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Kinky Kristmas, Hermione/Sirius/Remus, NC-17 
23rd December 2007 19:09
Title: Exposed!

Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1

Artist: [info]wilde_stallyn

Characters: Remus Lupin/Hermione Granger/Sirius Black

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: BDSM, threesomes, breathplay, sex magic, cockrings, cockgagging, rimming, reference to figging, AU
Themes/Kinks: Kinky Kristmas 2007

Word Count: 1400
Media: Photoshop

Summary: “Top Ministry Official and Known Werewolf Torture War Hero”

Author's Notes: Much love and thanks to [info]clandestinelli and [info]wildestranger for the betaing!

“Top Ministry Official and Known Werewolf Torture War Hero”

This intrepid reporter has learned of the dramatic and horrifying proclivities of the Undersecretary of Muggle Relations, Hermione J. Granger. She may be a champion of Muggle rights, but it seems as though her views on heroes of the Voldemort Wars are cruel and, dare it be said, sadistic. Be warned, good readers, that the following article may be too graphic and disturbing for some as the incriminating events of the 24th of September are revealed.

He was naked. The room was spell-warmed; the fire crackling and popping in the grate- dramatic contrasts to the unusually cold wooden floor below him and the swirling chill around his balls. He shifted his feet a bit, futilely trying to find warmer spots to rest them, but all this resulted in was a tightening of the grip on his arms. Strong hands pulled them back even harder behind his back, exposing him completely to the chilling charm which made his balls shrink back against the clench of the too-tight leather cockring.

“Give up, Sirius. You can't escape her.... Or me.”

It seems like a typical London townhouse. Its facade blends seamlessly with its neighbors, but beyond the red front door, Number 8, Griffin Gardens, lies a den of darkest perversion. Walls painted in simple blues and creams, floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with pristine books, provide the backdrop for truly shocking scenes. A woman in scarlet leather, her boots up to her thigh. A man in seemingly innocuous brown corduroy trousers. And their victim, bound up only in his fear and pain... and a thin leather strap biting into his most sensitive parts.

Remus' fingers slid into his mouth, two, no three, shoving deeply, thrusting over his tongue as his cock ground against his arse. The sound he made was strangled even to his own ears, keening around his mouthful of demanding, pushing fingers which threatened to gag him, make him choke and the immediacy of that possibility made his head spin and his cock ache. He couldn't see where Hermione was, could only hear the occasional tap of her heels and the quiet creak of her snug corset. Her momentary silence and inaction made him tremble in fearful anticipation. Whatever she was preparing, it would hurt.

And he would love it.

Donning a contraption that would make even the most seasoned of Aurors blush, Granger ordered werewolf activist and former bartender Remus Lupin to reposition the helpless Sirius Black over an ottoman that had clearly been enlarged for just such a form of torture. Lupin followed her order and proceeded to force Black into oral copulation, restraining him bodily despite the poor man's struggles to free himself. But the worst was yet to come for Black.

”You're going to take my cock now, Sirius. And you'll like it, won't you?” Hermione purred from behind him.

But Sirius wasn't able to form a reply around Remus' cock, driving hard and sharp into his throat, so he just rolled his hips back to her, the upholstery under him scratching his stomach.

"Eager little whore," Remus growled, tightening his hold on Sirius.

“Oh that's it," she said approvingly, "I'm going to bury it in your arse, Sirius Black, all the way to my curls.”

Then it was there, large and blunt and pushing against his exposed arsehole. The slick of lubrication she was rubbing over it with the strapped-on cock was cold, and growing colder with every moment until it started to burn like raw ginger.

Remus withdrew his cock just as Hermione shoved hers in, and he screamed.

Once Black was occupied with the werewolf's violation, Undersecretary Granger stepped in behind the heroically struggling Black, and in a savage swoop attacked him with the staggeringly large member dangling from her hips. This reporter could see Black scream in pain, though the windows- no doubt the whole house- had been effectively soundproofed in preparation for this, or perhaps too horrific to contemplate- for previous sessions of torture. But Granger gave no mercy, nor did Lupin who continued his own invasion of the victim's body, working in horrifying sync with the sodomizing woman.

His whole body burned with icy shards of pleasure, pain indistinguishable, nonexistent in the joint assault on him. Again and again they slammed into him; fullness in throat and arse, the constant throbbing of his swollen cock and constricted balls so acute, so perfect that what breath he could gain was released in shattered sobs.

Remus' hands shifted out of his hair then and Sirius whimpered around the girth of his cock but they resettled around Sirius' throat and started to squeeze. His body jerked once, that first initial shock of self-preservation, but his hands were solid and warm and close, so close. Sirius' eyes rolled back in his head as the sounds around him began to fade, as he began to float on the steady rock-rock-rocking in a darkening sea of peace.

Help was summoned but not in time to save Black from Lupin's attempt to strangulate him. Not even attempts to break the windows gave the torturers pause. They carried on, oblivious to being watched, oblivious to having a witness to their heinous crimes until they had satisfied their dark desires. It was only when Auror R. B. Weasley and his partner [name withheld] arrived on the scene that Lupin and Granger began to play at pleasuring the half-conscious Black. But their charade was transparent to this reporter and when the Aurors finally forced their way into the home, Lupin levitated Black to the bed and plied him with false affection while Granger- seemingly unrepentant and unashamed of her crimes- confronted the Aurors.

The world slowly returned, brought back into focus by the return of breath and the hot splatters over his face. He could hear a distant moan of pleasure from behind him followed by quiet murmurs at his ear. Unable to coordinate his muscles enough to even attempt moving, Sirius just mumbled incoherently to his arm as they pulled away from him then whined when the first wave of heat hit his cock and another soft flutter of it at his arse: heat that was sucking and pushing, damp and soft, around the head of his cock, against the back of his balls, around his stretched hole. The warmth rippled up his spine then back down to settle in his balls and a few moments later his body contracted and spasmed into orgasm as flashes of cerulean and magenta obscured his vision.

Sirius eventually found himself curled in bed, the warm, smoky scent of Remus' bare chest filling his nostrils and the quiet sound of his voice muffling the low rumble of voices from somewhere across the room. He heard only one thing before he slipped into a comforted sleep:

“Ronald Weasley, you are in so much trouble.”

But, the Aurors refused to arrest or press charges against the rapists. They audaciously claimed that they refused to interfere into 'private matters'. Since when are the clear and blatant sexual assault and attempted murder 'private matters'? If this appalling and dangerous opinion is held department wide, our society- finally seeming to rise up out of the ashes of the Voldemort Wars- will crumble from within. Laws and human rights are being violated in the very heart of Britain's home, perpetrated by Ministry officials themselves.

It is time, readers, to demand a full inquiry into the 'spotless record' of Undersecretary of Muggle Relations Hermione Jane Granger and the claim that werewolves are 'just normal citizens'. What other dark secrets are they hiding? What dangerous deeds are the Aurors protecting? And does this deviancy rise all the way through the Ministry to Minister Shacklebolt himself who refused to investigate despite the eye-witness evidence presented to him?

No parties could be reached for comment and all attempt to provide Mr Black with help from the Sexual Assault Crisis Center and Victims Defense League have been refused.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an assault or violation of this nature, free, confidential and safe help can be found by owling or flooing the 24-hour Sexual Assault Crisis Center. You are not alone.

Remus chuckled over his morning cup of tea as Sirius shifted gingerly on his chair.

“Well, Padfoot. Our shagging has made the papers. Again.”
24th December 2007 04:56
*snickers* Rita's just jealous cause she's not gettin any! This is so good! Great vantage point to tell the story from. And gorgeous art!
24th December 2007 07:09
*laughs* That's entirely possible. ;)

And it was [info]wilde_stallyn's idea to do the expose and I'm very thrilled it worked out!

Thanks for the fabu comment.
24th December 2007 07:08
Oooh! The art is just lovely. I'm so very partial to that first one! It's just- guh- so sexy... Rwowr. Corsets and fingers and *turns to goo*

Lovely work, dear!
25th December 2007 03:35
*giggle*snort* I could not stop laughing.
So much for avoiding the eyes of my family.
Happy Holidays! And keep it kinky!
25th December 2007 22:39
Glad we entertained you.

Happy Holidays to you too! And don't worry. Kinky keeps me going.
26th December 2007 08:52
This is just made of awesome! Betcha that [name withheld] is one H.J. Potter... I love the POV and that the art has the same POV. Merry Christmas!
27th December 2007 20:51
*laughs* That is entirely possible. *winks*

Thank you for the compliments! We're glad you enjoyed it. And Merry Christmas to you too!
27th December 2007 20:21
Hah! Man. That kept flicking back and forth between hilarious and hot :D. Sexy as hell, backed up by the foxy pictures! Good stuff :D.
27th December 2007 20:55
Glad you enjoyed it! It was very fun to write, actually. :D

30th December 2007 23:12
LOL! this was so funny :)
1st January 2008 21:15
*grins* Thanks!
31st December 2007 03:18 - Fic: Exposed!
Hee! Excellent.
I love the point of view of the photos, with the greenery in front.
And the contrast between the commentary and the narrative itself.

“Ronald Weasley, you are in so much trouble.”
And exactly how is he going to be punished, hmm?
1st January 2008 21:23 - Re: Fic: Exposed!
Thank you, darling!

And [info]wildestallyn really got me thinking about how some yummy BDSM might be interpreted. It was fun to do.

*snorts* Well, considering I know there's a Hermione in your head... I bet you can think of some ways. And you can bet Ron will love it even more than Sirius does. ;)
1st January 2008 22:58 - Re: Fic: Exposed!
Now I am thinking of some ways for Hermione to punish Ron.
Ron is not going to enjoy it as much as Hermione, but he'll enjoy it enough.
1st January 2008 23:20 - Re: Fic: Exposed!
Ooooh. *wiggles happily* Write it! :D:D *enables shamelessly*
2nd January 2008 02:56 - Re: Fic: Exposed!
You're betaing it for me!
(As soon as I'm prepared to let anyone read it.)

My parents will come back from holidays and ask, "have you done any art?" and I will have to say "well, I wrote some kinky porn."
2nd January 2008 03:03 - Re: Fic: Exposed!
Sure! :D

*giggles* I'm sure they will be very proud of you. And if not, tell them you'll get right on illustrating said kinky porn. ;)
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