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12th April 2017 12:51 - It's my party and I'll wank if I want to
Title: It's my party and I'll wank if I want to
Summary: It's James's eighteenth birthday party, but how can he possibly relax and have fun when Teddy's dressed like that?!
Pairing: James Sirius / Teddy Lupin
Rating: NC-17, of course!
Word count: 100

James shifted, tugging at his crotch.

He couldn't believe Teddy was wearing dragonhide trousers; he’d been hard the moment he saw them.

He’d struggled on all evening, but his jeans were too snug, his prick too hard … he needed relief.

James pushed through the crowd and snuck upstairs.

He shut his bedroom door, freed his swollen prick and began to wank frantically, barely stifling his moans.

James’s balls drew up, his breath caught … and the door flew open.

It was too late; James’s prick pulsed in his hand, spilling his release as he looked up at Teddy in horror.

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