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14th April 2017 17:16 - The Invitation, Ron/Draco, R
Entering the club, Ron ran smack into Malfoy, who gave him a slow once-over. Ron tried to sidle past, but Malfoy blocked him. “Nice invitation, Weasley.”

Ron scowled. “What’re you on about?”

Malfoy smirked. “Playing hard to get? Fine.” Surging forward, he kissed Ron. The moment Ron responded, Malfoy manoeuvered him into the loo, locking the door before dropping to his knees.


“Stop pretending.” Malfoy deftly undid the one button holding Ron’s trousers closed. “Message received loud and clear.”

Ron gasped, realising he’d forgotten to zip up, but as Malfoy swallowed his cock, he figured it wasn’t time to confess.
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