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Fic: KS/PW, KS/PW/GW, NC-17 
20th December 2007 22:01
Living Dangerously, or, The Best Defense is a Good Offense:
Authors: [info]viverras and [info]freckles42
Characters: Percy Weasley, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Ginny Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest. Some food-as-foreplay.
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kollaboration
Word Count: 3141
Summary: Percy and Kingsley go out looking for fun, and end up in an interesting situation
Author's notes: Thank you to Ragdoll for the date change.

"I've been thinking," Percy announced, leaning back against the kitchen table.

Kingsley leaned back in his chair, noted the slight tension and faint blush, and concluded that this would be either very pleasant or very complicated. "Something interesting?" he asked, as neutrally as possible. Percy's intelligence made for an undeniably lively and engaging partner but occasionally, he arrived at tortured conclusions that required all of Kingsley's considerable persuasive skills to unknot. Given the way Percy couldn't quite meet his eyes, it looked like this was going to be one of those days. He reached out and stroked Percy's thigh, then pulled him into his lap. "What have you been up to, aérolithe?"*

Percy sighed happily and closed his eyes as Kingley held him against his chest. "I was thinking about what we talked about at Christmas," he glanced up, "about having an evening . . . with a guest, and how we might accomplish it without risking attachment, or jealousy."

Well, this was unexpected. He'd thought Percy'd forgotten it or decided against it and simply didn't want to bring it up. Kingsley'd put it out of his mind - he'd learned through hard experience that having a threesome was emphatically not an issue that one pressed with one's lover, particularly when said lover was otherwise enthusiastically accomodating and dedicated to mastering every erotic skill he came across. And yet . . . the idea of being able to watch his lover come undone without distraction, watching him fuck another man . . . Kingsley suppressed a pleasurable shudder. "Oh, really," he rumbled, "I thought you'd forgotten about that." He stroked Percy's hair and kissed his cheekbone by way of encouragement.

"I thought - mmm - we might take a little trip and see whether we could find a - a woman." Kingsley stopped and Percy went quite still. They'd both been with women, but had sworn them off. Kingsley said that it was a bad breakup that had sent him looking for male companionship, and Percy was a bit worried Kingsley was still too hurt to even consider a woman. Percy simply didn't prefer them, and had sworn them off quite publicly in a fit of pique that only his grandchild-bent family could induce. It would be perfect, if it worked -- no woman would be competition for their devotion to eachother; the very foreignness of it, after all these years, would make it a discrete and separate event, which would be confined to the location they visited, easily left behind when they came home.

"A woman? Really?" Kingsley tried to substitute an anonymous woman for the man in his fantasy. It still worked. Still . . . "Are you sure, Percy? We don't have to. We don't have to do any of this at all." And he meant it - Percy was dear to him, full stop, sex be hanged. Kingsley nuzzled under his chin and kissed along his jaw. "You're more than enough for me, aerolithe. Do you know that? There's not a woman alive I'd trade you for."

"Of course I know," Percy said, feeling much perkier, "but I think we're due for a bit of excitement." Percy grinned and pulled Kingsley up for a kiss. "Let's live dangerously."


Living dangerously, Percy thought, was easier said than done. The most outrageous club that Pigalle had to offer really ought to provide them with ample opportunity to do so, but now that he was looking, nothing appealed. Percy idly watched the spangled dancers gyrating around the posts on the bar counters, enticing the patrons. They weren't prostitutes, precisely, but sex was definitely on offer. "One of them?" he asked Kingsley, nodding at the dancers. "The blond with the blue feathers is . . . adequate."

"I think we should wait for someone a bit less obvious, don't you? Doesn't anyone out there catch your eye?" Kingsley watched Percy narrow his eyes as he turned back towards dancing throng. He was a little worried that Percy would get too tense, and either wouldn't enjoy this or would make it into a dreadful project and not a pleasure. Kingsley reached under the table discretely and squeezed Percy's thigh, then rested his big hand on Percy's groin. "Maybe you just need to warm up a little, hmm? Just let yourself go and pick someone that this responds to."

While Percy was enjoyed the contact - there was very little that those hands could do to him that he wouldn't enjoy - he frowned as he watched the crowd. There were scores of very lovely boys, but of course now that he wanted one, he couldn't find a girl he'd shake a stick at, let alone take to bed. He sighed. "Why don't you get us another drink and go look around. I'll watch the entrance and see if anyone new comes in." With a chuckle, Kingsley agreed, and left Percy with a kiss.
Percy'd thought this would be easy -- it was about finding someone they weren't overly interested in -- but when it came to the prospect of actually putting his cock in someone, he found himself inexplicably unsatisfiable. He mentally dismissed one after another as too young, too blowsy, too obvious, too tawdry, and just flat-out wrong. He stabbed his drink with the little plastic straw in annoyance. Maybe this was impossible. Maybe they should just go home . . .


"This is for your own good, Ginny," Hermione repeated, and fastened the charmed bracelet around her wrist. "If you don't get out and find a distraction," she teased, "you're going to moulder away until there's nothing left. People will forget. And so will you."

"I doubt that!" Ginny snapped. "It was my own brother!! That miserable fucking bastard!!!" Her hands clenched as though she'd like to find something to throw, but she'd long since run through all the small breakables in her apartment.
Patience wearing thin, Hermione snapped back, "You don't see me sulking in my room, and Ron and I were engaged. At least Harry found out before he proposed." Regaining her equilibrium - really, it was most trying to have one's fiance throw one over for the Boy Who Lived - she tried to console Ginny once more. "All you need to do is get your confidence back, and everyone will see that it's not you, and then you can spend the next decade letting them attempt to make it up to you."

Ginny glared at her for five seconds, then started to laugh, which made Hermione laugh. They fell back on the bed, giggling until finally Ginny sighed. "The one good thing is that after this, really, what else could happen? It's not likely I'll ever date anyone else that will dump me for my brother in a humiliating public scandal."

"God, let's hope not," she replied, rolling over to look at Ginny, who seemed to finally be moving to the acceptance stage. "So you're ready to go out, then?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm ready." She held out her arm. "Push the button, already, and let's see what I'll look like."

Before Ginny could change her mind again, Hermione reached over and pressed several of the little jewels on the bangle to activate the charm. "Now, remember, I've tested this extensively, and it really will keep people from recognizing you. You'll be fine, I swear."

Hermione looked over Ginny's altered appearance. "Oh, my. If this doesn't guarantee you a fabulous night, then nothing will. Go look at yourself," she nudged her.

With a raised eyebrow, Ginny turned to the mirror. Her jaw only dropped a little. She was mostly herself, but with a few enhancements: her eyes were larger, and hazel instead of blue; her breasts were smaller and much perkier; her hair was strawberry blond, and her skin was golden instead of creamy. All in all, she looked like a distant relative, but no-one would think she was Ginny Weasley. "Boy, Hermione, you are good." She turned, admiring her slightly more slender frame. It was a bit androgynous, really, and she found the experience interesting. "I wouldn't want to look like this all the time, but to pick up an anonymous fuck, it's absolutely perfect."

"It certainly did the trick for me," Hermione murmurred discretely. "Here's the portkey to the club district; try to go to Bagelle or Locomotive, if you can. I'm sure you'll be able to avoid the gay bars," she grinned.

With pursed lips, Ginny took the portkey. Just before it took her, she grinned and said "Just remember, if this goes badly, I'll blame you!"

Huffing, Hermione turned away. "Really, some people have no gratitude . . ."


Kingsley was on his way back to Percy's table after having made yet another fruitless circuit of the club. This was the largest, wildest club in Pigalle, and it ought to be full of hot women with loose morals. Perhaps this was fate's way of telling Kingsley that he should leave well enough alone; nothing was worth risking their relationship. With the intention of taking his lover home and showing him exactly how much he was appreciated, Kingsley turned and headed back towards Percy's table.

And bumped straight into the most delectable redhead he'd ever seen. Female redhead, that is. "Please excuse me, mademoiselle." He gave her a once-over, and grinned when she did the same. God, there was something about her . . . for some reason, she reminded him of Percy, although he couldn't put his finger on what it was that reminded him. Still, she looked to be up for some fun, judging by her low-cut top and the look in her eye. What the hell. "Would you allow me to make up for my clumsiness with a drink?"

Kingsley Fucking Shacklebolt! Ginny exclaimed in her head. God, he was a hunk. If anything could make her feel like a woman, it would be taking a ride on that man. That is - assuming it would fit. She permitted her gaze to wander luridly down to his crotch. His trousers weren't tight enough to get a really good look, but Ginny Weasley had an active imagination. "Yes, you certainly may," she purred, putting her hand on his arm.

In a surprisingly short time - they were, after all, after the same thing - they were on the way to Kingsley's lover's table. Whoever that was; Kingsley'd been out of the country for years, and she hadn't heard a thing about what he'd been up to. But it really didn't matter who he was with. Two cocks seemed just the thing to make her forget all about him.


Ginny saw the red hair first. Percy's back was to them, but there was absolutely no doubt as to who it was. Tall could only be one of three brothers - but the eldest was married and the youngest was currently giving it to her ex-boyfriend, which left only Percy. Besides, she'd know those shoulders anywhere.

Her steps faltered for just a moment, barely perceptible to anyone watching, as she rapidly evaluated the entire situation and all of its possibilities in her head. She had never seriously considered being with one of her brothers before (despite the stories she'd heard about what some Pureblood families did), but something in her stirred. Not only would Percy absolutely flip out and possibly hex her to kingdom come if he ever found out, but she was a bit turned on (okay, a lot) by the idea of fucking Kingsley while her brother watched. Or maybe participated. And even better, it was revenge, in an ironic way: if Ron ever found out, he'd never get over the guilt. The thought made her quite spitefully pleased with herself.

There was that vivid imagination again, spinning all sorts of scenarios and positions and seriously kinky possibilities in her mind. Getting fucked by both of them at the same time. Bouncing on Percy while he got fucked by Kingsley (she had to wonder - did Kingsley top or did Percy? Or did they switch off?). Sitting on Kingsley's face while sucking Percy's cock . . .

By the time they reached the table, her mind was made up. She was going to fuck Kingsley Shacklebolt and her brother.

And it was going to be fucking hot.


Kingsley placed a large hand on Percy's shoulder, squeezing gently. "I've run into someone you might like to meet," he murmured, indicating Ginny with a slight movement of his wrist.
Percy turned slightly to look her over. She was somehow familiar, but what caught his attention were her eyes. They were hazel and playfully naughty. He'd seen that look from a handful of girls already this evening, but there was something about her demeanour that made him keep - well, keep on examining her. He nodded slightly. She'd do. "Please, sit," he said politely, gesturing to the chair across from him.
Kingsley let out a sigh of relief - that was farther than they'd managed all evening and he didn't want to spend hours on the prowl; it quite took the fun out of the evening.

An hour - and six drinks (three for Kingsley, one for Percy, and two for Ginny) - later, they were on their way to the hotel room. Thankfully, Kingsley had picked a place just up the hill, tucked into an alley. No one batted an eye at the strange trio as they passed through the tiny lobby.

It occurred to Ginny as she licked the chocolate syrup off Kingsley’s cock that perhaps this might be a bit much. But, really, they had ordered a build-your-own-sundae from room service (Percy speaking in his primmest French) and it was impossible to pass up the temptation. And when Percy'd drizzled the syrup and raised his eyebrow at her, well, it would've been quite rude to refuse the obvious icebreaker.

Kingsley lay quite still beneath her, except for kissing Percy, who was perched on the pillow next to them. She frowned and wiggled her tongue quite vigorously until he grunted beneath her in a way that made her feel very powerful. She wondered if Percy was with Kingsley for that reason – the feeling of control and power. Then she considered the sticky cock before her and took the end in her mouth and decided that this must be the reason. She had not been disappointed by his size, and she was definitely eager to find out if he would even fit in her. She trailed a finger up his cock, catching a stray bit of syrup and hooking it into her mouth coyly, then sucked and bobbed her head, tongue rubbing, murmuring (okay, gurgling, really, but she tried to hum).
Watching Percy grow harder and harder inside his trousers, and succumbing to the lovely suction of the girl between his legs, Kingsley finally moaned out loud. “Percy,” he said, looking down his lover's curled-in body, “come down here.” His tone left no room for argument, but it was gentle enough.

He sighed a bit and stretched out beside them, “I don’t know what you expect me to do,” and trailed his fingertips down down Kingsley’s impressively muscled chest. “I think Miss Neve here has you well in hand.”

Kingsley rolled to his side, reached down, and cupped Percy once more, “Get naked, aérolithe,” he said, eyes burning with an intensity that made Percy shiver. “Fuck her. I want to watch you come as I do.”
"Yes," Percy agreed, "watch me." He kicked off his trousers and knelt up, displaying himself for Kingsley - and incidentally for Ginny as well. His deep pink cock was - surprisingly - nearly as large as Kingsley's. If Percy'd been at all uncertain, he certainly didn't seem to be now, she thought, as he crawled behind her and easily pulled her up, off Kingsley's cock, so that her head rested on his shoulder.

Ginny whined and reached again for Kingsley's cock. “Please,” she said, giving Kingsley her most smouldering look, “I want you both in me.” There was no way she was going to miss out on that fantastic cock!

Kingsley grunted, hips thrusting up, lifting his cock against her hand. He looked at Percy for a long moment, clearly waiting for his ok. “Get on, then,” he finally said to Ginny. “Percy, lube her if she needs it.” He smiled at him over her head, conveying things at which Ginny could only guess.

She didn't need the lube, except that she did for her ass, because she really wasn't going to do that without lubricant. She wouldn't do it at all, except that it was clearly part of the package. Slowly (there was no other way to go about it) she wedged herself down onto Kingsley's cock, and tried to ignore Percy's fingers that were firmly stretching her ass. Ooh, it really did barely fit! God, if Percy bottomed - and she now suspected he did - she had more respect for him now than ever before.
Ginny tried to move, to raise up, but Kingsley sat up and they both held her still. Laughing, Percy said, "If I don't get in now, I'll never fit, not with him inside you." She wiggled fretfully, until Percy's cock (God, her brother's cock!! Hermione was going to die) poked through her entrance and slid inside. She could feel them on each side of the thin wall of tissue, and it was frightening and fantastically exciting.
Then they started to move. Ginny finally clung to Kingsley’s chest, tits mashed flat, as the men kissed over her shoulder and moved her up and down. She’d never felt so full, so overwhelmed, so absolutely blissed out in her entire life.

Percy came first, spilling himself inside her arse as she ground her pubis against Kingsley, trying desperately to get off. When she finally came, Percy cried out again as her muscles gripped him. Kingsley lasted another minute before finally filling her.

They laid her down gently enough and stayed next to her, but turned away, panting and kissing and murmuring to eachother. She watched Kingsley's arm wrap around Percy's pale back, the way he cradled Percy's lolling head. They trusted eachother. It was obvious, just looking at them.
The thought that she'd so recently been bereft of that kind trust immediately ripped the scab off the wound all over again, and she frowned. But as she compared them, she and Harry to Kingsley and Percy, it wasn't quite as bad now. To be completely honest, she thought as she rolled onto her stomach, she'd had never had such fantastic sex with Harry. The brother-stealing thing was a wash, now - she couldn't quite articulate how, but she felt the debt had been settled. And well, if Percy could find love with such a fantastically sexy and well-endowed man, then surely she'd be at least as successful as he.
It looked like Hermione had been right; she did feel much better now. Although . . . she might need to use the bracelet again, with a different disguise. Just to make sure she didn't relapse. She looked back at the two men, dozing in eachother's arms. Yes, definitely, a different disguise.

* "Fireball" in French is "aérolithe"; it's a play on Percy's middle name.

22nd December 2007 23:44
Just... wow.
Okay, so just so you know, Ginny is not may favorite character, but I LOVE how you wrote her here. She has a personality and determination and drive that I don't generally see in canon or fanon. Well done!
As for Kingsley/Percy? Guh! Yummy combination.
The whole premise was hot and very delicious.
Lovely job, both of you!
23rd December 2007 03:30
Yay! Thank you so much!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it - we had fun writing it. :D
29th December 2007 02:45
You're such a sweetie to comment. Ginny kind of had to be reckless and a little bit vindictive to do what she did, don't you think? And that's not the usual character (well, unless you're writing Snape *G*) so it was fun to do something different. (And, OMG, het! I haven't done that before, so definitely different!)

On the other hand, I do think that the whole fic suffers from being too wordy (my fault) and the lack of a Percy-Kingsley-only sex scene (which would've helped to establish them as a couple better), but given the week Freckles and I had before this was posted, I'm just happy we got it done at all.

Thanks for letting us know you enjoyed!
24th December 2007 03:21
*flails in a fangirl kind of way*
I love Percy and Ginny's personality is just fabulous.
Excellent job. *goes to read again*
29th December 2007 02:47
Aww, thank you! Ginny was fun to write; nothing like a scorned redhead to make for an entertaining revenge sequence. *G* And Percy's always fun for me. So glad you had fun reading!!!
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