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11th Birthday Bash: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day 5 
13th April 2017 13:56
Day 5! NOTE: We've decided to go ahead and add in one more day of dirty drabbling/drawbling to make it a full week. So the final prompt will be on Saturday. On Sunday, we'll be starting something new...

Rules? What rules?

To share your results, simply post them in a comment to this entry.

You need not use the both prompt images nor the exact images/items directly in your piece. Allow the images to influence and inspire you any way they will.

By definition, a drabble is exactly 100 words and a drawble is a rough sketch equivalent. However, we're not going to be running anyone's work through a word counter here. Just have fun with it!
13th April 2017 16:50
((This isn’t the first time I’ve written Draco teasing a bloke by practically fellating his food, and I doubt it’ll be the last.))

“Ron? Ronald! Hello there! Are you alright?”

The ginger in question had ignored his best friends’ attempts to get his attention for the past several minutes, his eyes glassy and dazed and fixed on a point far beyond their heads. But now that Hermione had all but crawled across the table to wave her hand in his face, he’d snapped out of it, looking between her and Harry as if he’d completely forgotten they were even there.

They could see him fidget in his seat, biceps flexing as if he was smoothing his hands across his lap under the table. Then, with another furtive glance across the Hall, he suddenly said in an anxious rush, “I-I have to use the loo. See you in class,” and he was off, speeding for the exit with his bookbag held protectively over his crotch.

Frowning, they both turned around, sights landing upon a particular blonde Slytherin who was watching Ron’s retreating back, absentmindedly twirling a banana between his puckered lips. Gray eyes shifting away from the door once again, he caught the pair of Gryffindors staring and, without missing a beat, bit off a large piece of his fruit and sent a self-satisfied wink their way.
13th April 2017 18:30
Draco's such a filthy tease!
13th April 2017 19:12
I'll bet Ron will have many fond day-dreams of bananas henceforth!
13th April 2017 23:03
Oh yeah, that's totally Draco. *g*
14th April 2017 01:55
Oh Draco, never change! XD

I love how flustered poor Ron is! What chance did he stand against Draco Malfoy, banana fellator extraordinaire?
14th April 2017 10:24
LOL! That was too perfect! I almost feel bad for Ron! I love this!
14th April 2017 13:08 - Draco/Ron my fav
Im so glad i stumbled on this. Draco/Ron is my fav... just so hard to find. i love it. im gonna hug squeeze it and call it george
16th April 2017 17:15
LMAO! love it :) Oh, wicked Draco!
13th April 2017 19:11
That second pic is giving me Audrey 2 vibes...
13th April 2017 21:27 - Bananas (No Pairing, PG-13)
Harry stood in the lavatory, trying to make the lurid bright pink banana disappear from the top of the toilet.

He hadn't expected to see something like this in Hermione's house.

When the door opened, he turned around with wide eyes. "I was not expecting to see such a... bright banana in the loo."

She blushed and snagged the package.

"Perhaps hiding it in your room would make it more discreet. However, I doubt it. I'm pretty sure you could land a space shuttle with it."

Her response, was known as the slap that could be heard around the world.

13th April 2017 22:50 - Re: Bananas (No Pairing, PG-13)
Ha! Harry sure knows how to talk to the ladies! ;)
13th April 2017 23:02 - Re: Bananas (No Pairing, PG-13)
Bwahahahahaha! Poor Harry. *g*
14th April 2017 01:47 - Re: Bananas (No Pairing, PG-13)
Oh, Harry! Don't you know that the correct response in these circumstances is to pretend it never happened and never speak of it?!

As for Hermione: you go, girl! Enjoy that pink banana!
14th April 2017 10:26 - Re: Bananas (No Pairing, PG-13)
Hhahahahahaha! Poor Harry. :D
13th April 2017 22:28 - Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
That second pic man...

13th April 2017 22:47 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
AH! I was curious to see what you'd come up with for this one (I was almost positive you'd go with pic#2). Love your take on Sprout--she seems a perfect choice for some plant action! ;)
13th April 2017 23:04 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
OMG, I love her! She's totally in control of her pleasure. :)
14th April 2017 01:44 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
:O So that's what happens in Greenhouse 4!

It's so nice to see one of the older ladies having some fun – and not just plain vanilla fun, but magical tendril!sex fun!

10/10 for use of the prompt – I love it!

(I should add that I bloody love how she's completely naked but has left her hat on! *hums tune of the same name*)
14th April 2017 10:27 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
That's fantastic! I love this kinky side of Professor Sprout! \o/
14th April 2017 11:36 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
This is awesome! I love the way you drew her body, and how her face and pose suggest total control over the situation. Just great.
14th April 2017 16:50 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
YAAAASSS! Get it, Pomona!
14th April 2017 19:23 - Re: Drawable: Dangerous Dalliances with Deadly Daffodils
Mmm, looks like she's having fun... :)
13th April 2017 23:00 - Fruits and Nuts, Severus/Harry (implied), Ron, PG-13
“Well,” Severus purred, eyeing Weasley, “I thought I’d seen everything, but this is new.”

“Just fix it!” Weasley, face red, averted his face. Potter stood behind him not even trying to conceal his amusement.

Lips pursed, Severus examined the…fruit? Vegetable? The thing Weasley’s cock was…inside. “How does it feel?”

“Does it matter? It…won’t come off.”

“Do you frequently stick your dick into unsuspecting flora?”

Potter laughed out loud.

“No!” Weasley huffed. “Please just…get it off!”

“You’re sure?” Severus murmured. “Did you…get off?”

Potter was making choked noises.

“I hate you,” Weasley growled.

Severus smirked. “Indeed.” It took two swishes of his wand to remove it. Levitating it before Weasley, he said, “Souvenir?”

Growling under his breath, Weasley leapt off the examination table and dashed out the door. Potter coughed. “Thanks.”

Severus hummed. “Learn from Weasley’s mistake. Avoid fornicating with fruit.”

Potter grinned. “Oh, I only stick my dick inside arseholes.” Glancing at the thing still floating in the air, he shuddered. “That looks too much like a—”

“Quite.” Severus smirked. “So, are you currently—?” He paused.

“Seeing anyone? No.” Potter gave him a slow once-over. “You?”


Potter nodded. “I’ll be back, I just need to check on Ron.”

Severus inclined his head. “Very well. And Potter?”


“Don’t bring any fruit.”
14th April 2017 20:43 - Bananas; Kingsley/Luna (R)
"What do you think of my bananas?" Luna asked as she sunk down.

Kingsley moaned, first in pleasure, then in frustration when she remained still. "Hmm?"

"My earrings," Luna clarified, turning her head to show off a large, dangling banana-shaped earring.

"It's...very yellow."

"It is, isn't it," Luna said dreamily as she began to rock on Kingsley's rigid length. "I thought we should match."


She fingered the golden hoop in his ear, and Kingsley's chest swelled with affection. And then she began to ride him in earnest, and gentleness flew out the window.

They could be tender later.
14th April 2017 23:01
Not as smutty as it ought to be, but I couldn't resist...

After a quick double-take, Sirius abruptly stopped in his tracks in the middle of Diagon Alley and doubled over with laughter. Severus nearly tripped over the idiot.

Once he was certain he would remain vertical, Severus looked around to see what Sirius found so amusing. His eyes landed on a fruit stand where someone had shoved the end of a banana into the orifice of a plant that bore a striking resemblance to a vagina dentata.

Severus returned his gaze to Sirius and fixed him with an expression of utter disdain.

The scathing look had no more effect on Sirius than it usually did. He barked another laugh. "Oh, come on. It's funny."

"Your sense of humor is positively puerile."

"Yeah, yeah." Sirius rolled his eyes. "You're just jealous because you have no sense of humor. Come on; let's look for those books you want, then we can have lunch."

As Sirius resumed walking, Severus glanced back at the fruit display once more and snickered. He wouldn't want to be that banana.
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