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Art: Breathless Anticipation (Charlie/Padfoot) 
19th March 2010 21:36
Title: "Breathless Anticipation"
Based On/Inspired By:Adrenaline Junkies by [info]snegurochka_lee
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Padfoot
Medium: Pencil
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Bestiality,Nudity
Summary/Description: Sirius in the form of Padfoot prepares to fulfill Charlie's unusual desire
Author's Notes: The story that inspired this is extremely hot and oh so wrong so I couldn't help myself, thank you [info]snegurochka_lee for the wonderful source material! In any case, I've been having a terrible week and needed to vent my artistic spleen by drawing something possibly a bit squick inducing and a bit out of the norm for me and this fits the bill. Plus, it gave me the chance to draw Charlie and that's a good thing although I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with how it came out.

Art Preview

Extremely not work safe art under cut!

20th March 2010 03:20
Oh MAN, how I loved that story! WHat a delicious fic to illustrate! *g*
Charlie's tat and his, um, bits *g* are Yummy, and that look on his face... Oh yeah, baby!
And you can tell Padfoot is having the best time, too.
Sizzling, hon. As always! :)
23rd March 2010 02:01
Thanks hon! :)
20th March 2010 03:25
Deliciously naughty art for a deliciously naughty fic. Fantastic. :-)
23rd March 2010 02:02
Thank you!
20th March 2010 04:05
Hot and wrong and really awesome :D

I always find it fascinating how many different styles and textures a pencil can create.
23rd March 2010 02:02
Thank you! Pencils are so versatile, I love my Col-Erase. :)
20th March 2010 04:10
I love that predatory look on Sirius' face. Off to read the story now!
23rd March 2010 02:03
Enjoy, it's a dang good one!
20th March 2010 04:13
I hadn't read that fic before, so thanks for the link. Man, that is one hot story, and your pic is the perfect compliment to it. Gorgeous.

23rd March 2010 02:04
Always happy to do the public service of sharing the porn. Thanks!
20th March 2010 10:34
Wha - hey! Gorgeous art. So wrong and so well done!
23rd March 2010 02:04
Thank you! :)
20th March 2010 11:54
Oh niiiiiiiiiice. Love me a bit o' Padfoot sex. *flails* Both their expressions are marvelous--Charlie looks over whelmed and Padfoot quite naughty. Those hands clenched in the sheets, the tattoo, the way Padfoot almost seems to be licking his lips are wonderful. Great job!
23rd March 2010 02:05
Thank you, I'm so glad this was well received, I was worried the subject matter might be a bit over the top for art.
20th March 2010 12:54

I was wondering if anyone would take any of my stuff as a base this month, so YAY!!!!!!! Gaah, you've got that scene down perfectly. Exactly what I had in mind, when, umm, I imagined it. :D I love how muscular they both are, and Charlie's tats are amazing, and the mischievous look on Padfoot's face just wins at everything. Charlie's cock is super awesome, too. a;skjdflsdf.

Thank you!! ♥
23rd March 2010 02:01
You're very welcome, it was after all a smoking hot story. Perfect drawing bait. I'm so glad you like it!
20th March 2010 16:03
Oh, how I loved that story! So much. And your art-- MMMMM, what a delicious addition!
23rd March 2010 02:08
Thanks very much!
20th March 2010 18:29
Smoking hot. That is amazing.
23rd March 2010 02:09
Thank you. :)
21st March 2010 01:45
this is wonderful! I am loving the blue line, and for some reason, the way CW's bunched fists look like doggie paws just slays me. and Padfoot's salacious drool... ahahaha!
23rd March 2010 02:06
Thank you! I'm glad you groked to the hand/paws, it was intentional. ;)
21st March 2010 02:11
Knot him like a little bitch ... I mean ...

Oh, who am I kidding? THIS IS SO MADE OF WIN ---- GUHHHHH.
23rd March 2010 02:05
*L* Thank you!
21st March 2010 02:21
OMG, that is so damn hot. A hot picture to go with a hot story. Brilliant work!
23rd March 2010 02:08
Thank you, I'm glad it compliments the story.
23rd March 2010 03:11
Wow, this is really well done. I can't believe I haven't read that story of Lee's! Perfect, then, to have your great artwork lead me to getting it in my to-read bookmarks properly!
23rd March 2010 21:40
This is so wrong dirty hot... I love it! <3
24th March 2010 18:15
My two seekrit kink: Sirius/Charlie and bestiality! UNF, this is amazing! The tattoos on Charlie's arm, and Padfoot's tongue...WOW. I love it!
28th March 2010 00:49

Yuuuum! :)
28th March 2010 16:27
I was really, really hoping someone would do art for this fic. You have killed me with dirtybadwrong guh!
8th April 2010 17:52

OMG! That is SO DAMN HOT. And I adore Adrenaline Junkies sooooo mcuh and this.... PERFECT. nnnnngh.
15th April 2010 23:40
OH god, so very not my kink or pairing AT ALL, but this is gorgeous art, so WHO CARES. Love it. Love the details, love all the linework, just love it.
12th October 2013 17:59
Damn, that's naughty. God, I love it!
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