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2nd April 2017 13:50
And we're entering the third week of our birthday festivities! Everyone ready for a new party game? (You know you've been curious about this one...)

The idea is to come up with words, terms, or phrases that one might find in cliche or poorly-written erotica -- for every letter of the alphabet! For example... "H" is for "heaving bosom," or "W" is for "weeping cock."

- Players take turns submitting words in alphabetical order.
- There is no set rotation for players, and each player may come back and submit words for as many letters as they like.
- However, players cannot use two letters in a row.
- In other words, if you submit a word for letter A, you must wait for someone else to do letter B, then you can come back to do letter C. Or someone else entirely can do letter C, and you can come back for a later letter.
- You can use single words, multi-word terms, short, cliche phrases, or... anything that strikes your fancy. (Or, given the subject matter, anything that makes you cringe!)
- Use a new comment in reply to this post -- not in reply to the previous comment -- for each letter. (That way we can discuss each others' wonderful/terrible word choices without losing track of the game thread.)
- Put the letter in the subject line so that we can easily see where we are in the alphabet.

So, how well-versed in purple erotic prose are you?

Shall we see how many times can we get through the alphabet?
2nd April 2017 14:53 - A
A is for "Ah!"

...as in when the author writes out all the sex sounds as dialogue. "Ah! Oh! Oooooooooh! Ohh! Ah! Ahh!"
2nd April 2017 15:41
B is for Beguiling. I can't even with that word anymore -- every woman in every story I read is "beguiling".
2nd April 2017 16:04 - C
C is for "cum"

Please, for the love of kittens, no "cum!" The word is "come." It is most definitely not "cum." I have a pretty impressive rant that often goes along with this, but I'll spare y'all this time. ;)
2nd April 2017 16:10 - D
D is for delicious.

As in the taste of someone's spunk or anything else pertaining to oral sex. Unless there's some flavouring involved or food smut, no!
2nd April 2017 18:42 - E
E is for "engorged"

This always makes me feel like what they most need is a doctor.
2nd April 2017 21:48 - F
F is for Fanny.

Still makes me hesitate when I see it. Shows how American I am...
4th April 2017 19:23
G is for Guh.

Again with the weird sex noises!! Although .... I've been guilty about using it myself. *guhs*
4th April 2017 21:07 - H
H is for HEAVY

as in her heavy breasts or
his heavy sac

shiver shiver shiver - that one really creeps me out!
5th April 2017 12:19
I is for Impregnate

that was a tough one x)
5th April 2017 16:48 - J
J us for juicy.

That one grosses me out a bit. I'm of the opinion that nothing should be "juicy" besides fruit. Maybe a steak. Food, not a crotch!
5th April 2017 20:48 - K
Is for Koochy.

Just seeing that used in terms of a woman's parts makes me press the back button. Almost as bad as Cum.
6th April 2017 15:53 - L is for..
L is for Lush... always makes me think of the cosmetic company where my best mate gets all her soaps from *shudders*
6th April 2017 15:58 - M
6th April 2017 21:09
Me? N is for NIPPLE - nipples nipples nipples nipples soft and sweet until a breath is blown upon them, then hard and firm and nipples!
8th April 2017 00:39 - O
O is for orbs.

Used to mean "eyes." Because apparently there's something wrong with the word "eyes"? *raises eyebrow orb-brow*
8th April 2017 16:29 - P
P is for pulsating.
8th April 2017 18:30
I hate to say it, but Q is for quim. Nothing against it -- I just prefer saying pussy.
9th April 2017 13:52 - R
R is for rampant.

9th April 2017 21:35 - S
S is for Slick

As in 'his fingers were wet with her slick' *shudder*
9th April 2017 23:48 - T
Turgid as in "his turgid cock". The dictionary definition is: swollen and distended or congested

This is not sexy!!!!
10th April 2017 01:20 - U
U is for undulating.

Another one of those not-so-sexy, over-the-top words. Use it together with "pulsating" to triple the horror movie effect!
10th April 2017 09:49 - V is for Velvet
Velvet, and all the ... "velvet sleeve" to describe a pussy. No. Just ... no. I don't mind it to describe a cock, but an aroused pussy is wet and slick.
10th April 2017 12:59 - W is for 'willy'
...not sexy, just silly.
10th April 2017 16:42 - X
X is for X-rated

because it's the only remotely sexual thing I could think of starting with X and I didn't want the game to die xD
11th April 2017 04:23 - Y is for
"Yes, yes, yes!" screamed character A, and then, "yes, yes, yes, yes!" - because it was beyond the powers of the author to concoct any other way of indicating that the experience was pleasurable.

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