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11th Birthday Bash: KINKO! 
16th April 2017 13:38
Introducing our final party game: KINKO!
It's link BINGO, only dirtier. ;)

You can probably already guess how this works. Below the cut is our KINKO board with kinky themes in each square. The object of the game is to complete works of fiction and/or art for each theme in a line -- horizontal, diagonal, or vertical.

- Works need only be 100-word drabbles or drawbles -- but of course they can be longer/more involved, and we won't be running anything through a word counter.
- When you've completed a line, leave your pieces in comments to this post.
- Leave all of your pieces for a line in a single comment thread; combine multiple pieces into a comment when possible/appropriate (e.g. multiple 100-word drabbles should easily fit into one comment box).
- Let us know which line you've completed -- "first horizontal," "third vertical," etc. "First diagonal" will be the one that runs from top left to bottom right; "second vertical" will be the one that runs bottom left to top right.
- If you do multiple lines that contain the same box, you must write/draw a different piece for each line (i.e. five pieces to complete a line each time).

This game has the possibility of prizes attached!

When you've completed a line, your name goes into a prize drawing. Your name goes in once for each line that you complete. I.e., complete five lines, get five "lottery tickets."

There will be three winners. The first two names drawn get the opportunity to choose two of our kinks/themes for July or August. The third gets to choose the alternate pairing for either July or August. Any themes/pairing you like, whether previously used or entirely new. You pick the themes and the month(s) to put them in.

Note that each person can only win one prize. In other words, completing multiple KINKO lines increases your odds of having your name drawn but won't allow your name to be drawn more than once.

Got all that? Then without further wordage...

Who'll be the first to call KINKO??
19th April 2017 10:35 - First Vertical
Title: Unexpected Warnings: Infidelity/prostitution, implied kink negotiation Pairing: Ron/Draco, 100 words

“Why me?” Draco asked, eyes narrowed and arms folded. He didn’t feel particularly inclined to take Weasley as a client. He was unrefined, with limited funds and a ring on his finger. A combination for disaster.

Weasley blushed. “I heard you… do things, that others won’t.”

“As long as I don’t end up in St Mungo’s, you can do whatever you want to me. Providing you can compensate me accordingly.”

“I can compensate,” Weasley states coldly, before his nervousness returns. “But… what if I want you to do it to me?”

Perhaps Weasley could be an interesting client, after all.


Title: Encouraging Warnings: Dirty Talk, first time blow job, praise, implied come facial Pairing: Charlie/Neville, 100 words

“That’s it, take it slow. Just kiss it, lick it if you want to. Mm, yeah. You can touch it, wrap your fingers around here to steady it, yeah, squeeze a bit harder, that’s it. Can you suck on the tip for me, sweetheart? Just the tip. That’s it, mind your teeth, get your lips around it nice and tight. Fuck, that’s so good, Neville. Shh, not too far, you don’t need to go far, it feels so good baby, it’s okay. I’ll show you how good it feels after I come on your face. Hold still, baby.”


Title: Always Warnings: Dominance and/or submission, secret relationship, suppressed feelings Pairing: Remus/Severus, 100 words

Always in the dead of night.

Remus awakes, just days from the full moon, sweaty, panicked, hard.

Always to the dungeons.

He patters softly through the dark corridors without the assistance of wand-light. He pays little mind to the route he takes; his feet know where to go.

Always on his knees.

Already naked when Remus arrives, hands clasped behind his back. Tightly wound anticipation.

Always silently willing.

Obeying each shove, each pull, each harshly-barked command. Each needing this as much as the other.

Always coming together, with a secret kiss that neither will be sure really happened.


Title: Legend Warnings: In/on a magical mode of transportation Pairing: any Weasley of your choice, paired with anyone, 100 words

In villages throughout Devon, you may hear whispers of a modern Muggle legend. The finer details vary, but the similarities are too keen to be denied.

It starts with a purr or a growl, sometimes it sputters in the distance. It is only heard on cloudy Saturday nights, drifting away north, or east, or south, or west some say and returning twenty minutes later.

Of course, no one imagines it could be a Ford Anglia, set to fly in a large circle as the owner and partner retreat to the backseat for a rare moment of privacy once a week.


Title: Lies Warnings: Incest/underage, first time, mutual hand job, angst Pairing: Fred/George, 100 words

Who better? They think as they fumble nervously at their zips. It’s just practice, it doesn’t mean anything, no harm, they whisper as they kiss the lies into the soft skin between neck and shoulder. Hands wander tentatively across ribs and hip bones. Both avoiding looking into his eyes.

Identical fingers wrap around the other’s identical cock. They sigh in unison, telling themselves that it would feel like this with anyone. It’s another lie, and they know it.

Our secret, no harm. Not a lie, this time. Instead, the truth, pursued by desperate hope.
19th April 2017 16:46 - Re: First Vertical
Congratulations on being the first to yell Kinko!

I loved these!

I loved the twist in the first! Loved how quickly Draco ~changed his tune! :D

Ahhhh, that dirty talking with Charlie giving Neville instructions was delicious! <33

I loved the atmosphere in Always with Remus and Snape.

I loved the Ford Anglia one! I'm thinking, absolutely Arthur and Molly! \o/

AHhh, your Fred/George! Perfect!

19th April 2017 18:49 - Re: First Vertical
Thank you! I wasn't sure if you needed a full house to shout out Kinko x)

Draco had to change his tune quickly, I wanted these to all be only 100 words! *g*

Of course, my mind always goes straight to slash, but when I decided to keep it general, it did cross my mind that it could be Arthur and Molly ;)
20th April 2017 21:22 - Re: First Vertical
All of this is so good! Especially the super hot dirty talk--delicious.... And Remus padding down to the dungeons to find Snape....and the twins, my god, the twins. yasssss.
22nd April 2017 07:31 - Re: First Vertical
Thanks for checking it out, glad you enjoyed them! =)
19th April 2017 15:38 - Second Vertical
Title: Shameful Warnings: Thoughts of bestiality, internalised kink-shame Pairing: Severus/Sirius, 100 words

He knows it’s wrong.

For so long he tried to convince himself that the attraction was only to the man within. That the comforting familiarity of that warm, furry body lying across his lap was only due to their human connection. Lies. Fool.

They lay in bed, and Sirius has transformed to ward off the nightmares, as usual. His jaw stretches wide in a yawn, tip of his tongue curling upwards. Severus wonders how it would feel curled around his cock.

No, never, he assures himself, even as his cock hardens and his fingers tangle lazily through pitch black fur.


Title: Reverse Warnings: Pegging, first time bottoming, magical strap-on Pairing: Harry/Ginny, 100 words

Harry has, for a long time, imagined what it would be like to be fucked.

It wasn’t like this.

He hadn’t expected soft breasts and long hair brushing against his back as a cold, charmed dildo pushed into him.

“Fuck, Harry,” Ginny gasps with a giddy laugh, “you better bloody like this, because I definitely want to do it again.”

He can only manage a soft grunt in reply, overwhelmed with the strange fullness, the slight ache, the incredible pleasure tingling through his nerves as she thrusts deeper.

“Alright?” she asks with concern.

“Yeah,” he chokes out. “Please, fuck me.”


Title: Hurry Warnings: Partially clothed sex, rushed sex, dirty talk, mention of exhibitionism/semi-public sex Pairing: Seamus/Dean, 100 words

“I want to fuck you,” Seamus mutters, licking the words into Dean’s neck as hands work frantically at buttons and zips. Dean gives a soft moan, but shakes his head.

“There isn’t time, you know we’ve gotta be quick.”

“I know,” he says, pulling out Dean’s gorgeous long cock. He shakes his shoulders, trying to flick his own robes out the way. “But I can still tell you how I’d rather fuck you, can’t I?”

Dean moans, hips jerking up into Seamus’s fist. “Yeah, do that.”

Seamus smirks. “Against the window. Beg for me and pray no one looks up.”


Title: Tasty Warnings: Food smut Pairing: Harry/Ron, 100 words

Ron can’t ask Harry for what he wants. They have great sex, but he wants more. More of Harry’s mouth in places...

Harry can’t resist chocolate. Ron’s noticed this, and now the faint blush staining Harry’s cheeks as he looks down at Ron, spread naked across their bed, bottle of chocolate sauce in hand. He squeezes it onto his finger, offering it out. Harry eagerly sucks it clean.

The next dollop spills onto his chest and Harry laps at Ron’s sticky nipple, licking and sucking after the chocolate is gone. Ron knows he’ll follow it anywhere, the possibilities are endless.


Title: Ensnared Warnings: Bondage, restraint, ball stretcher, possible dub-con Pairing: Lucius/Regulus, 100 words

“Lucius,” he dares to whisper in his frustrated desperation. His only reply is a pale slender finger pressing against his lips. He knows where that finger has been and, while he longs for it back there, he certainly doesn’t want it against his lips. Lucius gives a cruel and knowing smirk before walking behind him once more.

The single rope hoisting his wrists towards the ceiling allows an array of movements, but the chained weight hanging from his bollocks keeps him still. It isn’t painful, as long as he is still.

He knows Lucius will push him, the beautiful bastard.

19th April 2017 16:50 - Re: Second Vertical
Aw man, all the implications in the first one, loved them, yes!

And your Harry/Ginny, oh god, so good!

Aww, I love how your Deam/Seamus even feels playful. <33

Oh my god! I love the idea of Ron making a chocolate trail for Harry to follow!!!!

And the ending of the last one, it's perfect!

Congrats again! <33
19th April 2017 18:52 - Re: Second Vertical
I think it was always somewhat inevitable that when I did finally write explicit het, there wouldn't actually be a vagina involved XD

I popped quite a few writing cherries with this selection, so really glad they work for you! Thanks for commenting, my lovely ♥♥
20th April 2017 17:02 - Re: Second Vertical
Love the glorious variety! And I'm always up for Harry getting some. ;)
20th April 2017 17:53 - Re: Second Vertical
Thanks, lovely! I finally wrote explicit het \o/ sort of, not really, maybe a little
19th April 2017 19:01 - Third Verticle
Title: Secret Warnings: Voyeurism/exhibitionism Pairing: Remus/Sirius, Severus, 100 words

Black knew, Severus was sure of it this time. Perhaps he knew all along.

The first time had been a mistake, as far as Severus was concerned. He hadn’t expected anyone to come in as he used the lab for a private project during dinner. Frequently since, however, he’d tried his luck.

And here they were again, Black bent over a desk, robes shoved up to expose his arse, Lupin fucking into him. Severus snuck his hand quietly into his underpants as he watched from underneath a desk.

Black moaned, glanced over his shoulder, and caught Severus’s eye.

And smirked.


Title: Tart Warnings: Clothing fetish, embarrassment, dub-con cross-dressing Pairing: Teddy/James, 100 words

“It doesn’t fit right,” James whines through the bathroom door.

“It just needs a few adjustments, babe,” Teddy reassures, trying not to sound impatient.

“Do I look like a fucking seamstress, Ted?”

“Just come out, will you? I can sort it out for you.”

A tense pause, the lock clicks and the door opens slowly, reluctantly.

He’s right, it doesn’t quite fit. Black lace with red flower details covers his nipples and trails down, fanning out into a frilly skirt around his hips.

“So, you gonna sort it out?” James grumbles.

“Fuck no,” Teddy growls, dragging James to the bedroom.


Title: Gifted Warnings: Pervertible magic Pairing: Draco/Harry, 100 words

“Trust me?” Draco asks, once his balls settle against Harry’s arse.

“Yeah,” Harry answers immediately. Draco grabs his wand from the bed and casts a complicated looking spell. He looks slightly nervous as he starts to pull out.

“Wait,” Harry starts, “What…?” He can feel a pressure against the tip of his cock, although it’s quite clear there’s nothing there.

“Keep still,” Draco asks seriously, pulling back a little further and the pressure increases until the resistance gives, as if—

“Fucking hell, Draco. Am I fucking you?!”

“Well, you know how I fancy myself an inventor.”

“You’re a fucking genius.”


Title: Clamped Warnings: Nipple play, clamps, masochism Pairing: James/Scorpius, 100 words

Lips. Soft lips, mouthing at the pink nub. Warm tongue, circling, flicking, lathing. Sucking, fuck, there’s sucking. Teeth grazing. Nails. Sharp nails scratching, pinching, twisting. Back arching, breaths panting, words begging.

Don’t stop, please, Jamie. More. Never stop.

Teeth. Metal teeth, biting, holding, hurting, releasing. Aching.

Lips again. Soothing, licking, loving. Apologies and promises falling from that devil mouth, just the same as always.

And back to the other nipple. Back and forth, pleasure, pain, one and then the other until the two blur into one endless overwhelming sensation. Only then, begging, writhing, crying, desperate.

Only then…

Fingers, cock, fuck.


Title: Pretend Warnings: Masturbation, pining, guilt, UST Pairing: James, James/Lily, James/Sirius, 100 words

Sometimes, James would steal some privacy, lock the door and take himself in hand. Eyes closed, images of red hair turned to black, soft breasts flattened out and that cock, the one that he’d tried not to stare at, that cock pressed against him, slid between his reluctant fingers.

Eventually, he gave in. Fucking up into his fist, twisting his wrist at the head, giving it a squeeze, imagining it was him. Thinking of his lips, the dip of his throat, the curve of his hip. A secret only he and the inside of the bed curtains were privy to.
20th April 2017 16:58 - Re: Third Verticle
OOooo, hot! I LOVED the James/Teddy!!
20th April 2017 17:53 - Re: Third Verticle
Thanks! I do really love writing those two ♥
21st April 2017 08:05 - Re: Third Verticle
GAWD. I love all of these! Sirius smirking back at Snape.

And then James in that dress was so hot.

And then James and Scorpius – GOD.

And James thinking of Lily and Sirius *dead*

22nd April 2017 07:35 - Re: Third Verticle
Thanks, darling! These are great fun ^.^
20th April 2017 16:08 - Second horizontal
Title: Checking out the equipment
Pairing: Harry / Ginny
Summary: Harry wants this – really, he does. Still, that thing is enough to give anyone pause.
Prompt: Pegging

Ginny fastens the final buckle and steps back to admire her handiwork. “What do you think?”

Her grin fades at Harry’s slack-jawed stare. “Having second thoughts?”

“Don't be silly,” he chokes out.

It’s true: he wants this, really, he does. He’s been fantasising about it for years. Still, that thing – that dildo – held flush against her freckled hips by a web of supple leather, jutting lewdly up towards the ceiling … it’s enough to give anyone pause.

The thought of her filling him; thrusting into him; taking him, dispels Harry’s nerves.

He rolls onto his stomach, ready to submit.


Title: An early exit
Pairing: Ginny / Pansy
Summary: Ginny’s never dated a woman like Pansy before.
Prompt: Dirty talk

“Let’s go home,” Pansy urges, taking Ginny’s hand. “I want to fuck you.”

Ginny frees her fingers from Pansy’s vice-like grip. “Not yet!”

“It’ll be worth it,” Pansy murmurs, low and seductive. She leans closer. “I’ll tie you up and suck your clit until you squirm. You’ll forget all about this party … forget about everything except my lips on your cunt.”

Her breath is hot in the shell of Ginny’s ear, and even though Ginny never blushes, her cheeks start to tingle. She’s never dated a woman like Pansy before – her filthy mouth and boundless confidence are exhilarating.



Title: A silky-smooth surprise
Pairing: Harry / Draco
Summary: Draco has a surprise for Harry.
Prompt: Sexy attire / clothing fetish (stockings)

“I’m home!” Harry closed the door, turned, and froze.

Draco was in the armchair, reading the Prophet. His white shirt was buttoned to the neck, but his trousers were missing and in their place – oh god – were the sheerest, most delicate stockings Harry had ever seen.

Draco folded the paper, smirking. “Do you like them?”

Harry’s mouth was too dry to answer.

“I can take them off…”

Harry sank to his knees, crawled across the carpet and took hold of one stockinged foot, stroking the delicate arch as he pressed his lips to Draco’s silky-smooth ankle.

“Bedroom. Now,” he growled.


Title: Utterly and indisputably alive
Pairing: Sirius / Remus
Summary: He raises the crop. I brace myself.
Prompt: Spanking, flogging, cropping


I hiss as the leather strikes my arse. I’m panting, shaking, utterly and indisputably alive.

We tried a belt first. It was disastrous; I had to borrow Molly’s essence of Murtlap. We stuck to spanking for a while afterwards.

Until ... Moony arrived one day with a gift. My breath caught when I saw it: a riding crop, deceptively thin, with a loop of buttery leather at the tip … it’s perfect.

“Can you take any more?”

“Yes,” I gasp. He hesitates. “Please, Moony!”

He raises the crop. I brace myself, body thrumming, anticipating the stinging rush of pleasured pain.



Title: The Inspection
Pairing: Severus Snape / Dolores Umbridge (I’m so sorry!)
Summary: The High Inquisitor’s inspection takes an unexpected turn.
Prompt: “Magic made them do it”

Umbridge picked up a glass phial. “Erumpent musk? Is this Ministry-approved?”

Snape’s expression could have soured milk. “I insist you put that down. It's highly potent.”

It was too late: the delicate phial slipped through her thick fingers and shattered on the floor. “Whoops!”

Faint yellow mist swirled around her pink mary-janes. Her expression turned ravenous. “Show me to your office, Professor. I’m going to suck your cock.”

Snape’s scowl abruptly morphed into a look of abject horror. “What?

“I’m really good – I do it to the Minister all the time!”

Snape drew his wand. “Petrificus Totallus! Class dismissed!”
20th April 2017 16:37 - Re: Second horizontal
!!!!! *DIES FOREVER FROM DRACO IN STOCKINGS* *FOAMING AT THE MOUTH* ahdfjklsahlfjdkhsakjldfhakfjhaslkj
21st April 2017 15:10 - Re: Second horizontal
Right, so I just laughed out loud at the thought of you foaming at the mouth! XD

Draco should definitely wear stockings all the time (...except when Harry's taken them off him?).
21st April 2017 15:21 - Re: Second horizontal

Also, yes. WITH HIS TEETH. dlksfahdfsjkahf
20th April 2017 16:56 - Re: Second horizontal
Wonderful! Loved the Harry/Ginny one and OMG that Dolores/Snape!!!
21st April 2017 15:11 - Re: Second horizontal
Thank you! The Harry/Ginny drabble was the first piece of explicit het I've ever written - I couldn't believe it!

And oh, poor Snape! I couldn't resist!
20th April 2017 17:56 - Re: Second horizontal
WOW Draco in those stockings, yes please! *drool*

And ahahaha, my god, the amazing horror that the last one happened in front of students xD
21st April 2017 15:13 - Re: Second horizontal
Yes please indeed to Draco in stockings! It would have been tempting to write a whole fic about it...

And I know! I bet they wouldn't dare laugh though!
21st April 2017 08:08 - Re: Second horizontal
I'm going to die right now because DRACO IN STOCKINGS!!!!!! And just, Harry's reaction is fucking everything! \o/

I love Dolores/Snape! (oh my god, who are you??? LMAO!!!!!) Snape's reaction is priceless!
21st April 2017 15:14 - Re: Second horizontal
Draco in stockings is the ultimate weapon! :D How could Harry ever resist?

Hah, it's certainly a pairing I never thought I'd write! Poor Snape!
21st April 2017 15:02 - Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal
Title: September First
Prompt: on a magical mode of transportation
Pairing: Albus/Scorpius
Warnings/enticements: blowjob, underage

Once the train has been boarded and parents have been waved to (and, in Albus’s case, ignored), the two of them head straight for their compartment. It’s the one that’s always empty because the stuffing has been ripped out of all the seats. That suits them fine: neither of them has any plans to spend the trip to Hogwarts sitting down.

Scorpius does the locking spell while Albus gets his kit off.

“Hands up,” Scorpius instructs, and the sight of Albus’s fingers whitening around the sliver bars of the luggage rack is somehow just as erotic as Albus’s trousers down around his ankles, where they’ll stay in case he needs to yank them up in a hurry, on the off chance that someone manages to barge in.

Scorpius lets his gaze stray to Albus’s cock itself. Fully hard already of course, the smooth head nudging the faint line of reddish brown hair that trails from Albus’s navel to the thicket at his groin. Where Scorpius will soon be playing. His own cock pushes hard against the confinement of his pants, and he palms himself just a little through the expensive fabric.

Then he drops to his knees. Albus hangs on to the luggage rack and Scorpius hangs onto Albus.
Scorpius doesn’t know why the train ride is always the worst part for Al, but it is; Albus would jump off again in a heartbeat if he could. But he won’t; not now. Not since Scorpius has found a sure-fire way to stop him.

He lets his lips graze just around the tip of Albus’s foreskin, insinuating his tongue inside the folds so he can lick the smooth head, tasting.

Albus moans above him, shaking with his effort not to thrust. Scorpius brings both hands up to palm the globes of Albus’s sweet arse, steadying himself while he strips back Albus’s foreskin with just his lips with his lips, taking the cockhead inside his mouth.

Albus actually cries out then. And they’re not even out of London yet.

Scorpius lets Albus’s cock slid out of his mouth again until only the tip of the head is resting against Scorpius’s lips. A pulse of precome leaks out, bitter with Albus’s need.

Scorpius grins up at Albus, whose face is flushed and hungry and desperate and shining.

“Suck me,” Albus whimpers.

“We’ve got time,” Scorpius teases. But it’s not a tease, really; he’s got to make this last, after all.

Albus knows it. He hangs his shaggy head and Scorpius sees the moment when he really submits. Just there, in the tremor that goes through him as he gives in to the reality that, much as he hates the Hogwarts Express, he’s going to spend his next three and a half hours on it subjected to the most exquisite and tortuous cocksucking the world has ever known.

Albus Potter isn’t going anywhere.

For the next square, see comment below!
21st April 2017 15:04 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (continued)
Title: After Dinner
Prompt: food smut
Pairing: Harry/Sirius-Padfoot
Warnings/enticements: underage, pseudo-bestiality, crossgen

Harry lies back, feeling Sirius’s hand come to rest on his hip while the other hand paints stripes of melted chocolate across his bollocks.

Maybe Harry’s so into this kink because he never got enough to eat at the Dursley’s.

And maybe Sirius is so into it because he spent twelve years starving in Azkaban.

Maybe it’s because neither of them is really quite okay with what’s going to happen in a minute, and the chocolate or butter or marmalade or whatever provides some kind of distraction from the reality of what they’re doing.

Oh no, Harry’s got chocolate all over himself, and the Order meeting’s going to start in ten minutes! Of course Padfoot will have to help him clean it up!

Or maybe they’re both into it simply because it feels really fucking good.

And shouldn’t they both have that?

Padfoot’s long, sloppy tongue so insanely perfect as it wraps around Harry’s cock, taking the entire length of him in a single wet stroke.

Harry’s never felt anything better in his life. Not even flying.

And Harry’s pleasure is the only thing Padfoot wants. And if Padfoot gets to be the cause of that pleasure, too?

Well, who’s a good dog, then?

Who’s the best dog?

This way it’s so uncomplicated.

And shouldn’t they both have that, as well?

Padfoot isn’t Harry’s godfather, after all.

A dog lapping at a boy is entirely different from a man sodomizing a teenager twenty years his junior.

Padfoot just wants to help.

They have nine minutes.

“Get going,” Harry tells Sirius, whose human face is such a mess of love and desire and pain that Harry can’t bear to look at it. He closes his eyes while Sirius transforms.

And then it’s just a boy and a dog and a dark rich sweetness that gets everywhere and covers everything. It fills their noses with the fragrance of pleasure, it coats Harry’s skin with the texture of pleasure. The velvet of chocolate, the velvet of Padfoot’s tongue. The velvet of Harry’s cock, the velvet of pleasure. The pleasure of orgasm. The taste and scent of Harry’s orgasm in Padfoot’s mouth, and nose, the senses overwhelmed with pleasure.

Harry holds the dog’s ears, one in each hand, keeping Padfoot’s huge hot mouth pressed close to his groin. He sighs, sated and limp on his back on the table. The clock on the kitchen wall ticks and neither of them notices the sound. And that absence of noticing, the absence of thinking anything at all for a few more moments while they lie here together, is pleasure.

for the next square, see comment below!
21st April 2017 15:08 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (third square)
Title: Closed for Lunch
Prompt: anal play with toys
Pairing: Angelina/Fred/George
Warnings/enticements: twincest, polyamory, threeway, implied DP

In the office above the joke shop, Angelina perches on the edge what used to be a desk and is now a very fine bed (thank you Professor McGonagall, for riding our asses so hard in transfiguration). She studies George, who has dropped to his elbows on the mattress, his freckled arse in the air. The plug sticking out of it is only the size of a thumb. They’ve got quite a ways to go, the three of them.

Fred’s kneeling on the floor by the head of the mattress, his head level with his brother’s. He strokes George’s forehead and looks up at Angelina.

“Can you take more now?” she asks George.

“Yes,” Fred answers for his twin.

Anybody else and Angelina wouldn’t take that as consent, but it’s different with the twins. It always has been. It’s one of the reasons she’s here. The way they get on either side of her, they way they envelop her with themselves, it’s like there’s enough of them that they aren’t frightened by the force of her. Every other bloke Angelina has been with can’t handle the fact that she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Can’t handle her expectation that others do the same. But that’s never been a problem with the twins. Two of them against one of her is a perfectly matched game.

“He’s ready,” Fred urges her on.

Angelina slides out the plug and picks up the empty butterbeer bottle. The bottle is her third favorite part of this. She likes the way the glass thickens at the bottle’s mouth, then thins again once you get past that first bit, only to widen as you move down the bottle neck. She likes the way the ridged bit at the top takes real concentration—her own and George’s—to insert.

“Doing the bottle now,” she tells him. She watches as Fred reaches for George’s hands, interlacing their fingers. George makes a sound, the vulnerable open sound Angelina loves. She slicks the brown glass with the lube in the palm of her hand and presses its smooth, curved edge against George’s hole. Nudges it back and forth against the pale purple folds, which have contracted closed again.

“Come on, Georgie,” Fred croons. “We’ve got you. Open up for us.”

And he does. It’s beautiful to watch, the way George’s anus relaxes at Fred’s command, the way her wrist twists the bottle just so, nudging the ring of the bottle’s mouth inside George’s hole. George sighs as the cool, slippery glass breaches him. Angelina works it in an inch and waits. When Fred nods, she presses in a bit further.

“Good?” she asks.

“Good,” Fred and George reply together, Fred’s voice steady, George’s voice a little breathless.

Angelina beams. “So good,” she repeats. In a few minutes, George will be ready for Fred to fuck him, and then Angelina will take a turn to kneel by George’s head, to watch and kiss and praise him. She won’t be there for long, though; Fred will pull out in time to save himself for the main event.

Angelina’s broomstick handle will be next, polished dark and smooth as skin. The broom she rides, inside him. The broom handle is her second favorite part.

And then, finally, she’ll kick off her knickers, step into the harness. She’ll Summon the cock the three of them transfigured together, the one that’s just for her to use with them. George will lift himself up on all fours and Fred will lie beneath him. Once George has slid himself down onto Fred’s cock—and he will slide, after that broomstick—Angelina will get on her knees behind George. And then George will fall forward into his brother’s arms, opening up for her as well.

And that’s her favorite part of all. The way George makes room for both of them. The way it feels like there’s more room in her heart because she shares him with Fred. Or because Fred shares him with her, since Fred had him first. The way she doesn’t need to keep track of that anymore, of who has what, who got what when, and how much there is of it. There is enough. Enough of her to handle both of them. Enough of them that they can take her, take her all the way in.

for the next square, see comment below!
21st April 2017 15:10 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fourth square)
Title: Before the Exam
Prompt: frottage
Pairing: Ginny/Lavender
Warnings/enticements: clothed sex, semi-public sex, underage

“Are you fucking crazy?” Ginny hisses.

She’d been rushing into the Great Hall for breakfast, horribly late, just as Lavender was coming out. And here she is thirty seconds later, shoved her up in this little alcove, Lavender’s very shoddy disillusionment charm the only thing between them and the entire castle seeing them like this, on the morning of Ginny’s OWLs, no less.

“Crazy for you,” Lavender drawls, in that half-stupid voice that Ginny never realized was a huge act, back when Lavender was having it off with Ron. “Crazy for your charms,” Lavender murmurs, low and dirty and much too sexy for eight o’clock in the bloody morning. But that voice of Lavender’s works on Ginny just like it always does, that hard glint in Lavender’s eyes reminding her at the same time that there’s much more to Lavender than this blowsy sexpot persona she likes to affect.

“Come on, Ginny,” Lavender purrs. “I need you to make me feel gooood.”

Lavender shoves one of her ample thighs hard between Ginny’s smaller, more muscled ones, her hands wrapping around Ginny’s arse and pulling her forward.

Get the fuck off, Ginny intends to say, because she’s got her bloody OWLs in fifteen minutes, she hasn’t eaten breakfast, and she can hear her mother’s voice, and Percy’s voice too, in her head right now, admonishing her about the perils of test-taking on an empty stomach.

Lavender pulls Ginny further up her thigh, lifting her up a bit so that Ginny’s actually sitting on that thigh now, Lavender’s generous breasts pressing right up against Ginny’s small ones.

“I’ll make you feel good too,” Lavender hums in Ginny’s ear.

And it’s true, she will. Lavender Brown is a very reliable girl. A girl who always keeps her word. The voices of Ginny’s mum and Percy can fuck right off. Ginny buries her face in Lavender’s neck, and arches back hard, grinding her clit against Lavender’s thigh.

And they’re off. Lavender’s a fucking racehorse the way she she lets Ginny ride her. Ginny fists her hands in Lavender’s hair, holding on tight as Lavender rocks her. Lavender’s much bigger than she is; Ginny can really sit on that thigh, her feet all the way off the goddamn floor, her leg wrapped around one of Lavender’s legs to hold herself in place so Lavender can get off too.

Lavender’s a gusher. There will be a damp mark on the front Ginny’s robes for at least an hour after. And Lavender’s a screamer. Lavender buries her mouth in Ginny's shoulder when comes, howling so loud it’s a wonder McGonagall can’t hear them all the way at the teacher’s table on the other side of the Great Hall’s oak doors. Ginny bucks her hips harder, shifting forward until she’s right at Lavender’s hip. The hardness of Lavender’s hipbone amidst all the softness of Lavender’s belly and breasts feels to Ginny’s clit like finding a diamond in a field of clouds.

And Lavender’s strong, She grips Ginny’s hips and lets Ginny ride her. Lavender the thoroughbred nobody notices. Nobody except Ginny, who Lavender takes farther each time.

“Come on, Ginny,” Lavender urges, low. “Come right here in the hallway. Show me how good I make your pussy feel. Come just for me. Be a good girl, Ginny.”

And that does it. Ginny’s orgasm breaks over her the shudder of pleasure ripping through everything else, her anxiety about the exams, her fear of getting caught, the voices in her head, the fear that never goes away. For a moment she feels like she’s falling, as if without all that fear she’s nobody. But Lavender has her, her strong arms around Ginny’s back, holding her while she bucks, keeping her seated, keeping her on.

Ginny’s head falls against Lavender’s shoulder. She lets herself breathe hard. Lavender strokes her head, and then, too soon, lowers Ginny down an inch, sets her back on her feet on the floor.

Ginny clings to her.

“Fucking hell,” she manages to say after a moment.

Lavender touches Ginny’s chin, tipping her head up to look in her eyes.

“Give ‘em hell on your OWLs then, sweetie,” she says. And then, reaching into her robes: “Here. I saved you a scone. You shouldn’t take tests on an empty stomach.”

For the next square, see comment below!
21st April 2017 15:12 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
Title: Sunday Morning
Prompt: sadism/masochism
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Warnings/enticements: nipple play, pain play

“Harder?” Remus asks.

Even now, he can still hear the amazement in his own voice, not daring to believe it’s really all right. But Sirius’s yes is so guttural and urgent, so certain, that the hissed syllable drags another wave of endorphins through Remus, even before his fingers actually tighten on Sirius’s reddened nipples, squeezing and twisting until Sirius moans again in pain.

That moan goes straight up Remus’s spine. And on the heels of that, the experience of his own fingers, pinching and twisting, sends a flood of pleasure through his whole body. From his bollocks to the top of his head, an overwhelming burst of sensation that is maybe even better than orgasm. Remus isn’t even hard right now, and yet he’s as turned on as he’s ever been, dizzy and drunk and in love with the high of this. In love with Sirius. And in love with the hurting. With being allowed to do it. With being begged to do it, in fact.

“More, Moony,” Sirius slurs drunkenly, though neither of them has had anything stronger than pumpkin juice.

Remus screws his fingers into those sensitive nubs of flesh, his eyes darting between Sirius’s ecstatic face and his weeping cock.

“I’m hurting you,” Remus says softly. Reverent and grateful.

“Yessss,” Sirius answers, and Remus hears his own reverence echoed in Sirius’s reply.

This call and response between them is part of it, part of the ritual that takes them deeper in.

“I love hurting you,” Remus whispers. His voice so gentle, his fingers so hard.

And again Sirius moans his assent, and in that moment Remus understands everything about devotion, about communion, about prayer.

23rd April 2017 10:25 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
Flails at all of these but esPecially the last. Omg, gOrgeous.
24th April 2017 16:28 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
Thank you so much! <3
26th April 2017 03:22 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
So much for pacing myself on these!

I kept thinking, well, that's it, that's the best one yet. Now I'm done and I'm not sure I could even choose which one is most marvelous.

If I had to, I'd probably go with the Remus/Sirius, but only because it's so satisfying to see Remus enjoying himself and being honest about it. The Harry/Sirius one was so powerful too, though--that history of deprivation they share hit me very hard.

Then again, I might have to go with Angelina and the twins :). The three of them together, the way the twins just know each other, the way it takes two of them to balance out the one of her...so fantastic.

26th April 2017 12:30 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
Thank you for commenting, and happy you liked them. I was pretty stoked to write something where Remus isn't drowning in angst for once; clearly he needs to do that kind of thing *much* more often! : ) The Angelina/twins one was a complete surprise to me, one that might to be investigated further....
1st May 2017 16:01 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
Wow, these are all great! I also like how the titles form a little time-related theme linking them all together.

September First - It's so cool how the train itself is like one big time-release bondage device, keeping Al trapped right where Scorpius wants him. >:D

After Dinner - Oh yessss, this is good. The rhythm of it feels like a glimpse into Harry's secret thoughts, conflicted with the wrongness of it and yet wanting the taboo so badly (Well, who’s a good dog, then? Who’s the best dog?) and the relief at the end of *not* having to think for a minute.

Closed for Lunch - Besides being smoking hot, this is such a keenly observed portrait of Angelina and the twins. I feel I've learned more about them in this short piece than I know of the characters in many much longer fics! Two of them against one of her is a perfectly matched game. I love that, it feels like I know her instantly with this line. The way she doesn’t need to keep track of that anymore, of who has what, who got what when, and how much there is of it. There is enough. This thought is so lovely I gasped out loud!

Before the Exam - Oh, I love what you did with Lavender here. I think sometimes people aren't sure how to write her because we see such an unattractive angle to her in HBP, but this feels much more three-dimensional. You have a knack for capturing characters in a few lines.

Sunday Morning - This might be the best of the five. I'm struggling to put into words how much I like it. Maybe there's nothing more to be said — you've already put so perfectly exactly how much hurting someone, and allowing oneself to be hurt, can mean.
3rd May 2017 17:47 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
Thank you for these wonderful comments and for your keen reading. I'm so pleased that you noticed the time theme that connects them together, as well as all the other things you mentioned. Yours is the kind of comment I'll go back to and read for inspiration when I feel stuck. <333 Thanks again!
3rd May 2017 18:28 - Re: Kinko! Fourth row, horizontal (fifth square)
My pleasure! And I sent you three long-winded PMs... Hope they aren't so heavy they fall out of the sky when DW tries to beam them to you. (That's how the internet works, right?)
25th April 2017 00:44 - Fourth Vertical
Title: Prize Warnings: Dub-con, angst, guilt, sex Pairing: Harry/Teddy, 100 words

“Stop,” Harry pleads brokenly, but Teddy knows he doesn’t mean it. He knows the raw magical power that dwells beneath the buttoned-up exterior. He knows that Harry could stop this with a thought, but still he doesn’t. It’s as if Harry needs to protest, for the sake of his conscience. Every time the same.

“Make me,” Teddy challenges, lowering himself onto Harry’s cock. He leans forward and Harry’s lips are hesitant, his gasps tinged with shame as his hands clutch at the armrests.

“Touch me, Harry,” Teddy mutters, watching Harry’s face contort with reluctant lust.

This time, maybe, he’ll break.


Title: Authority Warnings: Caning, begging, inferiority complex, light D/s Pairing: Oliver/Percy, 100 words

Oliver humours him, Percy knows. He enjoys the pain well enough, you can’t fake that sort of thing, but the rest is entirely for Percy’s benefit.

Percy doesn’t mind. He’s quite happy to take all that Oliver is willing to give. He knows it’s probably unhealthy, this need for control, respect, authority, but he can’t seem to help it. To Percy, it’s as essential as eating or breathing. And unlike his family, unlike the other students, Oliver is willing to deliver.

As the cane comes down, Oliver always begs so beautifully, the title leaving his lips so easily.

“Please, Sir.”


Title: Adorned Warnings: Body mods, stigmatophilia, genital piercings, tattoos, blow job Pairing: Bill/Draco, 100 words

“There’s a two-week waiting period, so we know you’ve really thought about it,” the Weasley had told him.

“Please,” Draco had scoffed, “It’s hardly my first.”

“I’d like to see what you’ve already had done.”

And that is how Draco had ended up in the back room of the studio with Bill on his knees, fingering Draco’s guiche piercing as his tongue played with his Prince Albert. Draco reached down, running his fingers through long ginger hair, sweeping it aside so that he could see the ink patterned across his shoulders; permanent and beautiful.

He’d definitely be back for more.


Title: Desperate Warnings: Frottage, inexperience Pairing: Hugo/Louis, 100 words

“Shhh,” Louis hissed, not ceasing the desperate grind of his hips as he pinned Hugo to the bed. The open zip of Hugo’s jeans was scratching his thighs, sometimes his balls, but he didn’t care enough to do anything about it. He was too caught up with the glorious slide of Louis’s naked cock against his. It was the first time they’d managed to do it semi-naked, not that they’d got very far in that respect. It was only their cocks, feet and forearms that were bare, but it was enough.

“Can’t help it,” Hugo gasped quietly, “feels too — uhhh!”


Title: Forbidden Warnings: Non-human/human, suggestion Pairing: Charlie/Firenze, 100 words

“Charlie, you must not come this far into the forest. It is unsafe,” the young centaur admonished as he approached.

“We were supposed to meet,” Charlie gently reminded him.

“The herd have been watching me most closely. It is inappropriate for centaurs to befriend humans.”

“Is that all we are? Friends?” Charlie trailed his hand across Firenze’s flank, up his back, fingers threading through white-blond hair.

“We risk enough with that alone. The stars have shown that your temptations will lead to ruin.”

Yet still, he reaches out, pulling Charlie against his bare chest. Yet still, they kiss once more.

26th April 2017 12:34 - Re: Fourth Vertical
Wow, that Harry/Teddy one is amazing! I love the complicated dynamics of how it's Harry who's the older/more powerful/insertive partner AND that he's the one pleading for Teddy to stop. UNF. And I'd love to see more of Percy/Oliver and of Charlie/Firenze!
30th April 2017 18:25 - Re: Fourth Vertical
Thank you! I do so love turning expectation on its head. I definitely won't be writing sexy centaur fic, I just can't xD
26th April 2017 01:37
First Line Kinko: Horizontal: 99.95% of my Drabbles are Slash, M/M


Title: Shame Warning(s): Infidelity: Pairing(s): Bellatrix/Fenrir/Narcissa, Rating: PG-13, Word Count: 100

Draco had never felt ashamed of his family. Even when Lucius was put in Azkaban, he was proud to be a Malfoy.

That glorious feeling dimmed when he came home, to the sight of his mother 'enjoying' the 'company' of Fenrir and Bellatrix.

He felt sick and torn at the sight of his mother's infidelity.

Rather than confront her, he teleported to the last person who expected him, Harry. He told him of his woes and was surprised when he was met with kindness, rather than taunts.

With his help, Draco grew up and moved on. This wasn't his fight.



Title: Slither Warning(s): Bestiality, Pairing(s): Harry/Snake, Rating: R, Word Count: 100

It wasn't the first time he thought about it. However, if was his first time trying it.

The snake was large, but not huge. When he had confessed his fantasy, Slither had laughed and agreed to help him out.

Slither had told him all he would need was lubrication. A quick spell took care of that. The python wrapped around his body, before using his tale to fuck the young wizard.

Holy fuck, he had given his virginity to a snake and would gladly do it again. Slither would agree. In fact the pair met often after Harry's fifth year.



Title: Peek Warning(s): Voyeurism, Rimming, Pairing(s): Harry/Severus (Implied Draco/Neville), Rating: R, Word Count: 100

Neville covered his mouth to cover his gasp. Sure, he had periodically thought of Harry as handsome. Hell, most of the had rubbed one off thinking of him. The one person he had never thought about was Severus.

Yet, there was his most feared teacher, on his knees, with his face buried in a moaning Harry's arse.

The secret voyeur reached down and pinched his nuts to curb his desire. Because his current problem, was he didn’t know who to be jealous of.

He closed his eyes and waited. Draco had better be ready, because Neville was ready to burst.



Title: Spoils Warning(s): Non-Con, Pairing(s): Lucius/Harry, Rating: R, word Count:100

Lucius grunted as he slammed into the young man under him. He could scarcely believe that his lord had gifted him with the boy who lived for his dedication.

The little shit tried to get away. He squirmed and yelled, but the blond did not care. He intended to make good use of his gift.

Narcissa had looked relieved when he had brought the chained boy into the house. She had never enjoyed his rough sex and was happy he had a new fuck toy. He made a mental note to invite Draco to fuck his new toy's mouth, later.



Title: This Blows Warning(s): Oral Sex Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, Rating: Soft NC-17 Word Count: 100

Draco placed his hands on Harry's hips and moaned, as his not so mortal enemy fucked his mouth.

The blond moaned around the thick cock he had been craving since he first saw it. The brunette was hung and seemed to have a stamina that rivaled his god father's.

He whimpered as his mind conjured the fantasy of being fucked by two Harry's. He was sure that their whole frenemies relationship would translate into some kinky sex.

Until he could talk the Boy Who Lived into fucking him, he would settle on being skull fucked. It was better than nothing.

26th April 2017 01:40 - Line 2 Kinko: Horizontal
Line 2 Kinko: Horizontal – 99.95% of my Drabbles are Slash, M/M

Title: Dirty Warning(s): Dirty Talk, Pairing(s): No Pairing, Rating: PG, Word Count: 100

When Collin had asked Harry for sex advice' he'd been flattered. He just didn’t know that the advice would start at the basement level.

"Kisses are different, are hugs?"

"Well, there are tighter hugs, longer hugs, they can mean different things."

"And talking dirty can turn someone on?" he asked anxiously.

"It doesn’t work on everyone, but a lot of people like it."

"Oh, I wanna try. Ahem, 'I want to roll around in mud and smear it all over the walls.' Does that work?"

Harry tried not to laugh or groan. This would be harder than he first thought.



Title: Orders Warning(s): Topping for the Bottom, Pairing: Harry/Remus, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 100

"Come on Remus, fuck me harder. Fuck me like I know you want to," Harry ordered the man plowing into him from behind.

Rather than respond verbally, he fucked the slim figure under him. He could not remember how he had wound up as Harry's lover. How the boy had wrapped him around his little finger, but he would not change it for the world.

"Yeah, there's your knot. Can you feel it forming Remus? Are you ready to knot me?"

"Yes," he panted as he pounded the ass harder and faster. Both yelled as the knot tied them together.



Title: Dinner Warning(s): Crossdressing, Pairing(s): Harry/Severus, Rating: PG-13, Word Count: 100

Harry stood in front of the mirror and smiled. This was the only time he felt like himself. He splurged a bit today and wore make-up with his outfit.

Today he was in black lace-up fishnet thigh-highs (with matching garter). His four-inch gingham school skirt. A small white shirt tied in the front. Topped off with spiked heels (only 2 inches, because Severus likes him being shorter.)

He had foregone panties this time round. He sat demurely at the dining table and waited for his lover to come home. He had no idea what was for dinner. Well, besides him.



Title: Nightmare Warning(s): Whipping/Torture, Pairing(s): No Real Pairing, Rating: R (For Violence), Word Count: 201

Lucius bit his lips and closed his eyes as the cane was brought down on his back. He knew better than to scream out in pain. The last person who cried out while being punished was killed.

This was not the pure life he had imagined when he had agreed to join the death eaters. He had been told that they would cleanse the world of mudbloods and put muggles in their place.

He clenched his fists as another blow landed on his bare back. He could feel the blood starting to trickle down his back. He would welcome the darkness of blacking out, but that was not to be. Every time he thought he would pass out, he was forced to drink pepper-up potion.

The only thing he had to look forward to, was Severus' gentle ministrations and getting married to Narcissa. As was his Lord's orders. He would not say no again and he knew his lover would say nothing for fear of the same treatment.

At least she was not Bellatrix. There was a woman he would drink poison before marrying.

Severus could make sure he was supplied potion to get her pregnant. If he survived this nightmare.



Title: Oh No, Warning(s): Crack, X-Made him do it, Pairing(s): Harry/Severus, Rating: PG-13, Word Count: 100

Harry stared in horror as Severus tore off his clothes and ran around the dining hall demanding tulips to tiptoe through.

It was funny, no it wasn't, bad Harry.

One minute one of the girls in Slytherin had offered Harry some cupcake, the next, Severus was snagging and eating them.

"Harry, I love you! Come get naked and let's do the horizontal tango, baby," the usually dour man called from on top of the head table.

This made Harry run out of the hall with Severus hot on his heels. Whoever did this, would have face Severus, and suffer... eventually.

26th April 2017 01:43 - Third Line Kinko:
Third Line Kinko: 99.95% of my Drabbles are Slash, M/M

Title: Good, Warning(s): Submission, Pairing(s):Draco/Harry, Rating: R, Word Count: 100

He kneeled in front of the door, nude, legs spread, head down, and arms behind his back. This was how he was to greet master every day. If he was a good boy he would be allowed to suck master's cock. If he were bad, he would receive a punishment fitting to whatever transgression he had committed.

To be honest, he didn’t know if he preferred to be rewarded or punished. Master could usually tell when he needed punished.

"Such a good boy for me Draco."

It looked like today Harry, no, Master, would give him a reward. So, good.


Title: Mess Warning(s): Rushed Sex, Pairing(s): Harry/Severus, Rating: Soft NC-17, Word Count: 100

"I hate quickies," Harry panted as Severus fucked him fast and hard.

"Try not to soil our robes this time," was not the answer he was looking for.

"If you would wait until tonight, when we can take off all our clothes..."

"If you were not an insufferable brat, hellbent on being a teacher as well."

"Hurry Professor, lunch is almost over."

Severus pushed in one last time and moaned as he released inside of his lover. After they finished he stepped back and frowned at the mess left.

"You made it this mess, you clean it up," Harry ordered.


Title: More Than a Pestle, Warning(s): Pervertibles, Warning(s): Harry/Severus, Rating: Nc-17, Word Count: 100

Severus sat back, enjoying the view. "Is this what you had in mind when you snuck out tonight, Mr. Potter?"

Harry could only moan as the pestle fucked his arse.

"If I had known that The Boy Who Lived, craved something, I would have done this long before now."

"Fuck, Severus, will you cut the role play, all ready? Come on, I need your cock, not your potions equipment."

"Very well, you were the one to agree to this, beforehand."

"I didn't think you would refuse to touch me for more than an hour."

"It's called foreplay for a reason."


Title: Tattoo, Warning(s): Tattoos, Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, Rating: PG-13, Word Count: 100

Draco loved Harry's tattoo. Loved listening to his lover give the snake directions. Loved to chase it up and down Harry's body.

His lover's laughter was contagious. Draco chittered merrily as he chased the tattoo around and then up his leg. Once his excess energy had been run off, he laid next to his love and smiled.

"I'm glad you got the tattoo," the blond confessed.

"I could tell," Harry hissed with a small smile.

Draco snorted and shook his head, "A Gryffindor speaking Parseltongue, I'll never get used to it."

"A Slytherin finding the language sexy, how very cliché."


26th April 2017 01:43 - Re: Third Line Kinko:
Title: Claiming, Warning(s): Public sex, bondage, Mates, Pairing(s): Harry/Lucius, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 488

Harry messed with his gossamer gown and took a deep breath. He was nervous and excited.

He had presented as an Omega a year ago and many of Alpha had vied for his hand. In the end, it was the widower Lucius Malfoy who had impressed him the most. Not with thing, but with his knowledge and his pledge to treat Harry as his equal, unlike his son who had promised to put him in his place.

They had already been to the Ministry and signed the documents laying out the wills and will nots in their bond. His mate to be had promised not to share him with anyone, much to his son's disgust. Harry had promised two children. They had both been tested for fertility (it would be no use promising children, if one or both of them were incapable.) They both had sworn fidelity. Now all that was needed was the mating ritual.

Upon hearing the wedding march, Harry slowly made his way to the middle of the square in Diagonally, and bent over the breeding bench where Ron and Hermione kissed him on the check before tying his arms and legs to the bench.

He turned his head and lay it on the white pillow provided. His breath caught and he smiled as his intended slowly made his way forward.

Unlike a muggle marriage, there was no asking if anyone outside of the pair had any objections. Those had been aired and laid to rest before they had reached this part.

"You are exquisite," Lucius whispered before kissing him for the first time.

Harry kissed back and then looked at his family and friends, who had gathered to watch their mating. He blushed a bit when his mom waved and his dad gave him a big thumb's up. Harry opened his mouth and drank the potion Severus, Lucius best friend and best man, placed at his mouth.

In a matter of minutes, he was sweating profusely and begging his mate to fuck him full. Which the blond was all too happy to do.

Depending on who you ask, the bonding was loving or violent. The actual copulation was fast and hard, each racing toward a common goal. Harry wished that he could match his mate's thrust, but this was where the omega gave over complete control to his Alpha (at least for the mating.)

The actual knotting and biting was slow, tender, and loving.

Once it had been over Draco had complained about how revolting the act of mating was. Harry just smiled and patted his shoulder.

He had once thought as Draco had. The boy would understand once Ron claimed him. He knew that like himself, the blond boy was saving his virginity for the claiming. There had been no words to prepare Harry for this and he had none to give in return. It was something you had to experience to understand.



Last one went way over the drabble format. Sorry.
26th April 2017 01:45 - Fourth Line Kinko
Fourth Line Kinko: 99.95% of my Drabbles are Slash, M/M


Title: Riding Warning(s): Public Transportation, Sex Toy, Pairing(s): Harry, Rating: R, Word Count: 100

Harry smiled at Ernest and Stan as he entered the Knight's bus and made his way to the third floor, knowing that would be the first deck to empty. Plus, he had tipped them 50 galleons each to empty it and keep it empty for the next three hours.

It was a minute until midnight when the last passenger left. Harry swiftly removed his clothes and his hippogriff dildo. He strapped the dildo to the seat, lubed it up and sat down.

The bumps and turns hard managed to get him off many times before the night was even over.


Title: Tray Warning(s): Humans as Trays, Pairing(s): Harry/Severus, Rating: R, Word Count: 112

This was a treat for the teachers, which the 7th year students had cooked up. Well, the Houselves had done the cooking. The 6 students (three boys and three girls) served as the human platters.

The elves had Harry spread his legs as they arranged small cakes and custards on his nude body. Draco had wanted desserts, but had wound up as an appetizer. The elves slipped on his blindfold and then wheeled him to the teacher's banquet.

There was supposed to be a rule od no touching, but when he felt familiar fingers pluck his nipples, Severus did not plan on following the rules. Not that Harry minded all that much.


Title: Sweet Torture Warning(s): Anal/Nipple Play, Oral Sex Held Down, Restraint, Dub Con, Threesome, Pairing(s): Remus/Harry/Severus, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 126

Harry clawed at the desk as Severus held him down while Remus licked and fingered his arse. Mind, he didn't want the teachers to stop, he just flailed that much when Remus had mind to rim him for more than an hour.

"Please," he panted out.

Severus dug his fingers into his arms deeper and Remus swatted his bare bum.

"Why should we cater to your needs? We saw you snogging that little prick Draco," Severus snarled.

"He kissed me, I didn’t kiss back. I promise. Only you two."

"Promise?" there werewolf asked slyly.

"I swear."

"Our toy," the pair snarled as they flipped him over, Severus fucking his mouth and playing with his nipples as Remus continued to eat his fill of his young lover.


Title: Curiosity, Warning(s): Frottage, Pairing(s): Neville/Ron, Rating: Soft R, Word Count: 100

'This is not what I thought it was,' Neville thought to himself.

He wasn't as inquisitive as a Ravenclaw or Hermione, but he would hear unknown words in the dorm and would ask someone he felt comfortable with.

Not once, had he expected Ron to pull off their clothes and show him what frottage was.

Not that he was complaining. He had never thought about rubbing his cock against another, but it felt good. It made him feel closer to the redhead.

When they kissed? He never wanted it to end. Tomorrow, he would remember to ask Ron about rimming.


Title: Zing. Warning(s): Masochist, Spanking, Pairing(s): Harry/Tom, Rating R, Word Count: 100</i>

Harry shivered as he was bent over the table and his golden bikini bottoms were unzipped down the back to his scrotum, and pulled aside to reveal his 'Pain Slut' butt plug.

"Did you misbehave today?"

"No sir," he answered honestly.

Despite the answer, the riding crop landed swiftly on his bare bottom, causing him to hiss in pain. "You sound like one of my snakes when you hiss. Hiss for me again," Riddle ordered before he resumed spanking Harry's bare ass.

"More, please sir, make me feel," he hissed out in parseltongue.

His partner was happy to oblige him.

26th April 2017 01:47 - Fifth Line Kinko
Fifth Line Kinko: 99.95% of my Drabbles are Slash, M/M


Title: Daddy Warning(s): Incest, AU, Dirty Talk, Pairing(s): Harry/Severus. Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 100

One would think that finding out that your lover, was your father, that the lover part of your relationship would be over. That wasn't the case with Harry and Severus. In fact, it just made their sex life more.

"Please, Daddy, fuck me harder. Want to feel you whenever I have to sit tomorrow," Harry begged.

Severus panted and fucked the lithe boy harder than he had ever fucked him before. "Good boy, Merlin, you are the perfect son. Lucius can brag about his rich spoiled brat, but he'll never know the boy as I know you. Daddy's perfect slut."


Title: Bound, Warning(s): Bondage, Spit Roasting, (Can be read as Dub-Con or Non-Con), Pairing(s): Lucius/Harry/Severus, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 100

Harry tried to move as Lucius and Severus finished with the last buckle. It was no use, he was lucky that his hair could move.

"You were correct Severus; the blue ropes do bring out the color of his eyes. Front or back?"

"Front," he replied simply before marching to Harry's head and fucking his mouth.

"Poor Severus, working with all those idiot children stresses you. You should retire, then you could fuck our toy any time you wish."

"If only I could bring him to work."

"Perhaps after Tom wins the election. Until then, the door is always open."


Title: Rocker, Warning(s): Masturbation, Sex Toy, Pairing: No Pairing, Rating: R, Word Count: 100

Harry paced in front of the room of requirements and thought of everything he would need. Including a clock. He figured he would have about 2 hours before the Ravenclaw/Slytherin Quidditch match was over.

When the door appeared, he quickly entered and smiled. He was sure that his legs and ass would be sore after this tryst.

He quickly discarded hi clothes, lubricated the Annihilating Alexander secured to the Monkey Rocker, and sat down.

He rocked slowly at first, imagining a lover teasing him. The further into the fantasy he fell the faster he rocked, before he came, cock untouched.


Title: Water Warning: Tentacles, Pairing: Harry/Unseen Monster, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 100

Harry was in the bath when it happened. One minute he is relaxing in the warm waters and the next water was engulfing him.

Something shoved gillyweed in his mouth as... water snakes? Tentacles? Wrapped around his wrists and ankles, before spreading him out to look like a star.

One of the water appendages shoved down his throat, forcing him to fellate it, two played with his perking nipples, while one was acting as a cock ring... the last wormed its way in his ass.

He came many times as the creature fucked him overnight. He returned every night thereafter.


Title: Loving, Warning(s): Fight Sex, Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, Rating: NC-17, Word Count: 100

"Why do you pick damned fight, when you want me to fuck you hard?" Harry asked as he fucked his boyfriend hard.

Draco moaned before answering, "Because, you treat me like a porcelain doll, unless you are angry. Besides, why ask when you can manipulate?"

Hearing his lover's confession, he willed himself to slow down and go even gentler than he normally would.

"Well, since you wish to play the part of a petulant brat, I won't give you what you want. I'm going to make slow love to you, all night long," he whispered in his whimpering lover's ear.


I did all of the Kinkos to see if I could. Not to be entered. Thank you for hosting such a fun event.
29th April 2017 17:34 - Fifth Vertical
Title: Suck Warnings: Oral sex, hung!Draco Pairing: Neville/Draco, 100 words

It was a little daunting, honestly. Sure, Neville had done this before, but not like this. Not on someone so big.

“Just do what you can with it,” Draco drawled from the pillows. “Expectations are low, if that helps.” It didn’t. It made Neville wonder why he let Draco bring him back there.

But there he was, kneeling on Draco’s huge four-poster bed, faced with a gorgeously thick cock. He wrapped his lips around the head, easing back the foreskin so that he could flick his tongue against Draco’s frenulum.

“Come on, Neville,” Draco goaded. “Impress me.”

And he did.


Title: Irresistible Warnings: Magic made them do it, incest, sex etc, guilt, denial, angst Pairing: James/Albus, 100 words

“I don’t want this, it’s the spell, just the spell,” James chanted, even as he continued to thrust up desperately into his brother. This seemed to flip a switch inside Albus who pulled off and shook James roughly, fingers digging unforgivingly into his shoulders.

“Don’t lie!” he snarled, “The spell only works if you want it. You want me, just as much as I want you! I won’t let you make yourself the victim, here.” Albus kissed him harshly, fueled by years of repressed feelings and internalised shame. He rolled away, lying with his legs spread.

“If I’m wrong, leave.”


Title: Shameless Warnings: Public sex, rimming Pairing: Albus/Scorpius, 100 words

There’s quite an audience tonight, in their uniquely well-lit corner of the maison. They come a few times a week, foregoing the masks that most choose to hide behind. No one here cares who their fathers are, as long as they can watch.

Albus buries his face between Scorpius’s cheeks, loosely fisting his own cock. Scorpius loves this. Albus isn’t so keen, but he pushes the unpleasantness aside to hear his lover whine like this. To watch him squirm, make him gasp, make him beg to be fucked.

But not yet. Albus wants to build suspense, put on a show.


Title: Wax Warnings: Masochism/sadism, wax play Pairing: Ron/Sirius, 100 words

They both want Harry, really. That’s how this started. They saw themselves in the other; in the longing looks, the lingering touches, the vehement denial. But it has turned into more than that, not that either is ready to admit it.

Sirius tips the candle carefully, eyes fixed on Ron’s face as the wax spills directly onto his nipple. Ron’s jaw clenches, he hisses in a breath and writhes against his bonds. He’s still hard. Sirius can see the wax clinging to hairs on Ron’s chest and stomach. He’ll peel them off while he fucks him.

Ron will like that.


Title: Wild Warnings: Rough sex Pairing: Remus/Charlie, 100 words

He always comes to Charlie. Only he can handle Remus like this. Only he has the strength, the understanding, the instinct to give Remus what he needs.

Remus didn’t realise he needed someone to push back, not until Charlie. Although more than willing to be fucked, Charlie wouldn’t give up control without a fight. Remus had never imagined that could be a turn on. He loves to see Charlie’s strength, to test it. Especially when he finally manages to pin him down, both sweaty and panting.

The hard work makes the prize all the sweeter, and Remus will savour it.


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