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Art - Insertion 
23rd September 2007 23:16
Title: Insertion
Artist: [info]wilde_stallyn
Media: Pencil
Characters: Insert your favourite Death Eater.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sounding, masturbation
Themes/kinks chosen: Sounding

24th September 2007 08:33


*tries to get up, looks at pic again*


This kink needs oh so much more attention than it gets. This is beyond hot.
24th September 2007 11:01
Wow. Amazing work with perspective here!
24th September 2007 11:49
OMG! *faints*
24th September 2007 16:03
AHHH! I mean, wow. *_*
24th September 2007 23:41
*thump* I think you should auction off who gets to write a fic using that pic as inspiration. :)
26th September 2007 00:39
Ahh! Little x-box of doom! And it sounds so good, too...
26th September 2007 05:13
It seems fine now...
26th September 2007 02:44
*which one do I choose? which one do I choose?*

Each on in turn, naturally. Holy sticks in cock's Batman, this is hawttt hott!
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