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ART: Mornings, Blankets, & Thighs (Harry/Draco) 
18th May 2017 13:00
Title: Mornings, Blankets, & Thighs
Artist: anokaba
Media: digital
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Intercrural Sex
Other Warnings/Content: umm thigh lubing? none, really
Summary: These are the slow, sleepy kind of mornings Harry loves.
Artist's Notes: It's animated, so it might take some time to load XD
Art Preview:

18th May 2017 05:59

This is gorgeous and SO HOT!
Beautifully sexy! ♥
2nd June 2017 07:25

Thank you!
18th May 2017 14:26
Lord have mercy, this is amazing! The light shining in alone is just gorgeous. Draco is so beautiful. His bum!! And I can't believe I'm about to say this but, his adorable pink balls! LOL! And the fact that he just doesn't even move or wake while Harry is preparing to fuck his thighs. Lord! *fans self* And Harry. Guh! And the lube dripping from between Draco's legs as Harry inserts himself... Just stop with this. Beautifully done!
2nd June 2017 07:29
"his adorable pink balls" !!! haha!

Harry'll make sure he wakes up nice and slow hehe.

18th May 2017 14:48
Oh my goodness this is so gorgeous and so freaking hot!!! The coloring and the lighting is amazing, and I just love what you did with the animation! It tells such a sexy story. LOVE IT!
2nd June 2017 07:30
The lighting was purely to highlight Draco's bum, haha!

Thank you!
18th May 2017 16:00
Oh wow, this isn't even my ship, but this is so beautiful, I couldn't go without commenting! Simply gorgeous. <3
2nd June 2017 07:31
Yay I'm so glad you liked it!
18th May 2017 22:48
This is the most awesome, incredible, well thought out, perfectly
animated art that I have ever seen.

It is so Real looking, and the bodies, and the body parts are so
lovely to look at.

I could sit here all day and night just viewing this, over and over.

Permission - hd_storyroom at Live Journal has a place for artists.

If I have your permission, would it be alright to post it over there.

I know and can guarantee that many people there would love this art.

Thank you, Ladydark1

( Ldydark1 over at LiveJournal )
2nd June 2017 07:32
Wow thank you so much!

I would be so happy if you posted it XD
18th May 2017 22:52
I also wanted to say in my above post that is absolutely gorgeous,
hot, sizzling, and I love the colors and definitions of the bodies, and body parts, especially sleeping Draco's luscious pink balls...

Wonderful, Talented, Gorgeous art! Thank you!
2nd June 2017 07:33
Haha you are the second person to admire his pink balls (well maybe third, after Harry and capitu!)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!
19th May 2017 01:01

Every time I've seen it today I've just sat and watched it looped for like a good 5 mins. The color palette is amazing, and each time I watch it I find new details to adore and be in awe over! <3333 This is so sexy and just so unbelievably stunning! <33333
2nd June 2017 07:35
Yaaay thanks again!
19th May 2017 18:26
your style always just amazes!
and uhhh for the hotness and the idea- i NEVER thought about it before but you made it look so hot!
well done also with the shading and the light and the animation
holy G animation art! WOW it must have taken you forever!
just amazing work!
2nd June 2017 07:38
wow thank you!
this idea has been in my head for a while, and I've always wanted to try something animated, so yeah!
20th May 2017 13:39
OH MY GOD this is SO gorgeous. <3 Thank you for creating this and sharing it.
2nd June 2017 07:38
:) thank you, and you're welcome haha!
21st May 2017 16:03
Gorgeous! I love the position and the balls(!) especially.
2nd June 2017 07:39
hehe thanks!
24th May 2017 02:26
Absolutely stunning!
2nd June 2017 07:39
<3 thank you!
29th May 2017 07:35
This is an amazing and beautifully done piece! I could watch it all night :D Very sexy! and Harry is SO handsome <3
2nd June 2017 07:40
Yay, thank you!
6th June 2017 00:05
Good GOD, how did I miss this delicious gem?
And may I just say, your scruffy Harry is so SEXY.
Damn. *faints*
SO bloody hot!
25th July 2017 03:14
Oh wow, this is amazingly beautiful! I love the palette you've chose, the whole scene has such a peaceful, timeless feel to it. The positioning of both men is spot on.

- kiertorata
26th November 2017 18:30 - Mornings, Blankets, & Thighs
I love this. Their skin tones are awesome, Harry's beard - LOVE it.
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