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Art - Kingsley/Fleur 
26th November 2007 22:39
Title: Kingsley & Fleur
Artist: [info]ericahpfa
Media: Pen
Characters: Kingsley/Fleur
Rating: R
Warnings: About as OOC as you can get for him, and it's *gasp* unfinished. I would also put it NWS.
Themes/kinks chosen: Crack. I chose these two from teh list: Fleur is a Death Eater and league with Voldemort, and Kingsley Shacklebolt is actually a mole in the Order.
Artist's notes: I am aware that WIPs are strictly forbidden here, but this is only temporarily unfinished. I promise I will have it properly posted within the next few days. It's been a crazy month. *is sheepish* I've never done it before!!!


I know that I promised to respond to all comments, but I cannot seem to on this computer. I will, however, be in my new house this week and am eagerly awaiting both responding to all of you and having a cable connection again!
27th November 2007 03:01
Oh no, the html is messed up? I had a look at the image anyway, though, and it's gorgeous as always :). I love Fleur's dishevelled clothing, and Kingsley's smile. ♥
27th November 2007 03:02
Oh, you fixed it already. That was quick! Yeah, it's lovely.
27th November 2007 04:06

So much love for this picture, from Kingsley's smile to her stomach and breast.

Very pretty.
27th November 2007 04:08
Mmm, I like Kingsley's smile too -- and the way he's taking off her knickers over the shoe. *g* Very very nice!
27th November 2007 05:38
This is lovely. Her pose is just perfect.
27th November 2007 06:45
Fleur's hair is amazing! Fitting that the half-Veela look like a bombshell. And Kingsley's smile is incredible I can't get enough of teh Kingsley!
27th November 2007 10:27
This is very lovely. I adore Kingsley's smile ♥
27th November 2007 12:25
I have to admit I'm a sucker for everything Kingsley, but this Kingsley takes the cake. I love everything about him - his eyes, his smile, his muscles...

*fans herself*

Oh, yeah, Fleur is pretty hot, too. But Kingsley...
27th November 2007 23:03
Oh, great pairing!! I love her hair, and Kingsley's chest is fabulous! :)
28th November 2007 03:17

Hubba, hubba!! This is scorchingly hot. I love the pair and your skills have definitely brought them to (hot, hot, hot) life.
28th November 2007 03:33
This is hott wonderful. I really need to lick Kingsley's chest. More than usual even. Fleur is utterly gorgeous in every way.
28th November 2007 14:47
*drools over your Fleur*
29th November 2007 18:31
Gorgeous! Love his smile, and her whole pose. Beautiful hands.
Can't wait to see the finished thing, this is already awesome!
1st December 2007 20:41
Omgosh! HAWT
10th December 2007 09:17
Kingsley and Fleur are both *very* sexy here!

I'd love to rec this, please let me know when the finished version is up!
28th December 2007 22:45
Very nice. Love Kingsley's smile - not to mention the chest!
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