hawt!

and the the anatomy of this is lovely!
19th May 2009 19:21
Gorgeous! Nothing like a bit of Twincest to get the blood flowing. *cough* Well done!
20th May 2009 11:05
oh wow, that's lovely! *licks them both*
18th August 2009 06:35
i love this! there's something so fantastically fred and george about it. it's just got that essence. like they're casually comparing their cocks before they wank together, lol! great work!
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