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Art: Triad, Voldemort/Harry/Ginny, R, NWS 
28th November 2007 21:59
Title: Triad
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS and tablet
Characters: Voldemort, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley
Rating: R, NWS
Warnings: Bondage, implied non-con, blood, squicky-tongue-stuff :p~
Themes/kinks chosen: Fake spoilers month: Ginny has certain unique powers that make her vitally important to the plot. She forms a metaphorical triangle with Harry and Voldemort.
Artist's notes: Except it's really more of an actual triangle. Sort of. And she has the Power of Tears. The squicky tongue-stuff warning is because I like to think that at this point, when Voldemort says "Open your mouth", that Harry just does it. The mods can please tell me if this isn't allowed, but my notes for this one took the form of a teeny set of drabbles. So there's also a word-count of 300, and much the same ratings/warnings apply. If that's a no-no, let me know, and I'll take them off :). Er. Probably tomorrow, since I'm close to bed-time right now.
Art preview:



Harry’s scar bleeds constantly. It’s because he’s an idiot, Ginny decides. He gives in every time Voldemort suggests he’ll leave her alone if Harry complies, no matter how fiercely she debates the logic of the alternative.

“I don’t have a bit of him in my head, Harry,” she snarls at him, hiding tears inside anger. “It doesn’t feel like Cruciatus when he touches me, and maybe I’m not very observant, but I don’t seem to bleed from the skull every time he walks through the door.”

Harry’s voice is dull. “He doesn’t want you.”

She has no argument for that.


Harry knows that the decent thing to do is to get in the way whenever Voldemort turns his flat red gaze towards Ginny. Harry also knows that Voldemort has no intention of following through with her. She’s not interesting enough; she doesn’t have to hide agony at a light touch, and doesn’t have blood slowly welling from her forehead, spilling over in thick streaks that count the minutes in Voldemort’s presence.

He wishes that the red-eyed bastard would ignore Harry’s attempt at a heroic gesture and take Ginny anyway. This, Voldemort knows. It’s why he always gives Harry the choice.


Lord Voldemort has discovered that there is a piece of his soul inside Harry Potter. It means that having him close is comforting; his presence laced with a vaguely-remembered sense of home. That it also makes Harry tremble with pain is an appealing additional fact. However, the boy seems to be building a tolerance to Voldemort’s presence. This means that the early game of fixing Harry in place and simply watching until he screamed has become redundant. The boy bites his lip to hold back soft noises, and Voldemort enjoys finding new ways to encourage him to let them out.


28th November 2007 10:58
Oh God, that's just what I needed today.

The psychological twists are just beautiful. I'm breathless.
28th November 2007 20:52
Whee! Thank you! I was having real trouble with the prompts this month, and the Fenrir/Draco had already been done so beautifully ;)... I also wanted some people I hadn't done before. ~cough~ and Harry ;). It often happens that story-ish stuff happens while I'm drawing/colouring. It's really fun when it does :).
28th November 2007 11:16
Oh. My. God. I do think that I love you.

Yes it was darkish and poor, idiot Harry for being so righteous. But, honestly, Ginny cracked me up. So, yeah, guess that means I'm a bit on the twisted side today.

Thanks for supporting my habit! ;)
28th November 2007 20:54
Hah. Ginny made me grin, too, actually. I'll admit to a soft spot for her temper, so long as there's more to the situation than Harry/Ginny (which bores the hell outta me). Yay darkish! And yeah, poor Harry. He's a twit. But I love him :). Ooh, hurray for the twisted side. It needs all the people it can get!
28th November 2007 14:03
Dark and twisted.

Very good. And I love the drabbles too. :-)
28th November 2007 20:55
Thank you! I'm very pleased to hear that. Plus, dark and twisted, yay!
28th November 2007 14:25
A bleeding scar! :D One of my favorite Harry-related fetishes!

I love what Voldemort is doing with Harry's mouth. His red eyes are fantastic; my eyes keep going back to his eyes.

Great work! :D
28th November 2007 20:57
Mmm, I love the bleeding scar thing, too. Poor Harry. I just kinda like it when he suffers.

It was one of the last things I added (that and the tongues - originally, Harry was just licking at Voldemort's parted lips). It probably says something that the thing in the pic that I gave the most attention when I was colouring was the head-wound, heh.
28th November 2007 18:06
Ah poor Harry and his Gryffindor heroism. *is sometimes embarrassed to be a Gryff* I confess to having a hard time frettin over Ginny all that much.

Gorgeous work and including your drabble-notes was a great idea.
28th November 2007 21:01
Ah, poor Ginny. She needs more love :). I've developed a bit of a soft spot for her - I think it's an internal backlash against reading far too much Ginny-bashing in H/D or Snarry. I'd far rather they just grew apart for various reasons. Or, heh, in the case of this story, that Snape (hey, it's already AU) and Draco get them out, Harry and Ginny break up because of failure to cope with aftermath, and she ends up with someone sweet, like Neville. Harry then goes after Snape and Draco, who are together, and it ends in a kinky threesome situation, because they provide just the edge of darkness he still needs.

And that's what happens.

28th November 2007 19:51
Ohhh! This is so gorgeous, both the drabbles as well as the art. The tears running down Ginny's face, Harry's wide eyed look as he tongues with Voldemort...perfect. And Ginny's hair! Harry's chest hair! Mmm, those two details are drawing my eye like crazy and I don't know why.
28th November 2007 21:03
Ee! Yay, because the chest-hair was an afterthought. I couldn't decide for a while - I wondered if Voldemort would want to keep Harry's skin smooth, for a slick lack of friction, but decided he'd enjoy the contrast of body hair against his own hairlessness. Ginny's hair was the first thing coloured, glad you like it! And for noticing Harry's wide eyes, ♥ , because that was another thing that was altered deliberately. They were normal, but I wanted him to look a little less comfortable :).
28th November 2007 22:59
Amazing drabbles. I can sense their agony.
28th November 2007 23:06
Aw, thanks so much! :-)
28th November 2007 23:58
Ooooh, dark and twisted and, man, that's good...

And Voldemort's eye? adsiufgdjskud! Fuck, it's so shiny and evil! (I know that seems weird, but honestly, look at it! Shiver-inducing and, yet, strangely sexy o.0)

The drabbles are awesome. I especially love the last one.

29th November 2007 00:22
Hey, yay for shiny-evil-eye! The red is *really* saturated, so it was gonna stand out quite well even in what is a fairly bright picture :). I did like doing the eyes.

Glad you like the drabbles ♥. Makes me cheery :-).
29th November 2007 03:15
I can't stop staring at Voldemort's forked tongue.


*stares some more*

But oh. This is good.
29th November 2007 03:33
Ee, thank you thank you! And I'm so glad the forked tongue is noticeable at this size!

I have inappropriate thoughts about that fork ;). Mostly about that fork combined with bits of Harry.
29th November 2007 03:36
Bahahaha, oh my, I have quite the mental image from that, thank you. XD
29th November 2007 08:44
Ahhh, you already know how I feel about this, and I'm in the same place I was last time we talked about it: laughing, squicking, and keyboard mashing.

Have I mentioned before how much I like the way you do tears? I noticed at first in the Severus/Percy picture, but they stand out even more here. There's also the head wound, which is quite lovely (and I think I could only get away with calling a head wound "lovely" in a community like this one).
7th December 2007 18:47
Dahlink. I take forever to reply.

The head wound is my favourite bit. Bleeding scar hurray! I overdid the tears, actually, but that's because they're so much fun to do ;).
4th December 2007 02:29
Wow. That's incredibly intense.
7th December 2007 18:45
Thanks! (sorry to take so long to reply, too. I fail) I thought it might be a bit dark; intense is good :).
4th December 2007 05:32
7th December 2007 18:44
Heh, thanks!
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