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Art: This is Ron, Now 
22nd November 2007 09:34
Title: This is Ron, Now
Artist: [info]freckles42
Media: Watercolor
Characters: Ron, Percy's hand
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Prompts chosen: Hermione dies, sacrificing herself for Harry, as per [info]emiime
Artist's notes: I read [info]emiime's story, Asleep Since the War and was inspired to illustrate it a little. So... I hope you enjoy! Also, a Happy Thanksgiving to all Deviants and Watchers who celebrate today!
Art preview:

He sleeps fitfully, from the afternoon on, naked under the worn cotton sheets in the bed meant for two. Waiting. He never snores any more, but sometimes he snuffles into the pillow and mumbles something that might be a name.

... and Ron barely has time to register that Percy doesn't taste of tea today before his brother has his hand around Ron's prick.
22nd November 2007 18:30
I didn't get around to reading the fic (at least not yet), but now I definitely want to. I love that picture of Ron. The faint tattoos are very nice and he looks so vulnerable and like he's had restless sleep.

And then I got to the close-up and just went aæskjfasælkf!!! Almost literally too! Wow.
22nd November 2007 18:35
Thank you so much! The tattoos are actually the brain-tentacle marks from his encounter in the Department of Mysteries. The poor baby, he's been so traumatised. *pets him*

YAY!! ♥ I love to hear that! Keysmashes are about the best feedback to get, in my book, so yaaaay! *grins* Thank you, again!!
22nd November 2007 18:54
Oh, cool! I'd completely forgotten he'd have those *ashamed* But points for including, for sure.

:-) Glad I could make you happy then. I love to give comments that can do that, because I know how great it is to get them.
22nd November 2007 19:03
Hee. I think most people forget; it's very rare that I see art with the marks, so I wanted to make sure to include them.

Yay! ♥
22nd November 2007 19:52
These are so incredibly superb! The freckles. The marks from the brains. And that gorgeous ginger hair! Fantastic! Poor Ron looks so forlorn, even in his sleep. *pets him*
22nd November 2007 19:53
Awww, yay, thank you! ♥ The poor, poor dear. He needs to let go of so much.
22nd November 2007 20:14
I hadn't read the story until I saw that you illustrated it. It's brilliant and these are just the perfect acompaniments. I love the colors, everythings so red. Like fire? :)
Poor broken boys...
22nd November 2007 20:17
Thank you! I'm so glad that you liked them. The poor boys... I just want to tell them it'll be okay. They've got each other.

Thank you again! :)
22nd November 2007 20:36
Very, very nice! I loved the story and these are splendid illustrations for it... they suit that mood of poignancy perfectly.
22nd November 2007 20:39
Thank you! ♥ When I read the story, I couldn't imagine it illustrated in anything but watercolours, so I'm very pleased with how this turned out. I'd intended to do a few more panels but ended up being away from my materials yesterday so... :)

Thanks again!
23rd November 2007 00:33

His thighs!

*drifts away*
23rd November 2007 05:26
Heeee. Thanks!
23rd November 2007 06:23
Oh, so cool to see the finished project! I'm so in love with these paintings, you have no idea. They capture the spirit of the fic so perfectly. I am especially grateful that you included the brain scars (you know me and my need for canon!Weasleys) and Ron looks so vulnerable in the first picture that I can't even stand it. And, gah, the second one...it's so pretty and, in context, so sad. ♥ times a million. Seriously.
23rd November 2007 07:19
♥ Thank you so much for writing such an awesome piece that was able to inspire me to do watercolours again! ♥ ♥ ♥

They are so sweet. And so sad. I just want to reassure them both that it'll be okay.
26th November 2007 06:45
*hugs artist and author*
26th November 2007 06:58
*hugs back* Thank you.
26th November 2007 07:12
*hugs you*
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