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The Wedding Crasher 
15th October 2007 06:22
Title: The Wedding Crasher
Author: [info]lee_west
Characters: Regulus/James
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Themes/kinks chosen: Abandoned Prompts: 13. Pairing(s): James/Regulus or James/Sirius (or all three!)
Themes: public sex, angry sex, revenge sex, dub-con sex. Adored but not necessary: collaring/breathplay, denied orgasm, watersports
Prompt: At Lily/James's wedding, or rehearsal, or some wedding-type party. Drunk!Regulus (or Sirius, or both) crash it. (Sure, Regulus should be dead by then, but I'm not picky about timelines!)

Word Count: ~4,600
Summary: It's James's wedding day and he receives a most interesting visit.
Author's notes: This is a sequel to my fic Straight, but you don't have to read it at all to follow this one. I just added the link if you feel like reading double-smut.

Thanks to my faithful beta, [info]minnow_53

James paces back and forth inside the tent where he’s supposed to stay until it’s time for the wedding. He's nervous, of course – aren't all grooms nervous on their wedding day?

He looks once more at the clock: still a little while to go. In one more hour he'll be married to Lily, the woman of his dreams, the owner of his heart; the person he loves most in the world. As he thinks that, though, a haughty voice sounds in his head, a voice he knows all too well, with its slight drawl, and the sneer he can almost see, so deeply-etched is it in his brain. And the voice utters the words James has also come to know extremely well. "Tut. Love has nothing to do with this."

And James feels his damn cock twitch in his pants. The same way it twitched – and did much more than twitch – that first time, while they were still at school. The day he was watching Sirius and Remus at it and Regulus appeared, catching James in the act of jerking off, and then proceeded to give him the fuck of his life. The day James realized he was probably not as straight as he claimed – or, as Regulus had snottily put it, that he was "straight as a hook."

It's not a good idea to think about Regulus at this time. James's cock is now very hard, he only has about fifty minutes before his fucking wedding and, although every one will understand if the groom in such a state, it's certainly not something he wants. He can't go through the ceremony with a stiffy caused by someone other than the person he's being married to.

Cursing softly, he decides he has a little time before Sirius comes to take him to the ceremony. He snorts, thinking that Sirius and Remus are probably fucking right now. His friends always seem to be at it, anyway.

James takes off his dress robes, draping them carefully over the back of a convenient chair, and leans against the side of the tent, his hands inside his pants. He knows he'll have to take them off soon, in case he makes a mess on them, but he wants to take it slowly this time. He fists his cock and thinks about Regulus's mouth closing around it.

A very loud Crack! makes James jump. His hand still inside his pants, he waits for Sirius to say something snide – because the noise obviously means that Sirius has already arrived.

Instead, he hears a voice similar to his friend's, but with a derisive tone that's peculiar to its owner. "My, my, can't even wait for the wedding night?"

Caught once more in an embarrassing position by Regulus, James just stays there, hand still fisting his now even harder cock. He knows he has to say something – anything – to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation. "What're you doing here?"

Regulus smirks, head tilted to one side, eyes fixed on James's crotch. "Came to congratulate you on your wedding. And it seems I arrived at the right moment." He walks over to James and, unceremoniously, pulls his pants down, so they’re bunched round James’s ankles. Then he stands back and says, "Although I’m very hurt I didn't receive an invitation."

James's brain is in turmoil: he wants to see Regulus naked, to touch him, but not now, not at the exact moment Lily is getting ready to be his for life. He licks his lips, wanting desperately to cover Regulus's sexy mouth with his, but he stays there, completely naked, while Regulus muses, "I don't quite know what the etiquette is in these cases: are wedding crashers supposed to bring a present?"

And worst of all, Sirius is about to arrive, and James can't even imagine what his friend would say if he saw James with a hard-on and his own estranged brother there. He wants to tell Regulus to get out, but he knows that if he opens his mouth he'll only make a fool of himself.

Regulus continues with his musings. "Since I didn't know, I decided to bring you a present anyway. Me," he says, inclining his head, his voice slightly mocking. "Something to stay with you – inside you, perhaps? – on your wedding night." He opens his arms and says, "Go ahead. Unwrap your gift."

James wants to fight the temptation and weakly opens his mouth to spurn Regulus. Instead, however, his hands move to the clasps of Regulus's robes, frantically opening them, making a bad job of it, as if his fingers don't want him to go through with this.

But his lust prevails and soon the last clasp is undone. James opens the robes – all he's allowed to do - hoping that Regulus is naked underneath, as he often is when he wants James. Today, James is so glad to see him that he doesn’t even beg him to take off his robes, just this once.


As soon as Regulus came, he withdrew his cock from inside James and cast a Scourgify on himself. James, ashamed and confused after his first homosexual experience, let himself fall tp the ground. Curled in a fetal position, his arse sore and sticky, he heard Regulus's soft steps walking away.

James stayed there for a long time. When he’d finally determined never to do that again, though he’d had the best orgasm of his life, the sun was setting.

Limping a little, he made his way to Gryffindor Tower and went straight to the shower. He cast two strong heating charms, so the water almost scalded him: he wanted to erase all traces of Regulus's body from his.

He was inordinately quiet during dinner and by the time he went to bed, he’d decided that no-one would ever know about what had happened that afternoon. After all, it had been a one-time thing and he would certainly not repeat it. He
could be less than straight, but he loved Lily and he would never jeopardize a good thing because of one random shag.


When James received the note from Regulus the next day, he cringed, thinking the worst had happened: maybe Regulus was threatening to tell everyone about their little tryst. But James knew that it would be his word against Regulus’s, and no-one would ever believe the younger Black rather than the Head Boy. In any event, he unfolded the parchment half-heartedly, but it only had a time and a place on it: under the stands on the Quidditch pitch, an hour before dinner that evening.

He had no idea what Regulus wanted with him, and made up his mind to ignore the note with the rendezvous. He would instead stay in the library with Lily after school.

At the appointed time, however, he was indeed under the stands, on all fours, Regulus pumping mercilessly inside him.

As James came with a gasp, he wondered how he would be able to
sit during dinner. Regulus, having climaxed too, was again cleaning himself. "Tomorrow, same time, same place," he told James.

This time, James didn't even consider standing him up.


James kisses Regulus hungrily, his brain vaguely registering that he’s this close to being caught. But he can't stop it, not even with the possibility that Lily could be the one walking in on them.


The notes from Regulus came at unpredictable intervals, sometimes several days in a row, sometimes not for two or three weeks. Those long gaps were the worst for James.

At first, after a few days without Regulus fucking him, James would feel relief: Regulus wouldn't summon him again and James would be free of the ridiculous longing he felt for his friend's brother.

After a while, however, James became cross and impatient. He'd look over covertly at Regulus as he sat at the Slytherin table with his characteristic smirk on his face, ignoring James’s very existence. James would try to ignore him and get on with his dinner, but he soon found that even his favorite meals tasted foul. Once, at the end of the first week, he was unable to contain himself any longer, and sent his own note to Regulus, demanding that he meet him that night under the stands.

Regulus sent the message back with a notation: "You don't tell me where and when we should meet. I'll send you a note when I feel like having a piece of Gryffindor arse again. Right now, I'm perfectly satisfied with my own House."

Humiliated, James scrunched up the note and threw it in the fireplace of the Gryffindor Common Room. He spent the rest of that night fuming, with a burning desire to storm down to the Slytherin dungeons and hex whoever Regulus was fucking that night.

He couldn't sleep, twisting and turning in his bed, and by dawn he realized that what he was feeling was called, in simple terms, jealousy. He
hated anyone who was touched by Regulus, anyone who could feel that mouth on his body.

James was smart enough to understand that he was treading on very thin ice: it was only a small step from jealousy to love, and James knew that falling in love with Regulus would ruin his life. First of all, James wasn't gay, and he didn’t want to live as if he were, unlike Sirius and Remus, who were planning to stay together after school. James wanted children, heirs to the Potter name.

And he had nothing to rebel against, unlike Sirius, whose sexuality was just one more way for him to upset his family. James knew that well, since Regulus often remarked how disgusting it was for Sirius to fuck a half-blood. As for Remus, as far as James could tell, he would never marry anyway: he wouldn't risk having children who could inherit his lycanthropy.

During one long period without Regulus, James got hold of Sirius and tentatively broached the subject of his relationship with Remus.

“Don’t you ever think you could also like girls, Padfoot?” James wasn’t sure what he wanted to hear: really, he just missed Regulus and wanted to talk about two men together.

He wasn’t too surprised when Sirius laughed, and said, "Of course not, Prongs. Neither me nor Remus
want a girl. We wouldn’t even know what to do with one." He waved his hand to dismiss the subject. "But this is something you'll never understand, my friend," Sirius continued, his voice silky, "the wonder of having a cock in your mouth – or up your arse."

James managed to bite his tongue before coming out to his best friend with an "Oh,
won't I?" But his cock hardened as he thought of Regulus, and he shrugged and ended the conversation, making some excuse about needing to check on First Years before he walked away to mope alone about the demise of his affair with Regulus. Because it was obvious to James that Regulus had had his fill of him, and would never call him for another meeting under the stands.

He was, therefore, surprised by the note on his bed, the familiar handwriting and green ink causing his heart to thump painfully as he tore the seal open. As usual, there was no salutation, only the words, "Tomorrow, right after dinner, empty classroom on the third floor in front of the lion tapestry."

Cursing himself for being weak, James went to sleep with a smile on his face.


The sensation of Regulus’s naked chest against him makes James moan out loud. Dimly he registers the fact that some of the guests may already be outside the tent, and may well hear the noise he's making.

But it's something he can't control, not when Regulus's hands claim his body with their familiar touch.

Regulus breaks contact and James complains out loud. Regulus silences him by touching his own lips with his finger, an aristocratically long and slender finger that has, many times, driven James to ecstasy.

James wants to tackle Regulus and tell him to get on with it and fuck him right now. But even after all this time, he doesn't dare suggest such a thing, in case Regulus takes exception to being 'ordered' again and walks away, leaving James in a state of unfulfilled lust. Instead, James turns his face to the side of the tent and braces himself against the strong canvas, spreading his legs and offering himself to Regulus as brazenly as he can.

But Regulus clicks his tongue, waving his wand at the ground to create a soft surface for them to lie on. "On your back, Potter. It's your wedding, after all, and I told you I had a present for you."

James bites his lips so as not to show his glee. He much prefers to be fucked by Regulus face to face, but Regulus rarely allows it. In most of their encounters, Regulus has fucked him from behind and, although James likes it just as much, he resents not seeing Regulus's beautiful face contorted in the spasms of orgasm.

James quickly lies on the makeshift mattress, spreading his legs as wide as he can, pulling his knees almost to his chin, exposing himself completely to Regulus's gaze.

Never has James felt so sexy, so attractive as in situations like these, where he can see Regulus's lust as he fixes his eyes on James’s crotch and arsehole. Wantonly, James lifts his hips even more and he hides a smirk when Regulus lets out a soft gasp.


When the cold days of winter came, they stopped meeting under the stands, altogether, using the empty classroom instead.

It was the same room he used to snog Lily whenever he had a chance. She hadn't let him do much more than groping, but one night they went all the way in that same room. James used the Charm he’d learnt from Regulus to turn the floor into the softest of beds, and there he and Lily consummated their love.

He was ecstatic at having been her first. And her last, he promised himself.

Afterwards he told her he loved her, loved her more than he'd ever done in his life. He wanted her forever, he said, and asked her, on an impulse, if she'd marry him, be the mother of his babies.

She hugged him, showering him with kisses, accepting gladly.

That night James couldn't sleep. He told himself that he was excited about being engaged to Lily, but it was Regulus he was thinking of as he tossed and turned: Regulus, who he wouldn’t see again, because he couldn’t betray Lily.


The following evening, greedily kissing Regulus in the same classroom where he'd made love to Lily the night before, James decided that he could sow his wild oats until his wedding day. But not after that.


Moaning out loud, not caring if the guests and his bride can hear him outside the tent, James pushes his arse further against Regulus's tongue.

It's not adultery until after he says, "I do," he figures.


Crumpling Regulus's note in his hand, James told Lily that he had homework to finish and couldn't meet her in the empty classroom later on.

He did his best to ignore her tentative smile. “I’ll wait till you’re finished.”

"But it’ll be late by then, and I don't want McGonagall to walk in on us," he whispered in her ear, giving her a quick kiss and leaving before she could remind him that he hadn't thought about
anyone walking in on them before.

He rushed to the room, opening the door breathlessly and being rewarded by the sight of Regulus, wearing only his robes open at the front, half-lying seductively on the makeshift bed.

"You're late, Potter," he said.

James didn't bother to answer. They didn't have much time anyway, and he didn’t want to waste it making spurious excuses. He undressed quickly and, taking the vial of lube from his pocket, threw it on the bed.

Desperately fighting the desire to kiss Regulus, he stood there naked, waiting for Regulus to tell him how he would take him that evening.


James had no idea how much time had passed when, tired and sore, he watched Regulus fastidiously fastening his robes. Then, Regulus gave a little wave and left.

Wincing a bit, James stood up and dressed quickly. He had better go back to the Common Room soon, before Lily questioned him about his whereabouts. Because that night Regulus had been exceptionally horny, claiming James twice. James had enjoyed it immensely, but, as a result of the exertion, he was limping slightly. And he was late; very late.

He walked out of the classroom and took the first corridor to his right, which led down to the Slytherin dungeons. He hoped he’d be in time to see Regulus walking ahead of him, unaware that James was checking him out. James knew better than to let Regulus know that he loved watching him stride assuredly back to his own Common Room.

He saw the hem of Regulus’s robes disappearing round the corner and decided to wait for a few seconds for him to get further ahead. But just as he was about to go after him again, he heard Lily, speaking in a cold, authoritative tone. "Regulus Black? What are you doing out so late?"

Oh, no, James thought, worried that Regulus would spill the beans about where he’d been – and what he was doing. He rushed after him as quickly as his sore arse would let him. He had no idea what he would say, but he hoped he could get Lily out of there before Regulus opened his mouth.

Regulus saw him before Lily did. "Oh, if it isn't the Head Boy," he said in a mocking tone.

"James!" Lily exclaimed. "What're you doing here?"

James ignored her question. "Let's go, Lily. Black, back to your House."

"No, James. He'll get detention for this," Lily said. "He's out after hours."

"Well, so are we, Lily.”

She looked at James incredulously. James knew she was wondering why in hell he was excusing a
Slytherin from detention. “We’re allowed to be!” she spluttered. “I was checking that the library was empty and locked.”

“Never mind,” James said hastily. “I’m sure he won't do it again."

Regulus, instead of beating a retreat, stayed where he was, obviously amused by the situation. "Why did you say I won't do it again? Of course I will. I totally
enjoyed it."

"See, he's unrepentant," Lily said. "He
should get detention."

"Fine with me. Detention with the Head Boy?" Regulus turned to James. "Tomorrow? After dinner, maybe? There's an empty classroom in the corridor you just came from, Potter. I'll see you there." He started to walk away, then turned back. "And Potter, what happened to your foot? Why are you limping? Quidditch accident?"

Regulus's laughter echoed in James’s ears, so he could barely hear Lily's anxious query. "You’ve hurt your foot? James, you
are limping! Let's go and see Pomfrey now."


James knows he'll be sore for his wedding, but he can't really give a damn, not when Regulus is fucking him so thoroughly, not when he can see Regulus's grey eyes focused on his own.

His legs are cramping, his arms are stretched and achy, but still James uses them to expose more of himself to Regulus. He can hear the sound of the guests arriving outside and he briefly wonders what would happen if one of them decided to come to the tent to wish him happiness and all that.

He should have cast a Locking Charm on the tent, but he didn't, and he just doesn't care any more. He forces his eyes open, even as they want to close. But he needs to see Regulus.

He moans loudly and Regulus clamps a hand over his mouth. James nips at it playfully and Regulus himself lets out a cry, a mixture of pain and pleasure.


James took Regulus back to the Slytherin dungeons under the Invisibility Cloak as day was breaking. It was his last night at Hogwarts, and the last time he would ever have sex with Regulus. From the next day on, he would only ever be with Lily.

He tiptoed into the dorm, hoping his friends were all asleep, and crashed on his bed, dead tired, but with a strange sense of relief. From now on he wouldn't be tempted by Regulus's presence any longer.


The summer was unbearable. Sirius was now living in his own flat, bought with an inheritance from his uncle Alphard, and Remus had promptly moved in with him. Peter was off doing something vague – James thought he might have a temporary job, but wasn’t quite sure – and Lily was in France with her family.

James was feeling lonely and miserable. He missed not having Sirius around all the time, but when he
did see Sirius he was even more miserable, because Sirius reminded him of Regulus.

And he thought about Regulus even when he didn't see Sirius at all. Many times he sat at the kitchen table and started drafting a note to ask Regulus to meet him. It didn't matter whether Regulus snubbed him again or not – he felt better writing the notes. But he never sent any of them. He couldn't. He knew from Sirius that no owl would get to Grimmauld Place unless its owner was cleared.

Around the end of August, a large eagle owl brought a tightly-rolled parchment for James. Laconic as ever, Regulus informed him that he would be expecting him on the first day of school. ‘Third floor classroom, in case it rains. Ten in the evening.’


If Dumbledore was surprised to see James at Hogwarts on the first day of school, he didn't say anything. He had recruited the four friends to be part of his Order of the Phoenix, so he probably expected to see them at one point or another. James got out of that one by thinking up a couple of questions about meeting times and secret keepers.

But when Regulus told James to return the next day, James balked. It was just too dangerous for him to come back to Hogwarts like that. He suggested the Hog's Head, and Regulus, in his usual, supercilious fashion, asked how he was supposed to get out of school undetected. James told him about the passage through the witch's hump, and was glad to see a glint of amazement in Regulus's eyes.

Throughout the year they met at the same room in the Hog's Head. The right amount of money in Aberforth's hand ensured that their privacy was maintained – but, in any event, both James and Regulus had their heads covered by the cowls of their cloaks.

But as soon as they were alone in the squalid little room, they tore at each other's clothes, undressing as quickly as they could. For some reason, Regulus rarely let James remove his robes, preferring just to open them down the front; and when he did take them off, he was invariably wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath. When James asked him why he was never completely naked, Regulus answered that he was cold.

James was smart enough to know that Regulus couldn't be cold throughout the year, especially in the warm days of early September, but he didn’t insist. He knew Regulus was quirky, but he made James reach new levels of ecstasy every time they were together.


They hardly talked during their trysts, and, whenever they did, Regulus usually made a couple of nasty comments about Mudbloods and purity of blood. This irritated James, but he knew better than to call Regulus on it, in case Regulus got angry and refused to have sex with him any more.

As the year went on, however, he noticed that Regulus gradually became less vociferous in his tirades against Muggles and half-bloods. He was also increasingly moody: often, after they had come, Regulus would stand up and look out of the window, rubbing a spot on his arm, which was invariably hidden by whatever garment he was wearing that day.

James once asked what the problem was, if he'd hurt himself. Regulus shot him a somewhat crazed look and, obviously irritated, got dressed without a word and went out, slamming the door, leaving James alone in the room.

James never asked again.


The musicians start playing outside and James knows he should be ready. Only a few more minutes and Sirius will be here to escort him to the ceremony.

He's also ready to come, but he doesn't want to, not just yet. There's a sense of finality in this, as if he and Regulus will never again be connected like this, and James wants to enjoy it to the fullest.

But Regulus fists his cock and pumps it once, twice – and James gives a strangled cry as all of his resolve disappears, and he spills his seed over his stomach, in Regulus's hand, while at the same time he feels Regulus emptying himself inside him.

The music outside masks their cries of pleasure.


Regulus's mood deteriorated after he left school, and he actually missed a few of their rendezvous. Whenever that happened, James swore he’d never see Regulus again, but then a note in green ink would arrive, and James would find himself waiting patiently for Regulus at the Hog's Head.

A week before James and Lily's wedding, Regulus sent James a note telling him curtly that they wouldn't be meeting again. It had been fun, the note said, but Regulus had bigger and better things to worry about now.

James was devastated, but, as a matter of fact, he didn't have that much time to pine. Lily was keeping him busy with the final preparations for the wedding.

At night, though, alone in his bed, he thought about Regulus.


Still panting under Regulus, James falters in his decision to go on with the wedding. This, this pounding, this handsome man, is what he really wants. In a delirium exacerbated by his powerful orgasm, James is on the verge of telling Regulus that love has everything to do with it, that the past week has been sheer misery and it's Regulus he loves.

But he's cut short in the act of opening his mouth as Regulus pulls out of him, casts a Scourgify on both of them and quickly closes his robes.

Hating himself, James tells Regulus he'll be back from his honeymoon in a week and will they see each other then?

Eyes darkening, Regulus answers, with an enigmatic smile, "No. You'll be a married man in a few minutes, and I abhor adultery." He kisses James softly, belying the harshness of his words, and continues, "Just think about me – and how much you love cock, darling – when you make love to your wife."

At that moment, James hears Sirius's voice calling out his name. Regulus hands James his clothes and Disapparates.


James takes Lily's hand in his, promising to love and honor her for the rest of their lives.

As he slides the ring on to her finger, he closes his eyes and sees another long, slender finger instead.


Regulus Apparates to Grimmauld Place and calls for Kreacher. The elf appears immediately, grinning widely. His happy smile turns to horror when Regulus orders him to take them to the cave where the Dark Lord has hidden a locket.


Regulus puts his hand in the water, desperately trying to quench the thirst that's burning inside him. He doesn’t even notice the hand coming from inside the lake, extending towards his own.

When the Inferius touches him, Regulus closes his eyes and imagines it's James, taking him to a place where they'll be together forever.
15th October 2007 13:41
Wow, that was amazingly intense. Well done!
16th October 2007 00:00
Thank you. I'm really glad you liked it.
15th October 2007 16:56
Beautifuly written!!

James' desparation comes across so well, and he knows he is leaving his "fun days" behind!

well done!

luv Bea xx
16th October 2007 00:01
Yes, he does, but he couldn't face living a different life, I think.

15th October 2007 17:40
*phew* I think James is lucky that Regulus is going to disappear/die... because he wouldn't be able to give him up, clearly.
16th October 2007 00:03
No, he wouldn't - and we might never had a Harry. And no books, of course!
15th October 2007 21:08
Oh, wow. So intense and sad--and then the ending clinches it. Ouch, my heart!
16th October 2007 00:07
All of them, dead too soon...

Thank you.
15th October 2007 21:54
the ending was just...
beautifully written.
Not a pairing that I thought that I would like, but I just loved the way you wrote James and Regulus.
16th October 2007 00:09
I wrote the first story a long time ago, and this one has been brewing in my brain for a while, way before DH.

It's definitely a rather odd pairing - I'm glad you liked it.
16th October 2007 03:16
Eeeeee, I think this was my prompt!!! This is wonderful and sexy and fabulous and eeee, wedding-day cheating! LOVE IT! Regulus is so damn sexy, having James completely falling apart for him like that, and James's addiction is so palpable. I loved their dynamic.

"No. You'll be a married man in a few minutes, and I abhor adultery."

Oh, Regulus, you little brat! *loves* I also love the ending so much! Canon FTW! :D
16th October 2007 03:29
OMG, was it really your prompt? Then thanks a lot for it. I simply adore Regulus/James and snotty Regulus is so much fun, isn't he? Like a Sirius with a worse attitude. How can James possibly resist that?

At least Regulus had a bit of fun before going to that horrid cave.

I'm really glad you liked it.
16th October 2007 13:27
Gorgeous ending. Poignant.
16th October 2007 23:00
Thank you. I wish it could have been different.
17th October 2007 03:07
Oh heavens no. Realistically, it probably wouldn't have worked out between them. I mean, they have everything going against them, which is what makes this such an interesting pairing. I love how Reg never betrayed his true feelings, even in the end. And just thinking of James' reaction when he finds out... how he'll always wonder what would have happened if he had said what he came so close to admitting in the tent. What would have gone differently... if it could have gone differently...
17th October 2007 03:17
Poor James didn't have that much time after that, either.

Sirius would have flipped if he knew - and if things had worked differently.

And I love your icon.

Sorry about the deleted post - wrong login. Unfortunately, I do that a lot.

16th October 2007 18:49
I do feel like reading double smut! *clicks link*

This, by the way, was fantastic. Incredibly hot, yes, but also fascinating. I need to put in a big pile of love for Regulus always keeping some of his clothes on, and James carefully not thinking too hard about what that might mean. And tied back to canon so well, and an ending which was so sad and yet kind of sweet as well, since you show Regulus caring about James - even though he never let him know. Agh. So many great elements. I love it when smut is complicated :).
16th October 2007 23:09
Thank you! This was such a lovely comment. I'm glad that Regulus's caring came through. He really did, in his own haughty Black way.

24th October 2007 22:06
Oh God. That last bit, arrrrgh.

Really beautiful.
24th October 2007 22:50
Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.
18th December 2008 11:21

(Spot the person reading through DD's back history of Regulus fics.)

Oh, this is just unbelievably sad and lovely. I am quickly learning why people have a thing about Regulus.
18th December 2008 19:33
Regulus is sheer love, especially when he is at his snottiest.

Maybe you could add Kingsley/Regulus to that list?
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