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19th March 2017 00:01
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Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

19th March 2017 12:14 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink


The word was forced out of James’s mouth as Teddy – instead of opening his mouth immediately to take James’s prick inside it – chose to nudge his cheek against James’s inner thighs; against his balls; against his cock. The prickle and slide of his beard did it for James, Teddy knew. And Teddy had every intention of teasing James until he begged.

God. The thought of James begging had Teddy squeezing his legs together, pressing against his cock. James was fucking glorious when he was demanding and bratty, as he had been so far. He was beyond all imagining when Teddy made him fall apart – when he was nothing but pleading words and moans of need. Teddy opened his mouth and breathed warm air against James’s cock before licking down the side of it, still keeping his face pushing against the inside of James’s thigh.

James groaned. “Bastard.”

“Language, young Auror,” Teddy scolded, his voice dark and warm.

He sucked the end of James’s prick into his mouth, sliding his tongue inside the foreskin a little way. James made a mewling noise that he’d be embarrassed by on any other occasion. James was the stylish, never-lose-his-mystique type of wizard – at least in his own mind. Making small, pathetic noises of need didn’t fit in with his self-image. It made it even more enjoyable to force him to them.

“Teddy, stop teasing and just -”

Teddy backed off again, rubbing his face against James once more. He’d have horrendous beard-burn, but there was a decent spell for sorting that out, and James had never complained. Anything but.

“Just what, Jamie?”

“Suck me. Merlin, fuck, just do it, Teddy.”

James had his hand in Teddy’s hair in an attempt to force him further onto his cock; and Teddy, just to fuck with him, concentrated hard and shortened his hair so that James’s hand slipped out. James swore, fully and comprehensively, and Teddy laughed, frustrating James with kitten licks all over his cock. James’s breathing began to come out in little “uh” noises until Teddy took pity and slipped his lips firmly around the erection, its tip wet with beads of precome. He lengthened his hair again, allowing his boyfriend to wind his fingers through its (probably blue, though Teddy couldn’t be bothered to check) strands.

“Gods, please, Ted,” James forced out, and Teddy felt warmth flow through his body. James pleading always did it for him.

He slid a hand down to his own cock, fumbling with the button to open his trousers until he hissed with frustration and used his other hand as well. How he could be so elegant in the field and then so clumsy when it came to every day things like unbuttoning clothing was beyond Teddy, but at moments like this it was more than a little annoying. His sigh of relief escaped around James’s prick as Teddy’s fingers closed around his almost painfully hard erection; and he moved one of his hands back up to fondle James’s balls as he turned his attention firmly to his sucking. James was groaning and swearing and pleading unendingly now, Teddy’s name surrounded by profanities; and Teddy was grateful for the silencing charm on his door. It had been put in place to prevent Auror secrets being spread, but it was useful just now to prevent James’s tormented pleasure being broadcast to the entire department.

“Please, fuck, fuck – Teddy, fuck, please...”
19th March 2017 12:14 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink

Teddy was struggling to keep his own composure. Determined not to spill his load before he’d got James off, he pulled out every trick, sliding his tongue around and about James’s cock as he moved up and down. But it was when he moved his head lower so that his beard brushed against James’s balls that James lost it, spilling down his throat with a husky moan. Teddy’s hand sped up on his prick and James had not stopped shooting into his mouth before Teddy came over his own hand, warm and sticky.

“God,” James muttered thickly.

Teddy leaned his head against James’s legs, too wiped first from the adrenaline rush of battle and then of sex to think of moving.

“Yeah,” he agreed, licking his lips and revelling in the taste of James in his mouth.

“You okay?” James asked, sliding down the wall and sliding an arm around his boyfriend.

Teddy smiled, and kissed him. “Hell, yeah. You?”

“More than.” James grinned, looking down at the mess that Teddy had made of his hand, and digging his wand out of his pocket before waving it lazily to clean him off. “You seemed to enjoy yourself.”

“You sounded as if you did,” Teddy retorted.

James had the grace to blush. “Have I ever mentioned,” he asked would-be casually, “that I love your beard?”
19th March 2017 12:26 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink

Leaning against the wall, his cock in his hand, stroking it with his messy dark head thrown back in a way which was so typically James.

“I thought you said that now we were living together, we probably didn’t need to have quickies in my office?” he said quizzically. “Not to mention that it was almost certainly inappropriate after my promotion?”

James, his cheeks pink from arousal and hazel eyes dark from lust, looked across at him. “That was before you grew that fucking beard,” he growled, pushing himself away from the wall and moving towards Teddy.

*flails and dies* God that was gorgeous and hot! Yum yum yum!
19th March 2017 14:22 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
*dances you*

Thank you. I love love love these two, and inappropriate!office sex for the win.
19th March 2017 13:09 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink

I was ridiculously excited about leaving this prompt, and I'm so happy you decided to write it! The idea of Teddy with a beard totally does things to me (and James, clearly!) and you know I'm all about the office sex! Your James and Teddy here were perfection, and I just absolutely adored James's bratty confidence and Teddy's teasing. You're the best, darling! <3
19th March 2017 14:24 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Thank you! It was the first thing I saw and immediately thought "yeah, going to write that". A new kink for me to write (helped along by the fact my lovely partner has just grown one) but it definitely may not be the last time I write it :)

And you might know that I rather like writing this pairing. Just a tiny bit :P
19th March 2017 16:40 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
I love these two like this, just riding the edge of wicked and good, pushing at the rules but always aware of them, teasing each other until they can't stand it any longer. You write them perfectly. :D I'm sitting here grinning. That was fabulous.
20th March 2017 12:19 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink

Thank you. I love these two to bits, but not quite as much as they love each other :)
20th March 2017 06:54 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! ::flailing:: ALL OF IT!! Omg, so many good lines, and BEARDY TEDDY omg yes to that, and thousand yeses! *beams like a bride*

“Fuck, I love this thing.”

“This thing?” Teddy teased. “Are you calling your boyfriend – and, incidentally, your boss – a ‘thing’?”

“Fuck off.”

*dies laughing*

“Oh,” he said, with mock innocent, “so you like the beard?”

James lowered his mouth and dug his teeth into Teddy’s neck, licking the coarse hairs that filled his mouth. “Yes, you bastard,” he said, moving the hand not rubbing Teddy’s cock to stroke the other side of his face, “I do. Now, how about you stick it between my legs?”
The thought of James begging had Teddy squeezing his legs together, pressing against his cock. </i>

HOLY HELL this line is the hottest thing!!! Ajdhsjah! Omg just asjdahdjh bearded, teasing, cock-sucking, BEARDED, hair-shortening, teasing Teddy, guh!! He is divine, and so is this, and you and I love them <3

20th March 2017 06:56 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
OMG my comment is incoherent lol, I squished two lines together! They were very hot lines, and now combined they've rendered me useless at technology lmfao *is resigned to fate*

20th March 2017 12:22 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
*dances you*

Of course, now you need to draw beardy!Teddy (heh, not bready!Teddy, as I first typed, which would be very different... I now want a picture of him with a beard holding a baguette...)

This was such fun to write. I'm so glad it worked. I get the feeling you like Teddy's beard almost as much as James does. Almost. No one could quite get to that level...
20th March 2017 09:38 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
LSdkfjalskdjgf!!! Yeah, fuck, that's amazingly hot, like, psss, I'm burning, kind of hot! Delicious in every way and now I'm dying to see bearded!Teddy! AWESOME! :D
20th March 2017 12:23 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Hee, I was just trying to persuade [info]shiftylinguini to draw bearded!Teddy (with a loaf of bread). I am so there for that.

So glad you liked it!
20th March 2017 12:56 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Oh, man, I love them here. Teddy is so teasing and fun, James is so deliciously needy. Guh!
And the whole scenario is fabulous. Badass Auror Teddy (no wonder James can't keep his hands to himself) and your description of the Auror uniform had me grinning.
And then when they both were coming apart...*bites fist* Oh yeah.
Perfect last line, too!
Fabulous, hon! ♥
20th March 2017 14:50 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Oh yeah, Teddy is definitely hot when he's kicking ass. :)

Thank you!
21st March 2017 15:23 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Yes. Yes to all of this.

This pairing has really risen high up on my favorites list recently, and this was a particularly hot little scene between them! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
22nd March 2017 11:56 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Yay for James/Teddy love - it is my OTP and I adore it, so I'm always happy when other people do too! Thank you so much!
21st March 2017 15:26 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Hooray for inappropriate office sex!!
24th March 2017 06:43 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
Absolutely. Nothing like adding that in as an extra kink :)
25th March 2017 20:49 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink
GUHHHHHHHHHHHH! Fuckin' hot as hell! I love facial hair SO much! Loved watching James come undone by it as well! ♥♥
26th March 2017 10:15 - Re: James Sirius/Teddy - Beard!Kink

Thank you! Watching James come undone is one of my - and Teddy's - favourite things. :)
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