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4th January 2019 17:21
Title: Experienced
Author: [info]leontina
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Lucius, mention of Harry/others
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Age Disparity
Other Warnings/Content: Kitchen sex, rimming, dirty talk
Word Count: 2050
Summary/Description: Harry has a thing for older men, and older men have a thing for Harry. Lucius is no exception
Author's Notes: My first post to the community, and it involves Harry getting fucked hard. I feel this may become a repeated theme xD I hope you all enjoy it :) (Also mods, please could I have an author tag <3)

Harry loved older men, and he wasn't ashamed to say it.

His first encounter with an older lover had been Charlie Weasley, only seven years older than him, but old enough to show Harry a world away from the innocent kisses and ginger touches he'd been used to. Charlie had wrecked Harry in the best possible way, and then in the worst way when he'd left Harry behind to return to his dragons.

Harry had moved on from dating Charlie to go out with Justin Finch-Fletchley, and while Justin was nice enough, he was also so boring. In bed all Justin did was flop around on Harry for a couple of minutes before calling it a day--the worst part was, Justin thought he amazing at fucking, despite being incredibly awful at it.

Justin's dad, Alan, on the other hand, looked like he knew exactly how to please a lover. Tall and lean, with long fingers, and laughter lines on his face, Alan was exceedingly handsome. He was always pleasant to Harry, smiling at his jokes, and clapping him on the shoulder which made Harry's knees go weak.

It didn't take long for Harry to realise that Justin meant nothing to him sexually or romantically, but he did want to ride Alan's dick for all he was worth. Unfortunately Alan was both happily married, and very straight. But that didn't stop Harry from dumping Justin to go after what he wanted.

Harry soon found there were numerous older men in the Ministry of Magic who would take Harry on dates, wine him and dine him, and take him back to expensive hotel suites or posh penthouses for sex. Sometimes the men would only want him a night, others a week, and some men lasted for months. And Harry couldn't get enough of them.

Ron and Hermione were horrified when word finally got out that Harry was exclusively dating older men. They just didn't understand--Harry had never had a solid father figure in his life, so it felt nice to finally have constant, positive attention from older men. Harry loved being spoiled by them and looked after, and getting fucked into oblivion.

Which was why, when Harry arrived at Malfoy Manor to give Draco some paperwork, only to find Draco wasn't home, he wasn't disappointed.

Lucius had aged well since the last time Harry had seen him five years ago. His hair was once again glossy and thick, and his cheekbones were no longer pinched but artfully high. With his long, slender figure covered with a crisp suit, and his sleek, snake-head cane clutched between his graceful fingers, all Harry wanted was for Lucius to ruin him.

Lucius had been divorced for the last four years, and if the rumours were to be believed, had dated various men and women since. The way Lucius was looking at Harry now, as if he were a fine meal to be devoured, led Harry to believe the rumours of Lucius's bisexuality were true.

"I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience," Lucius said curtly. "I wasn't aware Draco was expecting visitors, otherwise I'd have reminded him. May I offer you a drink for your troubles?"

"It's no trouble, really," Harry said, giving Lucius his most flattering smile. "I would love a drink, though."

Lucius beckoned for Harry to follow him, leading him to a small, surprisingly modern kitchen, 3i6h marble worktops and shiny black cupboards.

"It wasn't my choice of design," Lucius said impassively. "Draco decided we needed to make the manor more Muggle-inspired to show just how much we've changed."

"I like it," Harry said, jumping up onto the marble island in the centre of the room. "Oh, you even have a fridge!"

"Fridge?" Lucius repeated blankly. "Ah, you mean the re-fridge-are-a-tar."

Harry grinned. "That's one way of pronouncing it." He held up his hands when Lucius shot him a glare. "I'm not trying to mock you; I think it's cute."

Lucius raised a brow elegantly. "Cute? I assure you, Harry, cute is the last word people use to describe me."

Harry loved the sound of his name on Lucius's tongue, and his grin grew. "Oh? What do people call you, then?"

Lucius's blue eyes glinted as he edged towards Harry, finally settling between his legs. Harry's breath hitched as Lucius looked down at him intently.

"They call me many things; some good, some bad. They call you things, too."

Harry braced his hands on Lucius's collar, sliding his fingers just below the crisp material to stroke the soft skin there.

"I know what they call me," Harry murmured. "They call me a slut, a whore, but I'm not ashamed of who I am. They can call me what they like."

"The men and women who call you those words are simply jealous," Lucius drawled, resting his hands on Harry's thighs, his fingers spread wide. "Only the lucky are able to get you in their bed. You knew Draco wouldn't be here, didn't you?"

Harry smirked without an ounce of guilt. "I made sure he wouldn't be."

Lucius tutted. "Naughty boy. But what made you so sure I'd be willing to give you what you desire?"

"Like you said, only the lucky can get me, and I know you like to have what only the elite can achieve. Besides-" he ran a palm over the hard bulge in Lucius's trousers, causing Lucius's eyes to flutter shut as he held back a moan. "I've felt your eyes on my arse every time I've been here."

"I can only assume, then, that you would like more than my eyes on your arse?" Lucius gripped Harry's wrist, stopping the teasing strokes Harry was giving him through his trousers. "Truth be told, I believed you to be infatuated with Draco."

"God, no!" Harry cried with a short laugh. "Draco's a boy, and I want a man."

Lucius smiled in pleased delight. "You're playing a dangerous game, little boy, but I'm more than willing to let you play in my corner.

Harry felt his prick twitching with need at Lucius's words. "The question is, though, are you actually any good, or are you all talk?"

His teasing grin turned into a whimper as Lucius cupped Harry's chin and drew him into a possessive kiss. Harry gripped Lucius's shoulders, sliding his tongue into Lucius's mouth hungrily. Lucius responded in kind, deepening the kiss as he pressed his body more insistently against Harry's.

"Clothes off," Lucius hissed huskily as they broke apart. "I'm going to fuck you right in this ridiculous kitchen."

Lucius's pupils were blown wide, his lips red and swollen, and he looked utterly debauched. Harry had done that to him, and it made Harry feel good that he could please Lucius like nobody else could.

Harry shed his clothes slowly, making sure to make a show of it. Lucius was watching him intently, one hand rubbing against the bulge in his trousers. As Harry bent over to remove his jeans he heard a groan behind him.

Once he was finally nude Harry turned around to allow Lucius to see him in all his glory. Lucius's eyes roamed over Harry's form like a starving man. He stalked towards Harry slowly, dropping to his knees as he reached him. His hands grasped Harry's hips and slid down to his thighs, fingers digging in hard to the soft skin. Lucius leaned in and trailed his tongue down Harry's thigh, biting down gently on the inside edge.

"Turn around," Lucius ordered. "Brace yourself over the countertop."

Harry did as he was told, settling himself across the island so that his arse was on display for Lucius. He wriggled it enticingly, and earned a sneaky spank for his actions.

"I like it when you do as you're told," Lucius said breathlessly. "Hold yourself open for me; show me your hole."

Harry complied, shivering as he felt warm breath ghost across his entrance.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," Lucius murmured, placing his hands on top of Harry's to keep him spread open. "My gorgeous boy."

Harry yelped in a mix of surprise and pleasure as Lucius's tongue swiped across his hole. Lucius's fingertips dug into the soft skin of Harry's arse as he ate him out greedily, his nose pressed right into Harry's crease as he stabbed his tongue in and out.

He threw his head back and moaned loudly, closing his eyes at the wet, hot intrusion which sent pinpricks of pleasure jolting through his entire body. He was so lost in pleasure that he barely noticed when Lucius slipped a finger inside him, along with his tongue, until the tip of it brushed his prostate and made the pleasure increase ten-fold.

Harry bucked forwards, whining when Lucius gripped the base of his cock hard. "No, no, sweet boy; you come when I say you do."

"You're such a fucking tease," Harry hissed playfully, dropping his head down on the counter when Lucius slid another finger inside of him. Harry didn't know where or when Lucius had gotten his hands on some lube, but the generous amount he used allowed Lucius's long, elegant fingers to work him open with ease. "More."

"More?" Lucius repeated. "My, you are greedy." Still, he added a third finger obediently, and Harry whimpered in need as he felt the familiar edge of burn as his rim stretched around Lucius. "You're going to open up for my cock so easily, aren't you? You were made to be fucked."

"Yes, yes,"Harry urged, pressing back against the steady rhythm of the fingers inside him. "Stop giving me empty promises and fuck me already. I want your cock, Lucius. I want your cock so badly."

Lucius removed his fingers, leaving Harry feeling empty. "I love to hear you beg." There was a sound of rustling as Lucius prepared himself, and then a fat cock settled between the crease of Harry's arse, pressing against his rim each time Lucius moved in the right way. "Tell me again what you want."

"Your cock," Harry ground out, his body almost throbbing in need. His cock ached with the intensity of it, and if Harry moved just right he could get friction fro the counter to ease his need. "I want you to fuck me, Lucius; I want you to make my arse yours."

His lips fell open in a silent cry as Lucius finally pressed inside him, slick and hot and perfect.

"I'm going to do more than just that," Lucius said as he settled fully inside Harry, pausing for a moment before pulling out and slamming back in. "I'm going to be the best you've ever had. I'm going to ruin you for other men; make sure you can't go another day without thinking about my cock."

"Yes, do it," Harry hissed, dropping his arms to his side so he could jerk his cock in time to Lucius's thrusts. "Wreck me, Lucius. Fuck, fuck..."

Lucius had found the perfect rhythm to find Harry's prostate on each thrust, making Harry feel like he'd been hit with an overwhelming wave of pleasure. His whole body tingled pleasantly, his cock throbbing and leaking in his own fist. He could feel tears spring to his eyes with the sheer intensity of it, and he insistently pressed back to pull Lucius in deeper, and harder.

He came with a loud cry, limbs trembling as his orgasm coursed through him and left him breathless. Slumping forwards, Harry shivered with desire each time Lucius continued to pound away against his over-sensitive prostate.

By the time Lucius finally came, Harry was utterly boneless and spent, and entirely satisfied. He absently heard Lucius murmuring a cleaning charm and sorting himself out, before strong arms pulled Harry up and wrapped him in a warm, fluffy blanket.

Harry sighed contentedly as Lucius wrapped his arms tightly around him.

"If I'd known a good fuck would have stopped you running your mouth, I'd have done it long before now."

Harry looked up at Lucius and shot him a wry grin. "Don't get cocky, but I think you definitely fucked me into a whole other dimension. Maybe I can see if I can ride you to the same state some time?"

Lucius's eyes flashed possessively. "Let me take you out for dinner first, and then you can ride me all you look, sweet boy."

He lowered his head to kiss Harry soundly, and Harry lost himself to Lucius once again.
5th January 2019 16:12
My first post to the community, and it involves Harry getting fucked hard. I feel this may become a repeated theme xD

LOL, such a mood!

And UNF this was super hot.
5th January 2019 16:35
Oooh, I love the psychology behind Harry being into older men--the idea that his lack of a father figure or nurturing home life when young has led him to enjoy being "pampered" by mature men later in life. And I love that he's aware of the connection, and of his reputation, and is completely unashamed.

"You're playing a dangerous game, little boy, but I'm more than willing to let you play in my corner.

YES, PLEASE. *shiver* ...And then it just gets more and more intense and smokin' from there!

Also: the worst part was, Justin thought he amazing at fucking, despite being incredibly awful at it.

Most of us have been there a time or two, haven't we?! LOOOOL

Yep, I think Harry getting fucked hard over a kitchen counter is pretty much the perfect first contribution for this comm. Welcome aboard! :D
6th January 2019 08:18
I love how Harry is just owning up to what others call him, and there's no shame in his game.

You knew Draco wouldn't be here, didn't you?"

Harry smirked without an ounce of guilt. "I made sure he wouldn't be."

Good on Harry finding what he wants!
7th January 2019 23:01
Hnnnng. This was so hot <3 I love this pairing and you wrote them really well. Lucius is perfect and I love how unashamed your Harry is. He's glorious!

My favourite part was this dialogue: "I'm going to be the best you've ever had. I'm going to ruin you for other men; make sure you can't go another day without thinking about my cock." Is it bad that I'm now imagining Lucius following through on that in every single possible way, even beyond the scene here, and that he ends up keeping Harry happily sated forever? Because that's what I'm imagining.

My first post to the community, and it involves Harry getting fucked hard. I feel this may become a repeated theme

Please, please let it become a theme <3
9th January 2019 21:49
This was super hot. Harry being into older men (and them being into Harry) is such a great kink and I loved seeing that playing out through Lucius. The sex between them was scorching, with Harry being cocky and bold and Lucius - well, Lucius fucking him just as he wanted :D

Brilliant job, I loved this.
11th January 2019 09:50
Oh, wow! There's always something about this pairing that seems a little more taboo to me than Harry with other men from that era. No idea why. But they fit so well together!

Harry knowing what he is/is called and just owning it is so hot! And Lucius' confidence that he can satisfy him is just so him!
Well done! :)
16th January 2019 08:40
MORE! Gods this is just brilliant and hot and yummy and I want MORE!!!!
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