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28th November 2007 21:59 - Art: Triad, Voldemort/Harry/Ginny, R, NWS
Title: Triad
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS and tablet
Characters: Voldemort, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley
Rating: R, NWS
Warnings: Bondage, implied non-con, blood, squicky-tongue-stuff :p~
Themes/kinks chosen: Fake spoilers month: Ginny has certain unique powers that make her vitally important to the plot. She forms a metaphorical triangle with Harry and Voldemort.
Artist's notes: Except it's really more of an actual triangle. Sort of. And she has the Power of Tears. The squicky tongue-stuff warning is because I like to think that at this point, when Voldemort says "Open your mouth", that Harry just does it. The mods can please tell me if this isn't allowed, but my notes for this one took the form of a teeny set of drabbles. So there's also a word-count of 300, and much the same ratings/warnings apply. If that's a no-no, let me know, and I'll take them off :). Er. Probably tomorrow, since I'm close to bed-time right now.
Art preview:



Harry’s scar bleeds constantly. It’s because he’s an idiot, Ginny decides. He gives in every time Voldemort suggests he’ll leave her alone if Harry complies, no matter how fiercely she debates the logic of the alternative.

“I don’t have a bit of him in my head, Harry,” she snarls at him, hiding tears inside anger. “It doesn’t feel like Cruciatus when he touches me, and maybe I’m not very observant, but I don’t seem to bleed from the skull every time he walks through the door.”

Harry’s voice is dull. “He doesn’t want you.”

She has no argument for that.


Harry knows that the decent thing to do is to get in the way whenever Voldemort turns his flat red gaze towards Ginny. Harry also knows that Voldemort has no intention of following through with her. She’s not interesting enough; she doesn’t have to hide agony at a light touch, and doesn’t have blood slowly welling from her forehead, spilling over in thick streaks that count the minutes in Voldemort’s presence.

He wishes that the red-eyed bastard would ignore Harry’s attempt at a heroic gesture and take Ginny anyway. This, Voldemort knows. It’s why he always gives Harry the choice.


Lord Voldemort has discovered that there is a piece of his soul inside Harry Potter. It means that having him close is comforting; his presence laced with a vaguely-remembered sense of home. That it also makes Harry tremble with pain is an appealing additional fact. However, the boy seems to be building a tolerance to Voldemort’s presence. This means that the early game of fixing Harry in place and simply watching until he screamed has become redundant. The boy bites his lip to hold back soft noises, and Voldemort enjoys finding new ways to encourage him to let them out.


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