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ART: Why Snape Loves Haunted Houses (Severus Snape/Hand/Ghosties, NC-17) 
8th October 2017 20:07
Title: Why Snape Loves Haunted Houses
Artist: mywitch
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/his hand/naked ghosts
Kinks/Themes Chosen: wank! wank! wank!
Other Warnings/Content:
Medium: digital art
Artist Note: Happy Halloween!

9th October 2017 04:02
Hahah! Yes, I can certainly see the appeal. ;)
Sexy all around, hon! Nicely done. <3
14th October 2017 19:47
Thanks! That guy will take any opportunity to strip down and wank, at least in my head canon... lol
9th October 2017 08:19
WOW that is just hot hot hot! And so yummy! More? LOL
14th October 2017 19:47
Thank you so much :D I'm glad you liked it!
9th October 2017 13:53
He's been working out! Those arms -- must be all the exercise he's getting. Seriously, though, nicely done, especially with the cast shadows, which really bring this piece to life. Your decision to leave the ghosty eye sockets empty is amazingly effective, it's just the right touch of creepy that unsettles the porniness of the scene.

14th October 2017 19:48
He has been eating protein bars and hauling cauldrons around instead of using magic, lol. Thanks for commenting :D
9th October 2017 18:33
LOL! I love how you always manage to combine sexiness and humour. For some reason, this totally had me chuckling. Love it!
14th October 2017 19:48
Haha, thanks, I'm delighted it gave you a laugh! :D
9th October 2017 20:36
Severus, you perv you! Great work, the ghosts are really amazing.
14th October 2017 19:49
Those ghosts can always spot a perv, and are always willing to put on a show... :D
Thanks for checking it out!
9th October 2017 23:11
Oh, this is best. I love it. Creepy and hilarious and all pervy and sexy at the same time.

14th October 2017 19:50
Creepy and hilarious and sexy and pervy - what a fantastic comment, I loved it. Thanks for stopping by! :D
11th October 2017 00:40
Love it! And oh man, I love those ghosts.
14th October 2017 19:50
Thanks! Kinda makes you wonder what those ladies were like when they were flesh and blood, eh?
14th October 2017 13:51
Hola jesus, that’s brilliant! I love it, it’s magical porn????? Fantastic!

Oh, wait, ghosts, okay. Lol that’s even better!!!!! I love the difference in colour and texture. I love that the hair still of the ghosts look so old fashioned and then there’s Severus and his gorgeous... yeah, he’s got a big dick, I love it! This was delightfully naughty, perfect, really. :)))
14th October 2017 19:53
Oooh, I DO like the idea of magical porn... You know someone out there (Ron Jeremy?) is selling their pensieve memories for exactly that reason...

Thanks so much for your comment, I'm so glad you like it! :D
23rd October 2017 19:11
Ol' Sev looks like a bit of a whippersnapper here and this sort of find would be just the thing to make a young man feel like he hit the jackpot.

Excellent use of the prompt and beautiful atmosphere, boo.
1st November 2017 17:43
Thanks so much, Kat :D He looks like he tore his clothes off and might just have a hard time finding them...uh...later.
26th November 2017 18:33
How wonderfully deviant of Severus. He and the ghosts look amazing.
27th November 2017 02:15
Thank you so much - Sev is just trying to live up to the website name! :D
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