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Kinky Kristmas Art: Fascination (Harry/Charlie) 
21st December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]leela_cat
From: [info]fanlay

Title: Fascination
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter/ Charlie Weasley
Rating: NWS
Kinks/Themes Included: blindfold, bondage
Other Warnings: none
Artist's Notes: Happy Christmas everyone!

22nd December 2009 06:00
Incredible! Just wow!!!
22nd December 2009 06:10
Wow! Gorgeous art! Amazing! I loved the Charlie's tattoo and the way Harry holds him.

22nd December 2009 07:17
Wow this is just an amazing drawing! Your anatomy is spot on and the tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You win at life.
22nd December 2009 10:09


This is simply fabulous. Not only does it hit my kinks (bondage, tattoos) but it's just...gorgeous. I love the contrast of Charlie's pale skin with the black robe, and how his tattoo adds a splash of color.

*stares some more*

God, that's just so beautiful. Fantastic work of art.

22nd December 2009 14:00
Oh my, just drools. This is so gorgeous!
22nd December 2009 14:07
Wow. I'm left rather speechless. I'm just going to say, "GORGEOUS" ?
22nd December 2009 15:06
this is amazing. seriously, you are so insanely talented it's scary! :D i love how much movement and detail there is to their bodies. the tattoos are just incredible, and charlie all tied up and blindfolded like that is making me all fjsklfjkl! and i adore the robe, which seems keeping in theme with the tattoos, and which also has incredible movement. i always love the depiction of fabric in your work. incredible!
22nd December 2009 16:24
God I love everything you do----and how you use clothing puddles to further the composition. Nrghhhhhh ♥

22nd December 2009 17:55
OMG the tattoo...

22nd December 2009 18:18

This is just too hot! Absolutely beautiful!
22nd December 2009 18:19
That is without a doubt the most awesome tattoo art I have ever seen. It is simply beautiful... and Charlie's robe half on. *fans self*

That is just beyond sexy.
22nd December 2009 21:55 - Callistianstar (on LJ)
lulabelle rec'd this, and I must admit I think I almost swallowed my tongue cause I definitely choked a little when I saw this. This is gorgeous. Lovely job with this.
23rd December 2009 03:17
OH wow!! That's gorgeous!!! The colors for the tattoos are so amazing! I love how gentle Harry looks even with the bondage! Fabulous!!!!
23rd December 2009 03:20
Holy crap! *stares* Charlie's tattoos are fantastic and I love the way the gown is falling off his shoulder :-D
23rd December 2009 04:11
gorgeous. the coloring/shading and drawing are so delicate and beautiful and charlie's tattoo makes my mouth water. not to mention the way he is sitting on his heals. :D
23rd December 2009 07:12
Absolutely beautiful. The details are amazing! Like others have said, this is stunning.
23rd December 2009 10:54
Nnnnnnng! CHRIST, LOOK AT CHARLIE!!! *bites fist*

I was hoping I'd see your art at KK, 'mystery artist.'

23rd December 2009 12:29
I should have saved this one for after work! Good lord, how am I supposed to get up and go to work after looking at Charlie's bum?

The tats, the hair. Oh Charlie!
23rd December 2009 20:12
The tattoo... The fobe falling off him, but getting tangled... The bound hands... The enthusiasm (because why else would Harry be pulling him close)... His perfectly round bum...

OH, my. *is dead*
23rd December 2009 23:52
Oh man, that's gorgeous! I love how you've taken the fanon trope of Charlie covered with tattoos and created that gorgeous tapestry on his back and arm and upper thigh, set off so beautifully by his black cloak and red sash.

And Harry, unmarked, unclothed, only in his spectacles, and in control of Charlie but also cradling him -- fantastic.

Wonderful work!
29th December 2009 21:25
Aaaah, wonderful! The tats are amazing. :)
1st January 2010 10:08
Holy crap! This is . . . wow.

Was Charlie a Yakuza member at some point? XD Regardless, that's an awesome tattoo!
1st January 2010 21:30
Charlie's tats are absolutely wonderful - I can't stop staring!
2nd January 2010 05:11
Gorgeous all around. I always love your fabrics and tattoos.
2nd January 2010 11:56
GUH. VERY impressive! Here via [info]alisanne

Love the tattoos!
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