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Art: So Very Queer 
5th July 2018 12:37
Apologies for the early posting, but this was a case of post it before I overworked it. In any case, I have to get back to arting for work instead of arting for fun, which this was.

Title:So Very Queer
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media:Sketchbook/PS CS6/Artisul D10/altered screencap
Characters/Pairings: Teen!Snape/Whoever you want, Moaning Mrytle
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Caught in the act
Warnings: Explicit anal. money shot
It was all very queer. The two boys had burst into her bathroom seemingly bent on clawing each other to bits. She had expected a terrific fight by the way they had pulled each other to the floor and had began tearing at each other's kits. After all, she knew the small, shabby Slytherin and tall, handsome Gryffindor to be bitter enemies and this time, it looked as if there would be blood.

But then, the battle swiftly took a turn she hadn't foreseen...

5th July 2018 18:21
5th July 2018 18:36
5th July 2018 18:42
Oh, UNF!! Love the look on Snape's face! Mrytle is such a voyeur! :D
5th July 2018 18:43
Well, it must get terribly boring hanging about the u-bend all day. ;)

5th July 2018 21:07
Wow, that is so good, Kat! So so hot! I love Myrtle in the background there too. :D But, uh, that foreground... ;P
5th July 2018 23:47
Looks like Myrtle wasn't the only one moaning, eh?

Thanks hon! :)
6th July 2018 00:51
Well, hello. *purrs*
6th July 2018 01:06
Sometimes, you just gotta draw the booty! ;)

6th July 2018 15:26
I bet Myrtle never realized just how much she could learn in a bathroom!

Great perspective and light/dark contrast.
6th July 2018 16:24
I have a feeling Myrtle gets a very exclusive education in that loo!

Thanks kelly, I've really been pushing myself to learn shading/lighting.
6th July 2018 16:18
Oh shit, that's hot. xD Love this!
6th July 2018 16:24
Thanks! I was in indeed of some explicit HP porn, 'tis been a while!
6th July 2018 22:42
Oh, my! You've done it again, Kat.
7th July 2018 00:18
I jus' can't help being a prevert. ;)
8th July 2018 01:11
Wow. So hot!
I don't blame Myrtle for staring. I would (am!), too. :)
8th July 2018 03:58
Thanks, bb! Myrtle deserves the occasional floor show. :)
10th July 2018 05:46
That's amazing!
Beautifully done!
Love the coloring and the details and his face (and of course his arse)!
12th July 2018 13:43
Thank you hon! I've really been working towards a smoother, more natural looking lines/shading and I'm particularly pleased with this one. :)
20th August 2018 20:55
Oh that Mrytle is a lucky ghost! This is really hot, Kat, so sexy. I love Sev's expression, he's sooooo ready :D Great work!
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