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Art: Satin (M, Albus/Scorpius) 
26th November 2017 21:40
Title: Satin
Author: shiftylinguini
Characters/Pairings: Albus Severus/Scorpius
Rating: M
Kinks/Themes Chosen: corsets
Other Warnings/Content: crossdressing, partial nudity, established relationship
Albus has always liked dressing up; Scorpius likes it even more.
Author's Notes: Nowhere near as dirty as I had hoped, but hopefully will suffice! Thanks to Llaeyro for the encouragement <3

26th November 2017 17:38
Eeeee, I love this!! Albus looks gorgeous in his green corset, and the sweet hesitance on his face is lovely! <3
26th November 2017 22:26
Thankkk you lovely!!!! I'm so glad you like the corset :D

26th November 2017 18:34
It says image is locked for me.
26th November 2017 22:25
Whoops!! Should work now :)
26th November 2017 22:27
Oh, very lovely. :D I'm so glad I got to see it.
29th November 2017 12:39
Eee, thank you!! I'm so glad you liked it :D :D
27th November 2017 01:54
Oh yeah! Very sexy.
29th November 2017 12:39
thank you thank youuuu!! :D
27th November 2017 08:02
This is beautiful! <3
Love the corset!
29th November 2017 12:40
Eeee, thank you so much, lovely!! <3
27th November 2017 12:32
29th November 2017 12:40
Thank you!!!! <3
30th November 2017 22:10 - Satin
They both look amazing. I love their expressions, and the slight colors - brilliant.
4th December 2017 08:51 - Re: Satin
Omgosh, thank you so much!!!
2nd December 2017 22:05
I hadn't seen it! Oh my god, it's so unfair that this exists and I haven't know it until now!! It's so gorgeous!

I love Albus in a Corset, he looks so – okay this is going to sound so weird, but he looks both sex and soft, you know? Like, he wants to be pretty and by god, he is! Look at the way Scorpius is looking at him! Ahhh, it says so much, that this is a moment they are sharing and yes, yes, yes, it's perfect! <333
4th December 2017 08:59
OMG, sexy and soft!!!! Thank you lovely, I'm so glad you like this!! I had fun drawing thissss, and yes I totally think Albus wants to be pretty, and I'm so glad it looks like they are sharing a moment!!!

Thank you so muchhhh lovely!!!
3rd December 2017 16:51
Ooh, Scorpius looks like he has definite plans for Albus any second...
4th December 2017 08:51
omg, thank you so much lovely!!!

3rd December 2017 21:16
UNF. Sweet, sexy and yeah, it has that lovely innocent vibe.
Well, until they do the things to each other that those looks are promising. ;)
4th December 2017 08:55
Eeeeee, innocent but sexy is the best compliment, thank you darling!! :D

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