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Art: Samhain Dinner Date 
13th October 2017 23:10
Title: Samhain Dinner Date
Author: Akatnamedeaster
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sirius Black (Not)Fake Blood
Other Warnings/Content: Vampires, blood, implied murder, anal, rough sex, scratching
Summary/Description: "Foolish girl. She thought I had invited her to dinner."
"Well, she was partially correct."
"Wicked bastard."
Author's Notes: This was supposed to have been good but somewhere along the way I lost the plot and made a mess and then ran out of time and have other pressing art matters to attend to. Hopefully it's not completely awful.

Happy Halloween!

14th October 2017 04:12
ooooooh super sexy.
1st November 2017 15:23
Thanks! It seemed fitting given the season. :)
14th October 2017 04:45
Oooh bloody good! Very sexy - and rough as it is, they are totally digging it! As am I!
1st November 2017 15:24
Thank you, I hadn't known it, but I guess I am into bloodplay. :P
14th October 2017 13:46
That’s amazing! I love it, the colouring, and omg, the Gryffindor sock peeking is such a fantastic detail, too! Love this.
1st November 2017 15:25
Thanks! I was sooo tempted to add the body of their unfortunate feast, the Gryffie sock/tie was the most I could bring myself to do. ;)
14th October 2017 14:19
I love this. Their expressions are great and the touch of blood is so hot!
1st November 2017 15:26
Thanks so much! :)
14th October 2017 17:07 - Art: Samhain Dinner Date
Wow, this is sexy! Love the fangs, and the blood. Severus looks positively blissful.
1st November 2017 15:26 - Re: Art: Samhain Dinner Date
Thanks! Severus is having himself a grand ol' time...the deviant.
16th October 2017 15:45
Help! I can't see it at all, and I really want to.
16th October 2017 15:50
Unfortunately, no. The page won't load for me for some reason. *cries*
16th October 2017 15:52
It's a png, is that the problem?
16th October 2017 15:55
No clue. It says the DNS isn't recognized. Restarting my computer to see if that helps.
16th October 2017 15:57

As a jpeg. I checked my server and everything seems to be as it should be.
16th October 2017 16:05
ARGH! No, nothing. I don't know WTF is happening especially since I saw the preview on DW a few days ago. I don't know WTH is going on since I finally got to see it on my phone, but I'm not certain it is the correct one since they are eating Harry. LOL!

Love the zombie Severus and Sirius, though. That is awesome, darling. Very gruesome.
16th October 2017 16:12
OH! Absolutely lovely. I love how Severus's fingers are digging into Sirius's thigh. Let's hope the Weasleyette didn't give them indigestion. LOL!
16th October 2017 16:23
Finally got the computer to work as I had to view it before on my phone. Once again, awesomely done, babe. Thanks for your help
1st November 2017 15:27
Thank -you-, boo!
6th November 2017 15:16
May I ask how you got your computer to display the images again? Because I'm having the same problem (with not just this one) and I have no clue on where to even begin to find how to fix this.
6th November 2017 15:21
Which browser are you using?
6th November 2017 20:05
But no worries: for now it seems fixed :D
6th November 2017 15:24
To be honest, I googled the problem and Chrome told me how to fix it. If I remember correctly I has to clear my cache and then restart the computer. If you used a different browser then I would Hooked the problem for your browser.
6th November 2017 15:27
Argh... So need that edit button, IJ. So anyway the autocorrect translation to that is Google the problem for your browser and good luck!
6th November 2017 20:04
Thanks :). The problem seems to have fixed itself for now, so fingers crossed it stays that way.
18th October 2017 02:43
I knew this was going to be fabulous from the previews, and it totally is. The utter, sensual wallowing in depravity and murder! The carnage and seductiveness! The spooky grey wash of color, broken only by splotches and smears of blood! I adore their faces - they're so unrepentant, so gleeful, so high on bloodshed. Sirius looks downright joyous, and Severus - oh my, he's absolutely liberated by evil. He looks powerful and sexy and very, very dangerous. You do not want to meet these two in a dark alley. Or even in the local Tesco's.

A couple of points: I love how you drew their smiles to fit the shapes of their faces, Sirius' square and almost laughing expression, Severus' triangular, almost drugged-looking cross between a smile and a snarl. Apart from those creepy, mesmerizing smiles, I think my favorite details are the curve of Sirius' arse and beautifully lit thigh, and OMG, Severus scratching him hard enough to draw blood. That cruel caress is intensely sexy.

A wonderfully atmospheric and appropriately chilling double portrait, Kat. You have quite a gift for bloodplay. ;) Bravo!
1st November 2017 15:30
First off, this comment made my cold little heart sing and reminded me why I still hang on to this place. :)

Thanks so much! I had a much more graphic picture in mind but reckoned a lot of folks would get offended by my choice of victim. However, I'm glad I held back since I think the more subtle approach works better.

(I'm also delighted that you enjoy a wicked Snape. I've been missing that little bastard in the midst of all the hyper-romantic, super-duper lover Snape and wanted to give the nasty git an airing.)
19th October 2017 20:25
Unf, yesssssss!!!! Don’t they look like they’re having fun. ;)
1st November 2017 15:32
They certainly are! Blood must be an aphrodisiac as well as sustenance. ;)

24th October 2017 19:41
OH, UNF!!! This is so filthy and wicked and hot and I love everything about it!
1st November 2017 15:33
Thanks! I needed a touch of evil to my porn this month. :)
25th October 2017 04:09
Delicious and atmospheric and perfect for October - love it!
1st November 2017 15:33
Thanks, hon! I love Halloween/horror themes.
27th October 2017 21:43
Perfect theme for the season, and very hot.
Poor mysterious girl, though. :)
1st November 2017 15:34
Eh, I'm sure they gave her a good time before tucking in. ;)

Thanks, hon!
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