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Art: After the Wedding, R 
26th January 2009 21:42
Title: After the Wedding
Artist: [info]ghot
Media: Pencil & Photoshop
Characters: Snape/Lupin
Rating: R
Warnings: Er, fluff?
Themes/kinks chosen: Romantic marriage (everything old is new)
Artist's notes: Well, it's after said romantic marriage.

26th January 2009 18:09
Ohhhh yum!
LOVE this. They're just so involved with each other, so focused. Mmmm. Delicious. :)
26th January 2009 18:42
Hee, thank you! I'm glad you liked!
26th January 2009 18:09
OMG! I love it! And what's even more sexy than the kiss, are the wedding rings they're wearing on their fingers. Soooo sweet :D What a perfect piece of art ^_^
26th January 2009 18:54
Oh, sexy and sweet! *glee*
Thank you! XD
26th January 2009 18:19
Woo, YUMMY! The tongues, Severus still dressed from the waist up, Remus' hand on the back of his neck... GUH. Totally hot and sensual. Love it!
26th January 2009 19:00
Severus was very impatient! ;D
Hehe, thank you! I'm glad you liked!
26th January 2009 18:27
AWWW this is lovely! I love the use of purples and blues!
Very sweet!
26th January 2009 19:07
Thank you!! I'm glad you liked! ^_______^
26th January 2009 19:15
Oh my god, Karasu, I've been in a giggle fit over your icon for the last five minutes now.
26th January 2009 19:13
My dear, are you trying to kill me?? This is amazing!
I think I've tried to express this to you before, but I can always feel the solidity of the characters in your art- their touches and their body weight are so real and so intense, and then the KISS...asd;klda;lkasd!!!
I can't stop staring.
26th January 2009 20:16
Oh, cedar you're trying to kill me! I'm all giddy now! ^_______^

THANK YOU, I'm really glad you liked!!! ♥
26th January 2009 21:00
MMMMM. Wow, that's fantastic. Love the detail of the ring, and the beauty of the kiss is just amazing.
27th January 2009 20:09
Thank you!! :D
26th January 2009 21:28
Guhh, that's just gorgeous. Very romantic.
27th January 2009 20:10
Thank you!!
26th January 2009 21:37
Oh that's just beautiful.
I love the colours and the aura of pure contentment about them.


27th January 2009 20:11
Thank you! I'm glad you liked! :D
27th January 2009 01:52
I think...I might just have to write to this today....

love, lore
27th January 2009 20:18

ksa;ksd;laaksl!!! ^_____________________^
27th January 2009 02:46
So gorgeous! The colors, the emotion, the details, the physicality - wow wow wow. The dozen colors in Remus's hair! a;sldfkjsd;!!!

But I think of all the wonderful things about this art, it is the line work that I love the most.

*cannot stop drinking it in*
27th January 2009 21:01
Ah, I must admit that I was pretty happy with the line art here, I almost didn't color it. A pencil has some nice textures of it's own, doesn't it? ^__^
Thank you!
27th January 2009 03:36
OK, reading the comments, it's clear I'm the only one - but this makes me so sad.
I think it's because Severus looks quite young here.

A picture of what might have been, and never was.
27th January 2009 21:09
Aww, I understand. If they look happy it always has to be a what if or AU... JKR really made things difficult for us. :(

Well, but thank you for viewing and commenting!
27th January 2009 10:56
*happy sigh*
27th January 2009 21:12
27th January 2009 12:51
so many wonderful little details, the colors that give Remus' hair texture, their rings, Severus partially dressed.
and they look so peaceful and happy.
27th January 2009 21:14
Thank you! I'm glad you liked!♥
27th January 2009 17:15
Oh, that's beautiful!
27th January 2009 21:15
Thank you!
27th January 2009 20:38
Happy romantic times.
27th January 2009 21:16
They are! Thanks!
27th January 2009 21:09
This is beautiful. The details are amazing. I love their kiss and Severus' ring and the fact that Severus is still half dressed. And Remus is hot too :)
27th January 2009 21:18
Thank you! I'm glad you liked!! :D
28th January 2009 13:14
Ooh, I like the dressedness versus undressedness. And the 'OMG, I'd snog either of them' feeling ;)
28th January 2009 14:58
Oh good grief, you've drawn my cast iron kink clothed/nude!

Are you trying to kill me with the loveliness???

Beautiful, sensual work as ever, my dear.
29th January 2009 09:53
Ahhhhh, suit jacket and no bottoms!!!!!! And Remus is like, *strips down right now* LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
29th January 2009 12:10
Oh, wow, just lovely. I adore suggestiveness in art, and this manages to convey emotion and a sense of action with a minimum of fuss. Beautiful! M.
31st January 2009 20:02
Holy! This is really hot. Great pose and Severus in a shirt only :)
1st February 2009 11:55
!!! This is delightful and beautiful. The warm color of the background sets the mood, but what's more stunning is how Severus is leaning over Remus while Remus hangs on/pulls Severus to him. Their closed eyes! The rings on their fingers! This is one of the best (and most romantic) art I've seen. <3
2nd February 2009 03:02
Bwah! I ♥ this so much - I love the rich blue and purple Snape and Remus are immersed in. I love the way Snape's hair dangles down his face, and his nose and tongue and arse. Argh, it's so REALISTIC.

Basically, now I highly suspect your soul is owned by the devil. Yay to that if it means we get gems like this! *g* Snupiners are completely spoiled, you know?

3rd February 2009 05:24
Sweet!! I especially like the ring on Severus' finger!
3rd February 2009 09:39
Fantastic :) I'm going to rec it! (I have a reccing journal on LJ)
8th February 2009 18:52
Oh my. This is so hot. So beautiful, and I LOVE the blue. I really can't stop looking at them. This has instantly become top of my list for Snupin art. I've read people putting Severus in grey in their stories but I could never picture it as anything other than washed out. You sure fixed that image. I'll never see him as anything other than gorgeous in grey, now. Their faces are stunning and Remus's hands are love (I especially love the one curled around Sev's neck). Severus naked from the waist down is sexy times a million! I love it! mwah!
8th February 2009 18:54
P.S. I have rarely seen fanart express so much passion and love.
8th February 2009 18:57
P.P.S. And the golden splashes of sun on them, the light, it's love!
24th July 2009 02:12
Love and romance all tied up in hearts and minds...gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!
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