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Fic: During, Before and After the Wedding (Snape/Lupin, NC17) 
28th January 2009 06:34
Title: During, Before and After the Wedding
Author: [info]lore
Characters: Snape/Lupin
Rating: NC17/NWS
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything Old is New (Romantic Marriage, Courtship, Frottage)
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: With much patience, and a little magic, Remus and Severus find forever.
Author's notes: Inspired by and based on this gorgeous art piece, titled After the Wedding, by [info]ghot (NC17/NWS). This post was meant for the 27th, but rather than fiddle the time, I'm slipping it in. Thanks to [info]karasu_hime for beta and hand-holding. Con-crit and all other comments are always welcome.

"I do."

Yes! Severus had said it, there was no taking it back now. White magic washed and pulsed around them, blinding the audience with the depth of their commitment to one another. Even Remus was surprised by the purity of the light; his highest hopes had been for a brackish beige or ochre. The enchantment soon concentrated down to their joined hands and ended with a crackle of lightning across their simple gold rings. Remus' heart was safe.

It had started with a flash of heat and recognition. One minute, Severus was merely an old comrade in arms and potions provider for Remus and Teddy, and the next he was more. He'd stayed at Remus' inherited cottage to nurse both him and Teddy through a nasty flu virus and after three days of misery, it occurred to Remus that Severus Snape had just lavished him with the kind of comforts only someone extremely tuned-in to Remus could provide.

Severus had tended Teddy first, always, no matter how much Remus had been coughing. He'd found the tin of Ceylon hidden in the back of the tea cabinet and used it at the lowest times. The chicken soup had pasta in it, the way Remus had learned to make it from his mother. And when Severus had believed Remus to be asleep, he'd stroked the sweaty hair back off the sick man's forehead, combing through it with gentle fingertips until his temple was dry again.

By the time his fever had broken, Remus knew that Severus cared for him and he found that he didn't mind it at all. Later, he'd asked Severus to move in with them, claiming that Teddy was too much to handle alone, and Severus had been so good with him when he was sick. Severus had spent the scant months after the war holed up in a Knockturn bedsit, so he'd immediately said "yes" to the small guest room in the sturdy home, claiming the cellar as his primary domain. As their friendship had developed, so had Remus' desire, but he'd held back, determined to recognize the right moment when he saw it.

Teddy had noticed the changes first. His chubby little face had stopped producing snaggled teeth and slick, black hair. He had quit turning the yellow of sallow, and it was when Teddy's normally ruddy skin took on an ethereal pallor that Remus had noticed it, too. Severus had been changing.

"Severus Snape, you've been giving yourself a make-over!"

"Do not be absurd, Lupin," he had hissed. "I am merely making some improvements."

"Trying to catch someone's eye?" Remus had tried to put on a casual air, but he knew Severus could see right through him.

"If I ever wish to expand my social circle beyond a manky werewolf and a drooling excrement machine, I need to make myself more- appealing."

"What if I wish for you to stay right here and not bother with all those-" Remus had waved his arm up and down Severus' potions-altered form, although he must not have figured out a cure for his nose yet. "-Changes?"

Severus had shaken his slightly less dirty hair, the black strands standing out starkly against pale skin and straighter, less-yellow teeth. "You didn't bother saying anything before I made the changes."

Remus had stood then, walking over to Severus and quickly pulling the other man against him before he could protest. "Let those potions lapse and I'll prove it to you."

Then he had ducked in and claimed Severus' thin lips, using his arms to hold Severus in place while the stubborn Potions expert squirmed and fought against Remus' lips and tongue. Remus had let soft kisses roam and seek over Severus' mouth until he had finally gone limp, allowing the kiss to happen and even participating in it. Toward the end, Severus had taken control, pulling Remus' tongue into his mouth as if to suck the life from him. Holding out until his vision began to blacken at the edges, Remus waited until it had been Severus who pulled away, staring at him almost angrily while he had heaved for precious air.

"I'll marry you on just one kiss."

Severus' face had turned from anger to shock for just an instant before Remus had been on the receiving end of one of Severus' most suspicious death glares.

"We'll see, Lupin," he'd spat before turning and heading for the cellar.

It hadn't taken long for Severus to reverse the effects of the skin potion, but his teeth had remained more straight than not. Instead of a potion, Severus took to bathing more often, which had left his hair relatively normal until the end of a brewing day. His nose had remained the size of and shape of the Rock of Gibraltar.

What had continued for months had been the slow convincing of Severus that Remus' affections and desire were real.

"You cannot be serious!"

"I didn't think you wanted me to be like him, but I can try. Here-" Remus had snatched up Severus' hand and placed it on his crotch. "Feel that? You were bent over your fire just a moment ago."

"Vulgar wolf!"

"Your child will despise me."

"He looks like you more often than he looks like himself!" Remus had held Teddy up to show Severus his black eyes, Gibraltar nose and inky hair flowing over and out of the blanket in which he was wrapped.

"He is a whelp, not old enough to know any better!"

"I love you. And I think you love me, but won't admit it."

"I couldn't tell you what love is to know if I feel it, Remus, so how can you be so certain?"

"You are good to me, Severus. To us. You love us, you're just refusing to let yourself feel it."

"If you know so much, then you know exactly why I can't."


"Where did you get this kind of money?! Copy-editing does not pay this well."

An elaborate men's ring had sat between them, the gold finely twined into an intricate pattern, with three large emeralds embedded securely in the setting. Remus had shrugged.

"I sold my mother's silver. We're not going to be the type of couple to entertain."

He hadn't heard Severus's muttering as the man had scooped up the ring and stormed out of the cottage. Remus had thought he had pushed Severus too far, too fast. It would take a nostalgic walk through the memory in a pensieve, years later, for Remus to hear "Oh yes we are."

Severus had returned with two simple gold rings and the silver set. A month later, they were married.

Back at the cottage, still buzzing from the power of their marriage bond, Remus didn't even pause before he jerked off his tie and let the pieces of his suit land wherever they were tossed. Once he was naked, he began unbuttoning Severus' shirt, only Severus was faster with his trousers than Remus was with fingers trembling from need. Severus' silky hardness landed on Remus' thigh, and suddenly he couldn't wait any longer, pulling Severus down with him to the chaise. Teddy was spending the next few nights with his godfather and Remus had intentions of taking his husband wherever and whenever he would let him.

Severus wasted no time in straddling Remus' lap, tense muscles meeting soft skin, a slick heat slowly rising between them. Remus decided that the sight of Severus still in his rumpled suit, bare legs falling on either side of his own, was worth the digging of a few buttons into his ribs. He lapped at the hollow of Severus' throat, working his way up, tasting, finally claiming the scent of salty spice that had been teasing his nose for weeks as their awareness of one another and their upcoming nuptials had drawn closer.

He swiped over the raspy skin of Severus' chin and then Severus was pressing even closer, his mouth open and a flash of red waiting just inside, as if begging for his own taste. With a loud groan, Remus tipped his head back against the lounge and opened his mouth, tongue peeking out and seeking Severus'. They met in the middle, and this kiss was delicate, questing but firm. The tips of their tongues touched in open air, and it sent dirty, delicious shivers down both their spines as they slid past one another and sealed their lips together.

This time, they learned to open against one another, stealing air even as they continued to map the depths of each others' mouths. Severus pushed himself up higher and higher, explosions of friction going off between them. Remus grasped the back of Severus' neck and the satisfyingly firm flesh of Severus' arse, pulling him in tighter, helping him ride Remus' body in shameless little slips up and down.

"Severus, god-" Long fingers had found their way into Remus' hair and now Severus was holding on as fast as Remus. Severus stilled for a moment and his remaining clothes disappeared, causing Remus to gasp as his chest met Severus' ribs. He immediately dropped his head to the brown nipple at eye-level and lunged forward to cover it in kisses and the sting of teeth, holding it gently suspended for seconds before tugging. Severus finally moaned, the touch of pain enough to make him let go of any remaining inhibitions. He kept his chest high for Remus' mouth and bent to the side to gnaw on his husband's neck, working his way up until he could properly lick and nip Remus' sensitive earlobe.

"Now, please now," Severus whispered, puffs of breath causing tingles to shoot across Remus' damp skin. He could see that the bonding magic was rising again, the darkened room becoming brighter as he felt his control slipping. Remus just knew that he couldn't live another minute without being joined with his love.

"I'm sorry. I have to." Leaning over, Remus fumbled for his wand, too far gone, he knew, to perform competent wandless magic. He pressed the carved wood against Severus' slick skin to keep it from wavering as he chanted an old muscle-relaxing spell he'd used after hundreds of transformations. It would help about as much as the long minutes preparation would take. Severus summoned what looked like a homemade jar of lube before Remus could cast a spell for it, and Severus wasted no time, scooting back and covering Remus' cock in a layer of thick unguent.

When Severus finished and reached behind himself, riding his own fingers for precious moments, Remus felt his cock flex at the sight of Severus with his eyes closed and head dropped back. He thought he also saw a flash of light as he whimpered for Severus to finish, but he could make out Severus' face more clearly now. "I'm not going to be able to hold on," he said through gritted teeth.

"You'd better or this marriage is over," Severus said, teasing his free hand down Remus' cheek. White again flirted with the corner of Remus' eye, and he finally remembered that their bond would not be complete until they were consummated. In an instant, he had Severus' hips in hand and was guiding his husband over his cock, afraid he would botch the intricate magic Minerva had devised for them from ancient texts. Severus had tried to use the idea of a magical bonding against Remus, a last test of his resolve before the wedding, but Remus hadn't blinked. In just a few short months, Severus had become the second half of his world, and Remus didn't want to lose those that he loved ever again.

Letting Severus set the pace, Remus held himself firm and upright as Severus found the right angle and began to slowly sink down Remus' shaft. He had his eyes closed in concentration, eyelashes sooty against pale skin, and Remus watched, dry-mouthed as luminescence haloed the ceiling around them. It took only a few strokes for them to find their rhythm even as Severus fell against Remus' chest. They kissed and clung to one another as their hips rose and fell, Severus crying out against Remus' mouth when they found the perfect angle.

Sparkles of the purest white began to drift down from the ceiling like lazy pixies. As the men moved, pushing and pulling, fingers scrabbling for purchase on sweaty skin, the drift became a snow and the snow a rain of glitter. They fought to keep their eyes open, each determined to see the other undone, the completion of their covenant. Severus, receiving dual stimulation, plastered as he was against Remus with his cock trapped against undulating stomach muscles, coarse hair, scars, and sweat-soaked skin, came first. His body clenched with a jerk and Remus followed a second later, the tight grip of Severus' muscles sending fire along his veins, fingers and toes.

The bond magic worked with them, heightening their senses and drawing out their completion. Helpless groans filled the air as the starry splendor whirled around the couple, closing in on them until it flowed into their bodies. Remus pushed Severus up by his shoulders, watching as moisture pricked the corner of his beloved's eyes, not realising that his own had been leaking tears constantly since the light began coming down. With the last pulses of pleasure filling them, the energies again concentrated, and this time the blaze of it crackled from heart to heart. Two souls became bound together for as long an eternity as they chose.

Later, they would discover matching scars above their hearts. Remus would say they looked like tiny crescent moons, but Severus called his just another battle scar. It took Remus years to understand that the battle Severus had fought had been against his own psyche, to trust Remus enough to bond himself one last time.

In the aftermath of their lovemaking, Remus was filled with a happy contentment. Even though they were both dripping with sweat and other fluids, Remus didn't feel the least bit exhausted, the bonding magic leaving them with a lingering energy that was probably meant to help carry them through a honeymoon. Severus hadn't let them plan anything quite so soppy, but they did have several days before Harry would be bringing Teddy back.

Remus smirked and Severus quirked an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"I'm planning my next pounce on you." He smiled adoringly at the haughty look on Severus' face, his large, long nose only adding to the effect. To think, Remus had nearly lost that fleshy magnificence to Severus' attempts at vanity!

"Who says you get the next pounce?" Severus sat up, crossing his arms over his chest, but Remus' answering laughter was tinged with joy. Remus threw his arms around Severus' chest and placed his ear against Severus' heart, imagining that he could hear his own beat echoing his husband's.

Instead of Remus' cock slipping out of Severus, it was filling again, and Severus' eyes went wide when he felt it. In another second, those same eyes went hooded, and Severus forced himself all the way down again with a shudder of bliss.

"It looks like you do," Remus said before he flipped Severus under him and surged forward. They had their whole lives for Severus to even the score, and Remus was perfectly ecstatic to be the one keeping the count.


love, lore
28th January 2009 06:57
*swoons* Very romantic!
28th January 2009 09:05
So romantic, my dear. Severus's hidden intensity if wonderful, as is Remus's determination. And the bonding magic! Beautiful!
28th January 2009 10:32
OHHHHHHHHH!!!! Wow, I love what you added! So much more depth and romance! Battle scars, I love that part!
Very nice, very nice!
28th January 2009 12:00
Mmmmmm.... Perfect for a snowy day.
28th January 2009 12:05
Lovely. I especially liked the slow (and snarky) courtship, Teddy's ready fondness for Severus, and the white bonding magic.
28th January 2009 13:12
OH yes, I do indeed LOVE LORE.

Erm... *takes several deep breaths and tries not to pounce on own partner when own small child is still awake*

Yes. Hot. Yes. Snarky. Yes. Snape-still-Snape-and-in-love. That's quite an impressive feat.

*gives up and swoons*
28th January 2009 15:33
This was so sweet ^_^ I love how Severus was changing his looks for Remus and how Teddy was mimicking Severus. All these sweet stories are perfect for Valentine's Day :)
28th January 2009 17:08
Mmmm, romantic and lovely and delicious. A perfect companion piece to Gnot's wonderful art. Thank you for sharing this with us. *happy sigh*
28th January 2009 17:55
Romantic and oh-so-sweet! Lovely to warm up with on a chilly gray day.
28th January 2009 18:56

That was so wonderful. Severus is his usual snarky self. Remus is patient and Teddy is adorable with his changing to look like Severus.
28th January 2009 20:29
Loved! Oh, such lovely language describing the way they kissed. I went "Oh!" once or twice. Great story!
28th January 2009 23:56
Oh my that was awesome. And I'm not even into this pairing. Just beautiful.
29th January 2009 17:15
Waaaa! You did write, didn't you!! XD XD *can't believe the awesome*

I should have guessed that Remus was the impatient one, not letting Severus undress completely. And he was the one that properly initiated the courting and asked Severus in marriage, aww! Loved the details, and cute baby Teddy, and the bond magic and, yummmm, the frottage, the kissing, the sex, the description is much better than the image!!

So lovely and sexy and even has a bit of humor! I can see it all playing in my head! I'm so happy that you chose to base your story on my pic, thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥
29th January 2009 22:00
Aw, that was all warm and fuzzy while also being hot and saucy! What a delightful combination!

Love it when I see a Snape who's all "I'm not in love, shut up" while at the same time doing things that would suggest otherwise to any who know him well enough. Certainly he wouldn't be quite so tolerant of Remus, let alone comforting during an illness, if there was not something more to his feelings than he was wanting to let on.

Soooo...what I'm trying to say here is that I love your Snape. And your persistent Remus. And the sweet and spicy tale of bonding.
31st January 2009 08:13
this right here is a romance win. yay bonding ceremonies!

"I'll marry you on just one kiss."

1st February 2009 11:51
I love the semi-romantic setting, because Severus and Remus make witty words their romance. :3 But I especially love that Teddy is copying Severus' face, hair, nose, and everything else! Oh, Teddy. :D
29th June 2009 13:43
holy crap this was amazing! it was every kind of awesome, both cute, romantic, hot and funny! Me like!!
16th February 2010 01:19
*confetti and fluff* A lovely bonding fic...and determined!Remus is sooo sexy convincing disbelieving!Severus. *cheering happily*
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