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13th Birthday Bash: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day 4 
9th March 2019 10:50
Day 4! Happy weekend!

Rules? What rules?

To share your results, simply post them in a comment to this entry.

You need not use all of the prompt images nor the exact images/items directly in your piece. Allow the prompt to influence and inspire you any way it will.

By definition, a drabble is exactly 100 words and a drawble is a rough sketch equivalent. However, we're not going to be running anyone's work through a word counter here. Have fun with it!

10th March 2019 03:17 - Cupcakes (Cho/Susan, Mature)
"Come try my cupcake," Susan said as her girlfriend walked through the door.

Cho grinned. "Is that a euphemism?"

Susan snorted. "I've been experimenting for the bakery's erotic line."

The kitchen smelled like sugar, and on the countertop sat several cupcakes, each topped with a frosting vulva. They looked mouthwatering… in more ways than one.

"Here, try one."

"I do like eating pussy."

Cho's eyes were dark as her dexterous tongue flicked out to lick up a stripe of frosting with an exaggerated moan. Susan's cunt throbbed.

"It's good," Cho said huskily, "but I know something that tastes even better."
11th March 2019 22:38 - Cocktails (Harry/Draco, R)
Long, hard, deep pink… Harry swallowed. The room spun around him as he watched Draco sipping delicately from the large, cock-shaped cocktail glass. Gripping his own glass – the same shape and length, but coloured yellow – he pushed off the bar to make his way slightly unsteadily across the dancefloor.

“Can I help you, Potter?”

Harry’s blood rushed south as Draco licked his lips. A small smile tilted the corners of his mouth.

“Enjoying that?”

Draco’s eyes flicked to the long glass held tightly in Harry’s grip, then downwards.

“I can think of other things I’d rather be enjoying.”

Harry groaned.
12th March 2019 16:06 - Re: Cocktails (Harry/Draco, R)
12th March 2019 19:58 - Re: Cocktails (Harry/Draco, R)
Heh, yeah. Draco seemed to be the one most likely to be drinking from that glass. XD
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